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Macbeth in a shipping container!? Dzieci Theatre presents a ferocious, liberating ceremony, where every performance is totally unique.
58 backers pledged $5,050 to help bring this project to life.

Makbet Hath Endeth

Posted by Theatre Group Dzieci (Creator)
A Post-Show Toast photo: Vincent Tullo for The New York Times
A Post-Show Toast photo: Vincent Tullo for The New York Times

Dear Dzieci Benefactors,

Once again we wish to extend our deep and heart-felt gratitude for your support and encouragement. We truly would not have been able to even attempt this ground-breaking run of Makbet, let alone succeed so miraculously in the endeavor.

Over the course of the five weeks, Dzieci was introduced to hundreds of new audience members, gathered an amazing amount of positive critical reviews, and an even larger number of personal raves.

Here are but a few -

It's a a shipping container. The most ethereal & intimate version of Macbeth I've ever experienced. Dzieci Theater is fantastic!
Helen Karhan

What a great Performance! LOVED it! All of you were wonderful! Such an other wordily sense ...almost like going into anther dimension to inhabit the characters. Thank you!
Rosanna Magarelli

Yesterday was such a uniquely profound experience for us... I felt like I was in a different city/time period/dimension/planet. It was really like entering your secret world. I don't even know how to say how awed I was by your individual performance. All the children were completely blown away, of course, and asking to go back. Thank you for inviting us in.
Abby Hanlon & family

This brings an end to our Makbet performances for now, and to our Kickstarter campaign. We will always be welcome to further communication, and of course to your continuing support.

Blessings, Matt Mitler, Megan Bones, Yvonne Brechbuhler, Ryan Castalia, Chris Cook, Felicity Doyle, Jesse Hathaway, and Golan



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