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A documentary with GENTLEMAN and ALBOROSIE on their search for identity and spirituality in the homeland of Reggae and Rasta - Jamaica
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Half time for Journey to Jah

Posted by Karol Martesko-Fenster (Creator)

Dear Backers,

it´s halftime! 20 days behind and another 20 days ahead to make our documentarfilm"Journey to Jah" happen!

Two emotions arrise at this moment: On the one side we are very thankfull for all the support we recieved in the last weeks. We have 140 backers right now, compared with other projects that is really a lot.That and the great response we had on facebook and on other plattforms, showed us that people can associate themself with the film. We have allready over 12.000 likes of the trailer on kickstarter. The search for spirituality, for something to hold on in this fast turning and consumming orientated time is something, that not only our protagonists are searching for.Especially the young generation seems to seek for something more meaningful and after all, it was for us the tipping point to keep going with the project. The power behind Reggae and Rastafari, Gentlemans and Alborosies passion and their belief responded with our own needs. "Journey to Jah" is not a hymn to Reggae and Rastafari, but the call to dare to belief in something and keep on facing the confrontation this belief brings up. Rastafari is controversial and in the end the consolidation of the old and the new, that Rasta bears in itslef, is the only way to face the problems of our time.

To feel, that our visions are shared by many and the great feedback from  many people strengthened us to succed. 

On the other side there is a big disappointment. We realized after 20 days, that despite the great support, we reached not even a quarter of our goal. Right now we gathered 12.888 Dollar of the needed 60.000 Dollar. The last 20 days we spent most of our time to talk to people about the project, on the street, on the phone, on the radio. We spent hours after hours on Facebook and forums, we gave interviews to newspapers, we did just everything we could to spread the word about the project.

We thought in the beginning, that with Gentlemans 389.775 Facebook Fans and Alborosies 239.086 it would be easier. But these people are part of the young generation we just talked about. They have a great passion, but little money. Keeping that in mind, it is great to have recieved all that support but still right now we feel exausted!

We want to make this film happen, we put to much passion, time and love in it! 

We will not cast away the last six years, we wll fight the next 20 days! Fight with us!


Moritz Springer & Noël  Dernesch


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    1. esete on

      came across your film project easily went to watch a tour doc vid and link to here was near. When I decided to support as a backer, the donation rounded your total to 12345, more assurance that things can move fwd positively quite easily. What's inspiring to me is thee amount of work, energy, and dedication ,to be continued.