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A selection of miniature gnomes with spears, offered in both resin and metal
A selection of miniature gnomes with spears, offered in both resin and metal
41 backers pledged £1,162 to help bring this project to life.

Goals smashed... more?

Posted by Whitehorn - Krakon Games (Creator)

Well the slug proved popular! We broke £1000 and the last stretch goal. 

There's a new reward level for add-ons only. If you don't want gnomes, but have to get some slug, this is for you.

I've added the gnomes 1 add-ons as options in metal. These will be put into a mould with the command section - but please bear in mind these particular models are likely to delay your pledge until mid-late June, possibly early July, as these have not yet been cast. 

The gnomes with spears are in the metal casters hands now and have been mastered. 

A pair of stretch goals have been added. The first is a larger earth sprite - the spriggan, unlocked at £1100. The second matches the final funds raised for Gnomes 1 - £1211. If we meet this, I will sculpt a champion for the Gnomes 1 militia.

 Add-ons have been updated:

Annie at Bad Squiddo got hold of an early resin set of the Gnomes and hastily painted them for her chaos gnomes army. Check out these colourful characters!


I had originally intended to sculpt some Gnomish shields (I did make a few) but the cost would simply be too high compared to other options on the market. Instead, I want to offer free plastic shields - 1 per gnome, as produced by Dice and Games. Unfortunately they are out of stock for another 3-4 weeks, so this is something I am going to put as optional in surveys. If you are happy to wait until they are back in stock, you will get free random plastic shields. If you don't want them, your metal gnomes will start heading out as soon as they are cast.

But please do bear in mind this 3-4 week wait on shields is less than the wait that some of the add-ons will have, so shields shouldn't impact on your pledge delivery timetable if you want command, slugs, metal gnomes1 add-ons, (champ).

That's all for now! I'm going to push ahead with the slug and rider sculpts. Keep spreading the word.


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