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DiY music venue burnt down w/ 2 soundsystems inside giving a devastating blow to Oslo's subculture. Let's help them make it back!!
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On Friday 13th of March, the DiY music venue & rehersal place "BassRampa" burnt down with the Roastfish & Cornbread and Roots Invasion soundsystems inside, giving a devastating blow to Oslo's subcultures. These soundsystems were built with love over many years and were very finely tuned, to everyone's delight. The soundsystems will be built up again but every helping hand is welcome so as to get them back on their feet in the shortest of time.
Let's make Oslo vibrate again!!!

a sound system consists of plywood for speaker cabinets, drivers, pre amps, power amps, 100's of meters cabling, record players, effect units etc, which all got lost in the fire.

the cost of getting both sound rigs back into full running condition is around 300.000 NOK (about 34.100 Euros) this is a lot of money plus a lot of hard work..and of course we don't ask such amounts.

--> but they will have a good start with 'only' 25.000 NOK (2840 Euros), which will cover plywood, screws, glue and so on for the actual woodworks of 2 x 4 bin speaker racks as shown on the pictures. 

With your help the two crews can get about to again build the magical boxes while they will do nothing but build boxes & eat soup until they have covered also the rest of the coming expenses.

Risks and challenges

The main challenge is to recreate similar, if not better, soundsystems, even though the previous ones were at peak performance. Finding the right amplifier, mixer and other parts will also prove difficult, lengthy and costly. But with time and persistence anything is doable, especially if it has been done once successfully before.

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