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$0.00 pledged of $5,000 goal


Having edited the Spring 2015 Russia issue of the Atlanta Review, I have been slated to edit the magazine's Spring 2018 Baltic poetry issue, along with Kevin M. F. Platt and Rimas Uzgiris. Given that the sanctions against Russia, and even the future of NATO and the EU, are currently in doubt, there is a great sense of urgency, and I have been given the green light by the journal's new editor, Karen Head, to edit a Special Summer 2017 issue, if we are able to raise $5,000 for it. 

Alex Cigale, General Editor (https://www.arts.gov/writers-corner/bio/alex-cigale, http://www.nupress.northwestern.edu/content/russian-absurd, https://qc-cuny.academia.edu/AlexanderCigale).

Karen Head, Editor-in-Chief (http://homes.lmc.gatech.edu/~head/, http://arts.gatech.edu/content/head-succeed-founding-editor-prestigious-atlanta-review)

Rimas Uzgiris, Lithuania Editor (https://www.arts.gov/writers-corner/bio/rimas-uzgiris)

Kevin M. F. Platt, Latvia Editor (http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/slavic/faculty/platt.htm, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/kevin-m-f-platt)

http://blog.bestamericanpoetry.com/the_best_american_poetry/2015/07/alexcigale.html, http://atlantareview.com/.

Risks and challenges

We are confident that, given the expertise and experience of the editors involved, and the recent affiliation of the Journal with Georgia Tech University, we can raise the necessary amount. Shall we fail, the issue will have to await its slotted and budgeted for time, the Spring of 2018. The unique risk is that Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia may, by then, no longer be independent nations.

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