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Cradle is an open-world action role-playing game (RPG) in development by Mojo Game Studios. Read more

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This project's funding goal was not reached on February 20, 2014.

Cradle is an open-world action role-playing game (RPG) in development by Mojo Game Studios.

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UE4 Reveal, Combat, and the State of Development


Hello All,
Pelakalaka here, community manager for Mojo and today we are excited to announce some major development updates for Aderyn’s Cradle as well as discuss some of our future plans. We have kept a tight lid on development, but now we are ready to share some of the fantastic gameplay and development that Mojo has been working on over the last year.
During our trip last year to GDC we were fortunate enough to get some time using Unreal 4 after their release of the new engine and announcement of a subscription base model and we were most pleased. After having difficulties developing the game with the intuitive systems we had in mind, we decided to switch to U4 to utilize its easy to program method, blue print. Since our switch, we have had a lot more success and easy designing our in-game systems, including our fast, fluid, combat system. We’ve spent this past year recruiting fresh, new talent to the team to help reconstructing Titanwood and Combat Island in U4,as well as creating our systems in game and working out the ideal, most efficient pipelines for development, and, most importantly continued crafting of the universe of Anora. All of that hard work and growth has lead to this proud unveil: The video below features gameplay from the reconstructed Titanwood and Combat Island as well a demonstration of 3 of our weapons: Luna and Corona, Perfect Thunder, as well as the Sword and Shield of Rolling Hill.

GDC 2015

This GDC was a fantastic opportunity for Mojo, that we capitalized on fully. Aside from attending many different talks about game design and the industry, myself and Hank Zwally, president/founder/lead game designer behind Mojo, were fortunate enough to meet with many major companies while we were there, including Sony, Microsoft, and Epic as well as a few different Indie publishers. Compared to last years GDC, these larger name companies are 100% more Indie friendly, each having their own Indie dev division specialized to work with Indie devs to publish on their platforms, luckily for us, U4 is easy to port. With these contacts established, we plan to utilize them as our development continues, especially when considering launching on PS4 and Xbox One as a stretch goal for our future crowd funding campaign! 

Along with expand the worlds lore we have also developed our mana system and have begun to make new assets for another of Aderyn’s Cradle’s environments, the Iceland. Now, we are working with Indiegogo to fashion a crowd funding campaign to further the development of Aderyn's Cradle. Mojo needs your support to continue development, sign up on our website to be added to our mailing listing and get the latest information on Aderyn's Cradle. 

Mojo Love,
Community Manager/King of PR/ Art Team Manager
Mojo Game Studios

Kickstarter Update 15: Mojo Forum


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Update 14


Post Kickstarter:
While our Kickstarter was unsuccessful, we learned a lot from all the feedback we received from you, our backers. There’s also much to be said for the experience of running a Kickstarter, from this, our newly-reformed PR Team is ready to show you everything you wanted to see the last time around. Development We have begun development of our next area of the game, the Iceland! We think that this new part of the game will do a great job to display some of our systems we didn’t show last time, such as mana, weapon augments, and ranged combat! As the Iceland starts coming together, we will be posting updates about it across our Facebook, Twitter, Indie DB, and Tumblr! Sneak peeks and preview to follow; stay tuned!

Hank Zwally, our President and Lead designer, as well as myself were fortunate enough to attend this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco. Although it wasn’t Mojo’s first year at GDC, it was mine, and I found it a great learning experience. The conference was exciting for Hank and I on several fronts, such as finding potential sponsorships for our development. We spoke with several companies, such as AMD, Intel, and Nvidia, and are now fortunate enough to be in contact with several pillars of the Indie industry. Overall, we were really pleased with the way GDC went for us as a business experience, as well as overjoyed by the recognition that Indie game publishers received!

Building towards the Future:
In the next month we plan to expand the size of the team and amp up production on the Iceland for another go at Kickstarter later this year! Please keep up on all the latest Mojo news by leaving your email at our email listing on Mojo Game Studio’s home page or by following our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Indie DB

Mojo Love,
Mike Pekala (Pelakalaka)
Community Manager 

Update #13


Aderyn's Cradle is approaching its last days of funding. After seeing the fantastic support from our backers, Crytek has decided to feature Aderyn's Cradle in their developers video at GDC! Check out some of the HD footage Cytek will be using in their video. 

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Your support for our campaign has more than shown that the game is more than capable of attracting a following. This means a lot to us as indie developers. It not only proves the viability of our project for the gaming market, it also shows that the vision we have for Aderyn’s Cradle is recognized and appreciated by the community we’re making it for. As we continue to learn from this Kickstarter experience, we are more even more determined to stop at nothing to make Aderyn's Cradle a reality.

Mojo Game Studios has now launched its forum for Aderyn’s Cradle. Click on the link to head over and sign up as an official part of the Mojo community. Engage in discussion about Aderyn’s Cradle with your fellow heroes!

As we move forward, our original core supporters will be instrumental in continuing to develop a community. We want to keep all of you involved through the end of Kickstarter and beyond, so check back for occasional updates on the game’s development, exclusive sneak peaks, and more information about game content!

As an exclusive to you all as backers, check out below the map of Anora and visualization of mana as it would be force the force of life.

In this map, Aderyn's lands, the Cradle, are shown before the Soulfire Crisis and still as a part of Anora.
In this map, Aderyn's lands, the Cradle, are shown before the Soulfire Crisis and still as a part of Anora.
Mana is harvested as it bleeds from the land, the physical manifestation of the forces of the world. Of the five possible forces, the mana crystals pictured are of the Life variety.
Mana is harvested as it bleeds from the land, the physical manifestation of the forces of the world. Of the five possible forces, the mana crystals pictured are of the Life variety.

Over $100,000!


Mojo Games Studio is proud to share the milestone we have just passed: over $100,000 have been pledged towards bringing Cradle off the drawing board and onto your screens. Thanks to all of you who have been with us from the beginning or are just joining us now.

As of February 8th we still have 12 days to reach our goal of $350,000, and everything you do to see us through to the end matters. For this purpose, we have revamped our Kickstarter page to more accurately portray our vision, and clear up a few points of confusion. Be sure to check out the new section on augments, which features some gorgeous never-before-seen concept art by our Lead Concept Artist Josh Eiten.

Many of you have asked us about the previously-released Cradle by Flying Cafe. Out of respect for our fellow indie developers, and to avoid confusion, we have changed the name of our game to Aderyn's Cradle. To help spread the word, we have registered the domains and, which for the time being link directly to the Kickstarter page. We ask that you share these far and wide!

Help us make it the rest of the way by spreading the word about Aderyn’s Cradle and showing off our new page! Share our new domain names on social media and let people know what has you most excited about our game. Here’s to one hundred fifty thousand more!

Mojo love,  

Mojo Games Studios