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$2,133 pledged of $6,000 goal
$2,133 pledged of $6,000 goal

To all of our AMAZING backers

As you know, we did not make our goal of 6k. But do not dispair! As we have mentioned, we will be reposting on Kickstarter. Phantom Hearts Part 1: Bound will soon be up and we want all of you to re-back us. Our goal will only be 2K next time (since its only for Part 1) and we'll only run the Kickstarter for 10 days.

We are terribly sorry that you did not get our awesome story and prizes right away, but we promise to have this back up very very soon and we'll update you a few days before we do!

All three of us truly, deeply, and sincerely appreciate your support, it means a LOT to us.

Please stay tuned, we'll have more info soon.

Reema, Michael & Danny  a.k.a.  Sanity, Appolo & Day

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