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Reclaim Past Video Game Glory with the Dreamcade Replay, the Universal Flashback Console. Play 1,000's of games from dozens of consoles
Reclaim Past Video Game Glory with the Dreamcade Replay, the Universal Flashback Console. Play 1,000's of games from dozens of consoles
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    1. Missing avatar

      Lukas Borys 10 minutes ago

      Thanks Dreamcade. Got my tracking number for my additional extras today

    2. Dream Arcades Inc. 2-time creator about 6 hours ago

      @Craig Shaffer

      It sounds like there's definitely something going on with your Replay. Have you opened a post on the support site?
      If so, please PM us the link and I'll review it with our programming team today. Sorry about the trouble, this isn't how the Replay should perform.

    3. Craig Shaffer about 6 hours ago

      Between the heatsync fan being obnoxiously annoying and loud, and the fact that some of the people who have their systems already and have completely moved away from the FE and have converted to RetroArch / Linux, I can't say I am too impressed either. I haven't turned my system on in about 3 weeks mainly because of the fan, and haven't heard of any remedies, or if the fan really IS suppose to be loud.

      Any ROM playing off of the MAME emulator (which is currently set up to be the main emulator for 90+% of the emulators on the FE stutters terribly. Was trying to play Kirby's Adventure for the NES and it was unbearable. I thought the sound from the fan was annoying? Oh man... coupled with the Dittdiittdiittddiitddiitdiit dooodododooodoo diitddiittidiitidiitidiit dididiid ddddddo bonecrunching sound of Kirby's main theme. If I could change the emalator to something like FCEUX, that would be great... but... there is zero documentation how.

      Brought the system over to a friends house the last time I had turned it on (as he also bought the system) and he agreed that sure, in the beginning there are bugs, but the fan noise is unacceptable.

    4. Missing avatar

      Bernardo Reyes about 7 hours ago

      Still have not gotten mine yet
      Are you sending tracking numbers?

    5. Missing avatar

      Lukas Borys about 13 hours ago

      Sill waiting for my additional extras. Had already contact with dreamcade. They wrote, that they will send me the rest. That is one month ago....

    6. Hewster about 14 hours ago

      @Dream Arcades Inc.

      I installed the update per the instructions included with the Replay with no luck. I also tried to tether a PS4 controller via usb with no luck (did not look too much into how to pair the PS4 controller since I prefer Xbox design).

      I did not use the forum as I prefer emails. I would rather not sign up for additional forums/websites. I submitted an email with no answer since the day I received it (roughly 2 weeks ago).

      I would have trouble shot the controller issue more if the games downloaded when I clicked to download them. For example, I had to try to download the Simpsons 4 different times until it was on the menu screen. I even tried installing then waiting 10 minutes just to make sure I wasn't somehow being impatient with file downloads.

    7. Dream Arcades Inc. 2-time creator about 16 hours ago


      Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with your Replay. I assure you this is not typical (as can be seen from the reviews and support forums). Speaking of which, did you submit your issues to the support forum? That's not only the quickest way to get an answer, but if it's a bug it will get noticed and fixed quicker as well. Here's the link:…

      For your xbox one controller, there were some issues. However, we put out an an update that should have fixed most of the issues with xbox controllers. So make sure you don't have an option in the main menu to update the system. We would have liked to have no day-one patches, but there were a couple and we got to them right away, and we'll do the same for anything else that pops up.

    8. Hewster about 17 hours ago

      Just an FYI, I am not a youtuber and I got my replay 2 weeks ago. Just wanted to let people know since I see some concerns in the comments.

      Now the real reason I came to comment: I am highly disappointed. I followed all instructions on updating it based on the packaged print out sheet. It took me about 45 minutes to finally update since it would not let me select my wifi. The button would depress but nothing would happen.

      When I finally got it setup, I found the installed games to be very few and very lack luster. I went to the download section and started trying to download from the library. Of the 20 games I tried ti download, only 3 downloaded successfully for me.

      Finally, once I tried to play, the paired controller (xbox one) took forever for me to calibrate. Once calibrated, it seemed to work fine in the menus but once I jumped into one of the few games I was able to download, it would not function correctly. For example, my left stick would move sonic up, down and right, but my D-pad would have to be used to go left... which would not allow me to go right. So to play I have to use the stick for right, and the D-pad for left.

      Overall, the system has not been worth the money in any way shape or form for me. I knew it was an emulator, but I did not expect it to be literally a windows computer desktop where you have to open an emulator program. I expected it to be more like an NES classic in terms of interface.

    9. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Vackicev about 18 hours ago

      “I expect the first orders to start being delivered around the 16th of July, with the bulk to directly follow, but we’ll do another update with more accurate timing, probably in 1 week.

      Most backers will receive an e-mail with tracking information directly from Amazon. While orders sent from our warehouse will get tracking numbers directly from us.”

      10 days later and still no update or shipping details. Guess I should have started a YouTube channel.

    10. Eric Schulte about 20 hours ago

      @ Michael Greene Me either. Still waiting for some sort of confirmation

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael Greene about 21 hours ago

      I am still awaiting mine... I have not gotten any notification from amazon or the company

    12. Missing avatar

      Luis Seda
      1 day ago

      I was wrong at least with one YouTuber having the Replay early than the supporters. Check Eta Prime's multiple videos about the Replay. Great Beta testing...

    13. Richard Bellinger 2 days ago


      I was one of the lucky ones to get the Replay early. 10 percent. I am not a youtuber. I recieved mine, because I only ordered the Replay unit itself. No extras.

      Those who have recieved their Replays and soon will get theirs. I highly suggest to back up your Replay first before tinkering or updating.
      The last update that Dreamcades has put out has addressed controller issues and other minor bugs.
      Sometimes waiting a bit longer might be worth it, to iron out the software. I do recommend checking WheatPasta's FAQ, setup, videos, that he has posted on the Community Forum. It contains great info!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Felipe borrero 3 days ago

      Figured it out, thanks all!

    15. Missing avatar

      Joe guiney 3 days ago

      You have to do offline set up Felipe, there was a problem with the last windows update preventing account set up.

    16. Missing avatar

      Felipe borrero 3 days ago

      My replay I d. is not working to setup account. Please resend correct one

    17. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze 6 days ago

      Matt posted yesterday on the community forum and said "Small update: the container came in, and Replays are already being prepped for shipment. I will post more info as I get it."

    18. GenX68

      @Dream Arcades good news regarding Amazon?

    19. Richard Grounds on

      Question - It is too late for add-ons or will they be available later or are the available somewhere that I am not aware of? I am really excited to get mine.

    20. Craig Shaffer on

      I got my replays (ordered 2) a little over a week ago. Is the fan suppose to be noticeably loud? You can totally notice it at times and it kind of bothers me.

    21. Steve Mahoney on

      Are we supposed to get tracking information when they ship to US backers?

    22. Mark Kohler on

      Looks like YouTubers got first priority on shipments.

    23. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on

      Dreamcade are doing everything they can to get the units out to us as fast as they can. As soon as they know when units will start to ship, they will let everyone know. They don't know how long it will take to unload the freight or how long customs will take to process the shipment.

      If you haven't gotten a confirmation, you are not the only one and that is OK as it is being worked on and you will know soon. YouTubers are doing reviews and Dreamcade were clear about shipping out some test units for review before shipping the main units. They have to promote their product and they also have to get units out early as test units. Some reviews on YouTube have shown some issues and as a result of those early units going out, they are already working on fixing those issues to make our experience better sooner than later. Their priority is clearly with the supporters.

      The Amazon situation has been explained clearly. All remaining Dreamcade Replays will be shipping through Amazon Fulfillment. In order for Amazon to ship the units, the product has to be listed on their site. It's not some cheap trick.

    24. Missing avatar

      Luis Seda

      YouTubers already doing reviews... great for publicity but I do not know where the priority has to be, maybe supporters? Ok, no problem.

    25. Jason Forberg on

      I know there may be a delay because of the Holiday but I have t got any sort of confirmation on my unit. Are they still on track to be all delivered by the end of the month?

    26. Jason Forberg on

      I know there may be a delay because of the Holiday but I have t got any sort of confirmation on my unit. Are they still on track to be all delivered by the end of the month?

    27. Missing avatar

      David Bouch on

      I feel like I need a tracking number to get a tracking number. I’m patiently waiting but I was hoping to have this a long time ago so I can broadcast my experience on YouTube. Any time table or just random? Any idea when the process can be completed?

    28. Missing avatar

      Felipe borrero on

      I got my tracking 6/30, it finally left 7/3 sac town , hope to get it in nyc 7/11. I am suppose to get the game pack, no controller. Let’s see how they do. Amazon site shows 4 configurations, not selling yet. Keep watching if they turn on the amazon site before they ship your units.

    29. Missing avatar

      Joseph St. Louis on

      An estimated shipment date and formal update would be amazing. Thanks!

    30. Missing avatar

      Ronald Loatwall on

      Too late for a refund? :P just kidding.. But yeah no upgrades and no tracking etc. Ive not followed every post as its kind of a mess doing so but... So Amazon is doing the shipping for backers? Are backers going to be receiving before orders after the fact? And once Amazon receives is the ordering via Amazon going live?

    31. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on

      Thank you for the update! Keep up the good work!

    32. Dream Arcades Inc. 2-time creator on

      @JJ & Joe Guiney

      It had nothing to do with making noise. It was just a coincidence. Felipe had a Replay with no upgrades, which is all we have left now (maybe there's a few joysticks).

      For everyone who hasn't gotten theirs here's a quick update. The ship is docking in L.A. today, it should be to San Francisco in two days. We've already made payment for the customs duties, which usually helps speed things up--or at least prevents a delay. There's still delivery, re-packing, and shipping to Amazon. We'll get them out as quickly as possible.

      We'll do a formal update soon.

    33. Missing avatar

      JJ on

      @Joe guiney i was going to say the same thing last night he made so much noise they decided to deal with him while the rest of us still are waiting patiently, no tracking for the rest of us

    34. Missing avatar

      Joe guiney on

      Good for you Felipe, you made some noise and got your tracking number. Looks like the rest of us backers are stuck on skid row with the July 14th date or later.

    35. Missing avatar

      Felipe borrero on

      Got my tracking today, thank you

    36. Missing avatar

      Joseph St. Louis on

      What date do you expect the ship to arrive?

    37. Jerome

      OK after reading the campagin description, they're Super Early Bird rewards. Is there another way I can buy them as a DLC off of you guys?

    38. Jerome

      The followng unboxing video shows 2 CDs or DVDs labelled "Atari" and "Activision Anthology":…

      I didn't get any in my shipment, was I supposed to? Is the content available elsewhere? I am backer 1,585

    39. Dream Arcades Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Felipe borrero - Many backers have received tracking numbers so far. As soon as the container arrives into port and we sort through them all and everyone will receive a tracking number.

    40. Missing avatar

      Felipe borrero on

      Anyone get tracking yet for the USA ?

    41. Steve Collaborator on

      @Julien Bertrand
      Any changes in address should be sent to

    42. Missing avatar

      Julien Bertrand

      I have to change my adress. Who do I contact?

    43. ZP on

      I wouldn't worry, @Jason.
      The Dreamcade team have already released an update for the Replay, addressing several teething problems flagged by the early-receivers; And they will continue to listen to those users with regards to any further issues.
      So be happy in the knowledge that once you receive yours and run through the initial set up and update sequence, you'll be good to start gaming without these problems.
      Whatever the problems that may arise, the Dreamcade team won't cut and run - they will sort it out. We're seeing evidence of that.

    44. Jason Croft on

      It looks like the folks that got their system early are having difficulty getting the system set up (emulators/roms not working). Should we be worried?

    45. Missing avatar

      Felipe borrero on

      I hope we have ours(your supporters) before you ship everyone in the planet July 14th from your site and amazon. Make an effort.

    46. Missing avatar

      Luis Seda

      Thanks for your answer.

    47. Missing avatar

      Felipe borrero on

      You need to have more transparency , everything is bits and pieces or cause and effect with you guys. Let’s see how this goes.

    48. Dream Arcades Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Luis Seda - No, Puerto Rico was not considered International therefore, has not yet shipped.

    49. Dream Arcades Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Felipe borrero - We will be fulfilling orders on Amazon Fulfillment and we have to get it listed on Amazon first before we can fulfill any orders. We are not currently selling this item on Amazon as the listing says "currently unavailable". Once the Replays arrive to the USA via ocean container we will then ship all Replay orders through Amazon Fulfillment. Hope this helps!

    50. Missing avatar

      Felipe borrero on

      Why does amazon have this listed and I don’t have even tracking for my kick starter, it is in poor taste not to fulfill us first.:…

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