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A fast-paced game that puts you in the boots of an Allied paratrooper on D-Day! Jump behind enemy lines and infiltrate a German bunker!
883 backers pledged $102,010 to help bring this project to life.

Status Update

Posted by Rik Falch (Creator)

Hello All,  

We have finally concluded the lawsuit with Phil Sauer, this has left our company depleted of all resources as most would understand happens from lawsuits.  

We were unable to post status updates during that time and now that the case has been dismissed, we can speak to the future of Airborne in Your Pocket.  

We are trying to find some help from some other publishers to complete this project and move forward. There is interest and we are working to sort out the details but nothing has been agreed to.  

Your understanding during this time while we try to get this completed will be appreciated. Once we have solidified a deal, there will be an announcement. We appreciate these folks listening to our plea and we are hopeful to come to an arrangement as quickly as possible.  

Our biggest concern is that the supporters of this project can see the finished product.  

Best Regards

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    1. Robert Foose

      I’m with Word Forge Games and the new AIYP

    2. Missing avatar

      Christopher Farrar on

      I’m in with Word Forge Games and the new AIYP

    3. Karl on

      figured out the link:
      did the £1 pledge. Very generous of them to do this.

    4. Missing avatar

      chad on

      I’m with Word Forge Games and the new AIYP

    5. Karl on

      Via email (I am not a representative, just a backer. I don't see any active kickstarter that they mention):

      Dear backers of the original “Airborne in your Pocket” pledge,
      As you are probably aware by now, Radiant Gaming, who were supposed to print the game, went out of business some years ago, taking with them all the money raised from the AIYP Kickstarter. Your money.
      5 years later, Word Forge Games, along with the author Emmanuel Aquin, are pleased to announce that they will not only publish the game, but will also honour Radiant Gaming’s promise to deliver it to you for free. Although Word Forge Games has no connection whatsoever with Radiant Gaming, we have agreed to publish the game at a loss to cement our new relationship with Emmanuel Aquin, who will also finance this venture by renouncing his royalties for both AIYP and the D-Day Dice: 2nd Edition Kickstarter campaign (which just launched on KS).
      As we don’t have access to Radiant Gaming’s database, and because many of you have changed addresses in the last 5 years, we need to create a new, updated list of backers.
      Here’s what you need to do: On the D-Day Dice Kickstarter [link] is a £1 pledge level called ‘Add-on’, please pledge £1 on there. This will then enable us to capture your postage details via the subsequent Pledge Manager (likely Jan-Feb 2018). This pledge is the best way for us to keep track of AIYP backers while avoiding the logistical nightmare of collating the individual data of over 800 people. And don’t worry, we won’t keep your £1 pledge: it will be either be reimbursed or given to the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal charity (your choice).
      Then, do this: Leave a comment like ‘I’m in with Word Forge Games and the new AIYP’ in the comments section of the old Airborne In Your Pocket Kickstarter page, so we can match your name with your pledge. And please, if you have friends who backed the AIYP Kickstarter, let them know of our plan. Five years is a long time and it is quite possible that their emails have changed, so we have no way of contacting them.
      In exchange for this, you’ll receive a copy of the game when it ships (in less than a year). As we have stated elsewhere, our intent is to make an all in one product, which will subsequently be sold at retail for approximately £25-40. Your copy will be free of charge (including free postage), of course, compliments of Emmanuel and Word Forge Games. The money we raise on our D-Day Dice Kickstarter will help determine what we can afford and hence what we can give you.
      This will be a great undertaking for Word Forge Games, and we count on your patience while we find solutions and compromises to bring the game to you. You can see who we are here ( and I am happy to state right here we have no debt to anyone either now or in the past. What Emmanuel is doing here is from his pocket (see what I did there!) and we are happy to support him (hell we get to make an awesome game as a result), but the budget for this is dependent on the level of D-Day Dice Kickstarter success.
      We are also glad to announce that we are in discussion with our language partners for D-Day Dice to make Airborne In Your Pocket in French, Spanish and or German. More on this to come!
      On behalf of Emmanuel, we thank you for your (extreme) patience during these last few years. We hope you will enjoy the game once it is finally delivered as we are doing everything we can to give you the best possible product. Using our new database, we will be able to keep you informed of our progress.
      Kind Regards
      Mark Rapson
      Managing Director
      Word Forge Ltd.

    6. LionToast on

      Still waiting....

    7. Missing avatar

      Dean on

      It's ... October 9, 2017
      I'm wondering where everything is at right now? How are things?

    8. Yauchy


    9. Brad McKee on

      Anything to 'update' us on these past 8 months? At least put up some pics of your vacation or something we paid for.

    10. Joseph Soonsin Lee

      I am glad the lawsuit is over but it would be great to get more progress updates.

    11. Kate D on

      I was just thinking about this project the other day, and the fact that I'm LFL for D-Day and have seen expansions at the local game store that I've never seen in my mailbox. Thanks for the update, such as it is. For selfish and not-as-selfish reasons, I hope things get resolved and we all get to see the game. If this is genuine, I think it's pretty clear we'd all appreciate a lot more transparency regarding the delays and any progress.

    12. Jesse Miller

      The gain is in postponing/deflecting possible criminal charges. We can no longer say that there have been no updates since early 2014.

    13. John Falcon

      This was the exact update for Upfront...I will believe this when I see specific details about the status of this project and not simply a blanket declaration....

    14. Neil Ng on

      Wow this is totally unexpected. Even if there is a glimmer of a chance that I can get my games, I'll take it. So thanks for posting this and good luck.

    15. Richard Logue on

      I sure would like to play this game.

    16. Martin Gregory

      No-one putting their name to this is deeply concerning. Neither is it particularly transparent, just a vague 'we are talking to people'. How much money is left (depleted of ALL resources)? What are the details of this plan, what are the contingencies if it fails? What about those of us (as mentioned below, myself included) who paid extra for copies of D-Day Dice? Are we ever going to see those? An update is not sufficient evidence of progress in this matter if it lacks so much detail.
      I don't have any hate for this project, I just expected MUCH more information after such an extremely long period of silence. I expected a long post to say 'this is where we are at'. Is the game even ready to print, did Emmanuel finish it? Print and play option? As pope said, give us the facts, we have sat here in the dark for two years so it's the least you can do.

    17. The Redheaded Pharmacist

      Any update is at least a positive development. So is the fact that the lawsuit has finally been resolve. I hope to see this game arrive at my door eventually. I loved the concept behind the game. Hopefully an agreement with a published will happen soon.

    18. Brady Sadler

      To what gain?

    19. Missing avatar

      JamesP on

      "You honestly think they'd post something like this, after 2 years of silence, if they weren't making an effort?" -- Given the implied source (Rik or Toben), yup, I sure as hell do. He's nothing but a liar, a cheat, and a thief - in my personal opinion, legally speaking he may not be any of those things.

    20. Missing avatar

      Pope on

      1.) Thanks for the update.

      2.) There are a lot of backers not familiar with happened. Could you tell us more about the lawsuit and the outcome (no need to slant it -- just give us the straightforward facts).

      3.) At the least, you should consider letting this be a print and play game for everyone who backed it.

    21. Brady Sadler

      You honestly think they'd post something like this, after 2 years of silence, if they weren't making an effort?

    22. Shawn McWha

      Brady, I want some of whatever you're smoking.

    23. Chris Shockey on

      They won't be getting any more of my money.

    24. Brady Sadler

      The hateful comments are so unproductive, guys. Move on. It's clear that effort is being made to get things corrected, otherwise what's the point of an update 2 years later?

    25. Mark Fadden

      This is supposed to be comedy right? "Our biggest concern is that the supporters of this project can see the finished product." not get it, just see it... Here let me translate "I spent all the money you sent me on legal issues, I may try to publish the game and I hope you give me more money when you see it." Run away thief and hope that your burned backers don't put you into court again.

    26. Runar Jenssen on

      Great update. Not even signed, we don't even know who the hell wrote this update.

      Yeah, my $180 is gone for good. "A line for life". I was promised all the content that'll ever be released for AIYP. I guess I got what I was promised, since nothing has ever been released. Great use of my money.

    27. Brad McKee on

      Well I didn't think there would be another Star Wars movie made, nor did I think to ever hear from this thieving bastard ever again.

    28. MightyMeeple on

      I have a difficult time taking this "update" seriously. I have given up on ever getting a copy of Airborne in Your Pocket....but I still want my copy of D Day Dice that I pledged for. I'm sure that won't happen either.
      This complete FUBAR has ruined my interest in Kickstarter and crowd funding in general.
      Please do use all a solid and just go away. We will never believe anything you post.

    29. Missing avatar

      JamesP on

      Rik, I'm going to need your address and that of your attorney so I know where to have the court papers served.

    30. John Stout on

      @Terrence Bowlby, I too am a LFL for D)Day Dice. I'd love to have something more arrive one day.

    31. Rogério De Leon Pereira on

      Eu confio em você e no Emmanuel. Pode continuar contando com o meu suporte!

    32. Martin Gregory

      What a surreal experience.... Waking up and checking my activity and seeing an update in here of all places. I can only hope, but I am not raising my hopes again.
      What I would say however is that a print and play of the complete project is the absolute MINIMUM I would like to see out of this. Other projects have been regularly offering print and play editions as part of their tier rewards.

    33. John Flood

      We are ever hopeful.

    34. Terence Bowlby on

      Yay! News on the other Kickstarter projects? When's my next LFL for D-Day Dice going out?

    35. Shawn McWha

      Hahahaha! Is it April fools day again? This is crazy!

    36. Syd on

      When I saw "Project Update #51: 'Airborne In Your Pocket' Board Game by Rik Falch" in my inbox my first thought was that there was a serious bug in the Matrix.

      I understand how lawsuits can tie one's hands, but I think you'll understand why we're all skeptical about that update.

      Personally, I don't have any expectations about the outcome of whatever deal you may strike with some publisher. Doing business is about making money, not giving charity to KS backers that weren't shown the whole picture (i.e. the Phil Sauer case was live way before this KS campaign started) and naively threw money into this project.

      If I ever find this game in my mailbox someday, I'll sure be happy. But I'm not as naive as I was back then, so please allow me not to blindly believe a word of this update. I'll believe if I ever get the game.

    37. Andrew on

      Ahh. A ray of hope, maybe...

    38. John Stout on

      I do how that what you say is true. And it's very possible espically if you were not allowed to communicate about the product during the lawsuit. I hope to one day see this arrive on my door. As what happened with D-Day Dice.

    39. Brady Sadler

      Thanks for the update, Rik. I honestly doubted I'd ever see another, haha. I can appreciate the difficulty of not being able to communicate during this difficult situation, but I continue to hold out hope that publication and fulfillment will be possible. Best of luck!

    40. C3

      Either you are completely clueless or you have the largest stone of any man I have ever met.