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Macbeth in a shipping container!? Dzieci Theatre presents a ferocious, liberating ceremony, where every performance is totally unique.
58 backers pledged $5,050 to help bring this project to life.

Thanking you, again!

Posted by Felicity Fee-Doyle (Collaborator)

Thank you, all dear backers, near and far!

We only have 6 days to go, and many miles.  Please share your contribution on Facebook, on Twitter, Instagram - or your preferred social media - to spread the word about MAKBET!  

This show is for friends, for enemies, for English majors and Shakespeare lovers, for historians, for people appreciative of underground/DIY performance spaces in New York City, like the unique world that is Sure We Can.


We are looking forward to seeing you at the show - and it will be better if we have all the monies we require.  If you have yet to see, here is Cirkus Luna attacking the subway.  It's much less lucrative that donations from friends. A clown got's to go what a clown's got to do.  

To put it another way:

Dear Friend of Dzieci, 

If you believe our times are fraught with violent acts, that hatred, greed, and reproachable ignorance are darkening the future, that the voice of reason has become muted – you are likely asking what can make a difference. We believe one thing that can make a difference is art, especially the art of a theatre that empowers actors and audience to transcend their natural division through rituals of profound connectivity and presence. A theatre that inspires us to forge new bonds to lift us, all of us, and enable us to draw ever closer to becoming something truly human. This is Dzieci. 

Over the past two decades, Dzieci has come to be recognized as a leader in realizing the spiritual potential of immersive theatre. For Dzieci, theatre is not a spectator sport; in the deepest context it is a vehicle for communion. 

Whether you’ve attended a performance or a workshop, witnessed the group singing bedside hymns in a hospital or ridiculously parading along a beach, you’ve likely felt that there is something more to this theatre company. There is. And that something is intentional; it is the result of a rigorous practice and an unwavering aim. An aim to contribute to the elevation of humanity. 

If you’ve been touched by Dzieci, if you see your own life’s aim as synonymous with Dzieci’s, we invite you to unite with us for the first theatrical run of MAKBET. This fall’s production is a vital stepping-stone in an effort to bring our work to a larger audience and fulfill our common purpose. 

Together, we can bring meaning into art, art into meaning, and truly touch something miraculous within and between us. 


Dzieci Theatre


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