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Manos: The Hands of Fate restored (at last!) from the original Ektachrome and released in High Definition.
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Ben Solovey

818 backers pledged $48,130 to help bring this project to life.

Third Clip

Today is the last day of the fundraiser!

$44,786 has been pledged so far and in the coming months it will help us to make this, in every way, the best release of 'Manos' possible. On this important day, it's my pleasure to share the third HD clip that brings our test run to a close.

Very soon the entire movie will be scanned along with this material, and we can finally begin the intense work of image restoration. Our goal, as always, is to bring the film as close as possible to the state it was in straight out of the camera.

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    1. Creator Walt on February 4, 2012

      That dog is so damn confused at the end there.