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Open source, 8000 lumen, ultra bright LED light pad with Electric IMP WIFI, Atmel AVR & Arduino micro controller built in.
Open source, 8000 lumen, ultra bright LED light pad with Electric IMP WIFI, Atmel AVR & Arduino micro controller built in.
225 backers pledged $94,482 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. douglaslyon on June 6, 2016

      I am very pleased to announce my new
      kickstarter project, an AUDIO DSP SHIELD FOR THE ARDUINO.

      The Audio Shield has:
      Effects, a function generator, an oscilloscope,
      and synthesizer.
      It's a turn-key system, with software and hardware.

      For details, see:

    2. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on January 21, 2014

      Refund has been sent.

      Thank you for backing Lumapad and helping to make it another success.

    3. Missing avatar

      L Guilherme P Martins de Abreu
      on January 21, 2014

      Just to not be unfair,
      I just discover that Richard sent me a message at October 2nd to inform the returned shipment.
      So, my bad to this lack of attention.
      But, NOTHING justify his words.

    4. Missing avatar

      L Guilherme P Martins de Abreu
      on January 21, 2014

      I think my English is really bad, or you have a serious problem.
      Unfortunately I had problems with the postal service here and it takes a lot of time, always. And about this, I use to handle with out more problems,
      It is not my fault your 'procedure' to destroy any thing and your stressed way.
      In my last message I'm intended to make the negotiation more flexible, expecting this kind of extras costs, like you just told me. By ALL MEANS I was intended to do not generate any loss for you.
      But, after I just heard from you, I don't want anything more.
      SO, PLEASE, IF you can, DONATE one unit, (or the money if you can't) to a Hacker-space, or school you prefer and let me know. If it's possible.
      And NEVER call anyone you don't know, as a DISHONEST, It's really bad.

    5. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on January 21, 2014

      L Guilherme P Martins de Abreu, I have sent you a refund on your backer reward because I do not like dishonest people like you ruining what was a fun and successful Kickstarter campaign. People like you should not be involved in these types of projects. It makes it bad experience for the rest of us who are honest and trying to achieve good things..

    6. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on January 21, 2014

      All pledges were delivered over 6 months ago. If your board is returned to me, I will let you know and contact you right away. It would have been best if you contacted me six months ago because by now there is no way to track it. I assume your board was left by you in customs unclaimed so they have likely destroyed your package or auctioned it which is normal procedure when people don't come and get their packages.

      As I said you you many times via email directly, I am happy to offer you a replacement board but you will need to pay for Fedex International shipping plus $100.00 cost for me to make a single board. Total to Spain will be US$156.00. I have no extra boards in stock.

      Six months is an unreasonable about of time for someone to wait to ask where a package is. I assumed everyone got their packages and destroyed all the shipping receipts at the end of 2013 because this project has been closed for a very long time.

      I am here to work with you and I am sure the community will agree that you are being very unreasonable as my online reputation speaks for itself.

      There is always one person in every bunch that makes it bad for the rest of us. I

    7. Missing avatar

      L Guilherme P Martins de Abreu
      on January 21, 2014

      Correctio: Send me the track number if it's still arriving here.

    8. Missing avatar

      L Guilherme P Martins de Abreu
      on January 21, 2014

      About the deal, I'm opened o reach to a common sense. Even if you have another propose. Because I love photo and I found your idea really great, I don't want to fail in this deal.
      So, if you have the track number, and it's arriving, yet. Please, send me this number and I'll try to handle it here.
      IF, it's gong back to you,already. Please, see what can we do to fix it and I'll very happy to find any solution that could be good to both parts.


    9. Missing avatar

      L Guilherme P Martins de Abreu
      on January 21, 2014

      Morning, sir.
      Follow my pledge. I think you asked.

      You selected
      9 backers

      DIY Fully assembled circuit board "kit" with LEDs installed - Pledges of $175.00 or more will receive a set of fully assembled Lumapad circuit boards with 6500 Kelvin (Daylight) LEDs installed. Add your own heat sink, fan, case and Electric IMP to build a fully programmable, ultra high intensity LED lighting system. This project is open source so all schematics and a parts list is included. User supplied 19 volt, 6 Amp minimum power supply and proper heat sinks and/or cooling fan required. Do not use without proper cooling. Maximum light output is approximately 8000 Lumens at 6500 Kelvin (Daylight)

      Estimated delivery: May 2013
      Add $12 USD to ship outside the US
      Survey sent: 8/4/2013 • Your response

    10. Missing avatar

      Cary Hull on September 28, 2013

      Hello all. I've created a forum on googlegroups for lumapad-users that anyone can join:!forum/lumapad-users

    11. Missing avatar

      David Zapatka on September 17, 2013

      Sorry, Richard, I didn't mean to publicly post the earlier comment as I missed the "contact me" aspect of the KS page. Malice was certainly not intended. I think something was missed while packaging the units for shipping and one of the lights was damaged, I'll send it back and take up your offer. I look forward to putting them to good use in my lighting arsenal and good customer service is always appreciated.

    12. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on September 17, 2013

      David, all you need to do is email me directly with the Kickstarter panel and I will be happy to replace / repair your broken Lumapad. It sounds like it was damaged during shipping so that is beyond my control.

      I try to make everyone happy so complaining publicly before even giving me a chance to replace your damaged unit isn't exactly a good start. Let's hope that when you return it and I replace it without issue that you will at least let everyone know how I took care of the issue right away. Each light was tested and all should have the same basic lighting characteristics.

      Please email me within KS so we can resolve this issue.

    13. Missing avatar

      David Zapatka on September 17, 2013

      Received two Lumapads as part of the Kickstarter program. One of them is working great, the other not so much. The dimmer does not function at all on the second one, and when compared to each other side by side, the lights are inconsistent. The first, the one that appears to be working in regards to both dimming and color correcting, is not as bright as the one with the broken dimmer. Was there any effort made for quality control before shipping the units? When I opened the box the two Lumapads were loose and simply floating around, might they have gotten damaged in transit? The packaging was substandard, a few plastic air pillows would have been nice. At this point I am disappointed with the product. Yes there is light, yes there is some control on one of the units, but as a network cameraman I expect products to work properly and be consistent out of the box, even from KS. At this point I stand disappointed but await advice on how to get them to match and be consistent. I'm not a programmer but a working cameraman with no knowledge of writing code. Just looking for an alternative to extremely overpriced professional LED lights.

    14. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on September 15, 2013

      There are tons of samples and generic projects inside the IMP control panel. The only real issue is getting your phone close enough to the sensor on the IMP for the first and only time you need to blink up. It is easier to do if you remove the brackets and filter holder on the side. This will allow you to get in close. Turn off the room lights during the few second blink up for best results.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jason Goldston on September 15, 2013

      @ Steve Fish: Totally agree on the forum idea. All the posts are scattered about. No, I had not figured it out. I was waiting for additional postings. Thanks for the links & details that helped explain a lot. It appears that in order to get the imp to "blink up" I have to write some code into my account. Is that right? I'm not a programmer, so I was wondering if someone could post the generic code that I would put into the imp account panel so I could "blink up".

    16. Steve Fish on September 14, 2013

      @Jason Goldston: I've just begun looking into making that connection as well. You may have figured this out already, but the reason it won't work that way (although this isn't obvious in any of the videos I've watched) is that Richard is not using the NetLED app to BlinkUp his Electric Imp in that video. He's using the Electric Imp app.

      Here's a link that describes the BlinkUp process on their support page and contains links to their app for iOS and Android:

      And here's a link to a Hello World experiment on their site that I've just started walking through:

      We need to make a forum somewhere. :)

    17. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on September 11, 2013

      The Lumapad is open source and meant to be opened!!!

      Remove the four screws on the back plate where the lighted buttons are. In in the top corner. Use the AVR programmer with a male six pin header strip and just hold the pins to the programmer port. That is how they are programmed when made and how developers can do it too. The hex files are on the website.

      You can also use the Sparkfun FTDI Basic (3.3V) and write Arduino code.

      Remove the black plastic spacer by sliding it off the pins. It is there for manufacturing and securing before soldering. If you decide to go with Arduino, you would be better off also buying the AVR ISP so you can easily put the factory code back. Hex files can be loaded via AVR Dude but I have never liked the way it works.

    18. Eric Falsken
      on September 11, 2013

      Yup. that all makes sense and I agree. But I do not see the "six-pin AVR ISP" on the outside. Do I need to dis-assemble anything (and what) to get to it?

    19. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on September 10, 2013

      All of my projects are community based so that improvements, modifications and new source code comes from the backers. That's the whole point of it being "Open Source". It is now the communities job make the already great Lumapad, BETTER!

      One backer has already set up the githup spot at:

      Hex files can be loaded via the Arduino bootloader but it takes some practice and AVR Dude to do it. I write in different compilers and use the six pin AVR ISP built into the Lumapad. No modification needed, just the $32 Atmel programmer from Digikey.

      I think the first step is going to be to write some Arduino code and load it up. That would make it easier for everyone to share code and come up with cool features. It would also give better access to the IMP.

      The IMP versions are "open source" because the Electric IMP is still in Beta and you need to write/load the code into your account to get it to work. It takes some time getting used to so practice and have fun. Using one of the IMP development boards would be a great way to start so that you get the hang of writing the code first.

      I tried to explain how the Lumapad works in this post:

      It is my job to bring these types of products to the market at lower costs and ways never before possible thanks to crowd funding. I hope you guys will all do your part by making my products better and coming up with cool uses. I designed it to be easy to do so it's time to get started and let us all know what you come up with.

    20. Eric Falsken
      on September 10, 2013

      More than that, I don't even see a programming header for the Amtel. Do I have to disassemble my awesome Lumapad to update the firmware?

    21. Eric Falsken
      on September 10, 2013

      Is the code up on GitHub somewhere? I see only the hexfiles on the design-files page. Where can I get your sample IMP code?

    22. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on September 7, 2013

      If you need info on how to control the Lumapad via the IMP, just refer to the schematic. There are tutorials on the IMP website once you create an account. You "blink up" the IMP (you may need to remove the side bracket the first time to get your phone close enough), log into your account and then begin writing code. Some Arduino code may need to be written for the Atmel control chip but the community is still working on that part.

      Design files are here:

    23. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on September 7, 2013

      The IMP is an open source platform where you write your own code to connect. All the "open source" pledges were intended for those that know how to or want to learn how to write thier own apps/code. It is actually pretty easy to control the Lumapad via the web, IMP or any external device as long as you understand how the schematic and code work. That is the whole point of this project. The community has started working on software and apps already but I am sure it will take time. When I developed Lumapad, I wrote some simple HTTP commands with the IMP and used both NetLED and also simple html pages to control my Lumapad.

      Experiment with the IMP and all it's features and see what kind of code and cool applications you can come up with.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jason Goldston on September 7, 2013

      I have the imp card installed in my 8000s. I have downloaded the NetLED Console app shown in the demo video to my smartphone. How do I get the two to connect? There are no instructions for the app or the imp card on the manufacturers websites. I took my problem to my IT dept. & no one there could figure it out either. Do I have to hit a function on the Lumapad to activate the imp card to get the smartphone to register the wifi signal? Is it the API input on the NetLED app (where do I find the API information)? Specifics would be very much appreciated.


    25. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on September 6, 2013

      It's a standard lighting tripod mount so any regular light stand will work.

    26. malemocynt on September 6, 2013

      What's a recommended tripod/pole to attach the Lumapad on?

    27. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on September 5, 2013

      The DYI kit was intended for those that wanted to design their own units, had a machine shop as some backers do and also like to experiment. A large block of aluminum, heat sink and fan are required or the board will burn up. The backer reward was clearly labeled as follows:

      "DIY Fully assembled circuit board "kit" with LEDs installed -Add your own heat sink, fan, case and Electric IMP to build a fully programmable, ultra high intensity LED lighting system. User supplied 19 volt, 6 Amp minimum power supply and proper heat sinks and/or cooling fan required. Do not use without proper cooling. "

      There are board dimensions, schematics and all engineering info available on the website at It took months of engineering to create these files and many more months to design the case. The $399 pledge level was well worth the investment since the quantity purchase enabled me to get the CNC work down to a reasonable price.

      If you would like a fully functional 8000S, I have a few left at the original pledge level plus shipping. You can contact me directly via the Kickstart email system and I will be happy to reserve one for you. These won't last long as many people now want second units.

      If you have any specific technical questions regarding proper operating temperatures, power requirements, etc, I will be happy to answer them.

    28. Missing avatar

      helder on September 5, 2013

      Hi Richard, is plug and play if you bought the fully functional lumapad, but as i said i bought (maybe my mistake now that i see there is no instruction to mount everything) the assembled kit which comes with the motherboard, the imp board and a power socket board so is definitely not plug and play for me of course, after all this is a kit, and i understand that...

      but since i do not want damage what i really think is a good product that is why i have asked you if there is any tutorial, step by step photos on how to connect my kit without screwing up and have just paper weight PCB laying around

      as i said maybe i misunderstood the kit version and thought it would come with instruction, i know how to solder, have some knowledge on arduino but not really sure how to combine it all, i just wonder if the other people who bought this kit have also the same problem!?
      at this stage any help would good

    29. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on September 4, 2013

      I guess Kickstarter is still working on that feature since it is new on this end too. All shipments will be on their way by tomorrow. Everything is going out via US post, insured so keep your eyes out for your package.

    30. Missing avatar

      Thomas Tillenius on September 4, 2013

      Richard: I don't think Kickstarter sends shipping notifications to backers. The status is for the project creator only.

    31. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on September 3, 2013

      There was a thank you card in the box with the URL to all the design info at

      The LUmapad works out of the box so the only real instructions needed is: plug it in and turn it on!

    32. Missing avatar

      helder on September 3, 2013

      Hi Richard just got my DIY full assembled, looks great thanks...
      just a question i was trying to get some tutorial to finish the product but could not really see it.
      Maybe i misunderstood when i pledge but i thought would come with some instructions, tutorial, guidance, which without it i think i am not so proficient to make it work and would be ashame ;( can you point me on the right direction...

    33. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on August 30, 2013

      Not sure. As I ship, I simply check a box that says "status" that I assume you guys get notified on. Much easier than sitting here emailing each person as we try to ship out everything.

    34. Glenn Lee Dicus on August 30, 2013

      This will be the first KickStarter campaign I have backed...

      With that being said, I am assuming that what you mean by 'backer info' you mean 'STATUS' within the 'backer history' page? Am I correct?

    35. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on August 30, 2013

      Lumapads are being tested and packed over the next week. Anyone curious as to if/when their package shipped, please simply check within your backer info and you will see it marked as shipped / not shipped. Everything will be out by Friday of next week.

    36. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on August 30, 2013

      James, please email directly in the KS panel and not on the comment section. Thank you

    37. Missing avatar

      James Redmond on August 30, 2013

      Richard, I filled out the survey about 2 weeks ago. Still no light. Can you check that you have my address and tell me when it will ship?

      If I do like it, how can I order more (especially that you are leaving). Is there anyone there that can assemble and ship extra units out?

      I'm looking forward to it. James

    38. Glenn Lee Dicus on August 28, 2013

      Thanks Richard! It's always the little things...

    39. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on August 28, 2013

      Both Edgar and Glenn filled out their surveys and now the world knows too! All reward levels will ship before I leave for design school in Italy. The only concern is related to those people who refuse to respond to the survey. This project had very expensive pledge levels so it is important that I make sure everyone gets what they paid for.

      The issue is with a few large backers who no matter how much I email them, they will not fill out the surveys. My deadline is close and as has happened in the past with my other projects, there actually have been people that came back a year later after never filling in the survey and then complained that they never got their backer reward.

      Kickstarter is a two way street. It is great when you get lots of backers but frustrating when you can't fill the rewards in a timely manner because backers don't follow up.

    40. Missing avatar

      Edgar Gallart on August 28, 2013

      I will omit writing again what Glenn Lee Dicus has has just posted 15 minutes ago.
      Would you please, Richard Haberkem, confirm individually to the bakers that you have indeed read the answers of the surveys?

    41. Glenn Lee Dicus on August 28, 2013

      I know I filled out the backer survey. However, the more times I hear that you are leaving for the remainder of the year the more I fear that my submission has been misplaced. I was never sent anything confirming the submission. Although, when I click on the button in the email, it now just goes to the kickstarter Open Source... page.

      How do you double check that everything is in order?

    42. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on August 27, 2013

      Schematic can be a little confusing but it is designed so that multiple interfaces control the same things. There are basically two 16 LED drivers each controlled by a single logic line.

      Ground (set to 0) IMP-Data1 to shut off channel 1 (16 LEDS) and GroundsIMP-Data2 to shut off the other 16 LEDS. PWM the IMP data1 and date 2 lines if you want to dim. If you want to control the fan or read temperature directly with the IMP, you will need to control PortB.0 (= fan off, 1 = fan on) via the Atmel chip and some Arduino code but you can also read some of the IMP lines via the Atmel so you can do a pass through or very simple code.
      The circuit is designed so that grounding any of the many control lines will do the same things so you have lots of options.

      For the Arduino (Atmel) just control OC0a (PortD.6) and OC1a (PortB.1). Set to "0" (ground) to shut each 16 LED channels off or PWM these 8 bit counters to dim. Very easy in Arduino. Fan temperature is read via ADC6. The lower the 10 bit value, the hotter the light is. A binary value of less than 150 is the danger zone. Fan is controlled by PortB.0. Shut fan off by setting this port to "0" (ground)

      That's it! All the software is installed already to control all this stuff and the hex file is on the Lumapad website should you erase it. Be sure you have a way to reload the firmware either by an Atmega AVR programmer or Arduino programmer. Remember, I wrote the code in hex so there is no Arduino file, I leave that up to you guys so be sure you know how to reload hex files before messing around!!!

    43. Scanner Luce on August 27, 2013

      Mine has arrived! (It was a pleasant surprise.) Works great.

      Now just information on how to program it for control from the electric imp (just need to know what pins do what.. from the schematic it seems that some of the pins on the imp are connected to multiple things..)

    44. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on August 27, 2013

      Any 12V battery pack will work with a decent AMP rating. I would suggest 5 AH or more. Lumapads have started shipping and some backers should receive them this week. They are assembled and tested as they are shipped so it is going to be a few week process.

      These lights came out great so I know everyone will be extremely happy with them. The technology we packed into them at this price point wasn't possible without KIckstarter.

    45. Missing avatar

      Shane Michaels
      on August 27, 2013

      Has anyone received their lights yet? And does anyone know what battery pack options work with these units?

    46. Glenn Lee Dicus on August 25, 2013

      Has anybody received these units yet? What are your immediate thoughts and any experience with them?

    47. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on August 4, 2013

      Boards have already started shipping. Assembling starting this week. I will have a major update in the next few days. Everything is on schedule as planned. I only give updates when there is something important happening.

    48. Missing avatar

      James Redmond on August 4, 2013

      It is now August, what the status of the units getting shipped? Thanks, james

    49. Patrick Shaw on July 25, 2013

      Any new updates?

    50. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on July 1, 2013

      Lots of parts are being made and are coming in at the moment. I will post a major updates as soon as I can take some photos of the actual assembly process.

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