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A documentary with GENTLEMAN and ALBOROSIE on their search for identity and spirituality in the homeland of Reggae and Rasta - Jamaica
276 backers pledged $60,911 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Thomas Moreaux on January 29

      Any update folks? Last one was provided last summer.
      Where are you at with the project?


    2. Creator Bene on June 10, 2014

      Do you have news when the T-Shirts and anything else is going to be sent to the backers? Until now i have recieved no T-Shirt.

    3. Creator Christian Münch on May 28, 2014

      Any infos for downloading this Movie?

    4. Creator Kai Fitzner on February 8, 2014

      Hi guys,

      I haven't received a download link yet. Wishing you all the best for Berlinale and looking forward to hearing from you soon.


    5. Creator Chris Lindstrom on March 13, 2013

      Have you guys finished the film yet? I don't believe I've received a link to the download. Excited to see it!

    6. Creator rootscontroller on November 3, 2011

      Yes, congratulations!
      Another German artist, Sebastian Sturm, is giving a concert in Zurich, Switzerland, at EXIL on February 24, 2012! Don't miss!

    7. Creator Sebastian Schwager on October 20, 2011


    8. Creator Tobias Huber on October 19, 2011


    9. Creator Robby Kopp on October 18, 2011

      Great - together we are strong !!!

    10. Creator Ghislain on October 18, 2011

      That's the way to go!!
      Solidarity is the way :)

    11. Creator Kuba Gaj on October 18, 2011

      We did it :D

    12. Creator dernesch dominique on October 18, 2011

      go,do it,gain it, om shanti !

    13. Creator Michael Braunegger on October 17, 2011

      Aamzing. We did it!

    14. Creator Carsten Bittrich on October 16, 2011


    15. Creator Uwe Kaa on October 16, 2011

      Boom Bäng!

    16. Creator Sebastian Hau on October 16, 2011

      BIG UP to all Backers !!!!! Mission Complete ^^

    17. Creator Stephan Buchmann on October 16, 2011

      Unglaublich, es ist wahr geworden.

    18. Creator Torsten JahArmy Sarfert on October 6, 2011

      guidance & protection along the way. we can make it if we try! 1love - 1aim.

    19. Creator Sigurd Leth Lyk on October 6, 2011

      I hope this will succeed, keep your spirits high even if it doesn't look to bright rigt now...
      BIG UP!

    20. Creator danny osx on September 30, 2011

      big respect for this work!!!!