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$129,946 pledged of $350,000 goal
By Mojo Game Studios
$129,946 pledged of $350,000 goal

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Update 28: Post Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign and Future Development Plans


Greetings, Oracles!

Since the conclusion of our IndieGogo campaign last month, we want to take this moment to announce our future plans! In lieu of reattempting a formal crowdfunding campaign,  we have decided to move fundraising to our own website:! There, we’re in the process of redesigning our website to better represent our Crowdfunding Campaign. This new site will contain a campaign page with information on the game, a comprehensive breakdown of our rewards for backers, and a large blog section where we will post Bi-weekly update blogs on Cradle's progress.We are still hard at work making Aderyn’s Cradle, even while we wait to raise our full funds!

So, what are we up to? The Iceland scene, based in part on the image below, already has a completed block-out and is awaiting assets to fill in the gamespace. Our Technical Art team is also working on a separate scene to demonstrate weapon augmentation, an essential process in Cradle. The augment showcase will give a taste of the power harnessed from the five forces of Anora. As part of our upcoming website updates, a new blog will be started for screenshots of the level and other development updates!

On the same priority level as Iceland development is polishing our Combat Island Downloadable Teaser and putting it through final testing stages. After many hours of tinkering and tweaking, the demo is almost complete! Soon we will be sending it out to various youtubers, including Jonathan Crow, Indie, and Game Grumps!

Along with continued work on the game’s technical aspects, Mojo has kept up recruitment efforts, starting with everyone who emailed us during the Indiegogo campaign seeking positions on the team. We’ve also continued the expansion of our office space, further codified and organized our game design documents, and made robust additions to Cradle’s lore, locations and backstory!  

How will we carry on without full funding from Indiegogo? Having received greater funding would have simply allowed us to release both the scene and the full game sooner. Mojo will continue developing Cradle and our Icelands showcase for release at the same level of robustness and quality we’ve advertised, even in light of our IndieGogo campaign falling short. At the top of our company task list is continuing to develop the Iceland scene for our future, larger crowdfunding campaign, using the funding received through Indiegogo (thank you!).

As always, Mojo is grateful for your continued support. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store!

- Mojo Team

Update 28: Post IndieGogo Plans


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

We wish all of you on our mailing list who are celebrating a happy holiday, full of plentiful leftovers and deeply discounted consumer goods! The Mojo Game Studios family is thankful for everyone who has contributed to our project so far, whether through our website or Indiegogo campaign.

the Iceland Scene
the Iceland Scene

We would like to reassure everyone that Mojo will continue to drive ahead with production of the vertical slice and the rest of Aderyn's Cradle regardless of whether our financial goals are met during this first part of our Indiegogo campaign. We have the level design, block out and major environmental features already completed, as well as all scenarios and gameplay elements fully designed. The concept art (or reference material) pieces for the 3d assets have been chosen. The main element slowing progress ay this point is the production of 3d assets needed to fill the level, for which we require freelance artists who can only be recruited once we've raised the necessary funds to pay them.

the Sword & Shield of Rolling Hill, as seen in the Combat Playable.
the Sword & Shield of Rolling Hill, as seen in the Combat Playable.

In the next few days, a playable demonstration of Cradle's pre-alpha combat is going to be sent to a number of YouTube streamers, including Johnathan Crow, Dan the Gamer Man, and many more! We believe that this will garner the media attention necessary to get this Indiegogo campaign off the ground and moving again. Stay tuned... Big things are coming!

This is why we have chosen flexible funding, which allows the campaign to continue its growth with each step we take. Aderyn's Cradle is a long-term endeavor that will continue in the face of short-term setbacks. Every contribution, however small, moves us closer to attaining the vision of Aderyn's Cradle.

Thanks for reading!  
Best wishes,
Hank Zwally, and the rest of the Mojo team.

Update 27: The Icelands


Greetings Oracles!

Today we do our third update of our environments series, the Iceland! This Harsh, frozen environment will be the second one players unlock in Aderyn's Cradle. Enjoy!

The Icelands:


The Icelands are one of the four open worlds to be explored in Aderyn’s Cradle. It’s a high-elevation domain of frozen, rugged mountains with a harsh climate. Despite its below-freezing temperatures, a variety of hardy vegetation and animals evolved to thrive there all the same -- including the humans! Before the Soulfire Crisis, the Icelands attracted many crafters of all sorts to its grand metropolises, particularly metalworkers seeking access to the largest forges in the Cradle. Miuyn, capital city of the Icelands, is home to the most grandiose of these epic forges, powered by the constant heat of the churning lava found beneath the crust of the active volcano on which the town is built. Miuyn was an unparalleled powerhouse city of wealth and comfortable living in such unforgiving lands. Elite Master craftsmen bore intricate metal jewelry hanging from sumptuous furs, as they walked upon geothermally-heated roads designed to melt the constantly-accumulating snow. Architects and engineers of the city even constructed systems to direct the flow of exposed lava streams running down the mountain, using them to rapidly heat water sources, among other things.

During the Soulfire Crisis, the Icelands were smote by Nitima, Deity of Fire force. Once-dormant volcanoes scattered throughout the mountain range roared back to life, spewing forth incredible jets of lava, ash, and heat. Ever-present natural hazards, such as avalanches and blizzards increased in frequency and intensity, burying entire sections of thriving wilderness in their wake, leaving only the toughest survivors. Glaciers and rivers of lava take turns carving the landscape and crumbling proud mountain faces, forging new valleys and caves with concussive force. Human works were rapidly buried by snow or scorched by magma. Lava pits now churn with an increased ferocity; if you are wise in how you approach them you may harness their energies for your own purposes. Hot springs offer a rare reprieve. Their waters, enriched with rare minerals, make interesting solvents to be used in the medica system. The entire region has become a minefield of natural obstacles, from falling icicles to hidden pitfalls in vast underground caves.

Nitima, Deity of Fire, smote the Icelands during the Soulfire Crisis. Surviving in the Icelands was never for the faint of heart, but now, even the cities have become treacherous. The intricate systems using lava to ward away the chill have broken down. Now, lava flows amok, while ice and snow cover roads once warmed by geothermal heat. While traversing this beautiful yet treacherous land, your abilities will be pushed to their limits as you confront savage wildlife, malicious foes, and the raw power of nature. Expect to face the blistering heat of exposed lava flows obstructing ancient roads, and the freezing cold of geysers all across the land. You’ll use the technology of the ruined cities to solve environmental puzzles and further your quests. The region, now corrupt with Nitima’s wrath, is constantly battered by violent weather and natural disasters. Blinding whiteouts and avalanches challenge your ability to survive, while once slumbering volcanoes now blaze with refreshed vigor, promising untold sources of power to those who venture within.

The flora and fauna present in the Icelands are no less fearsome than its chaotic weather. One of the more ferocious beasts you encounter, the Emberwolf, patrols and hunts near fiery areas of volcanic activity, ready to devour wild creatures and unsuspecting travelers alike. Fiery kami and various elementals have adapted to the lack of heat in their surroundings, and carry it with them as they venture out into the cold and snowy wastes in search of prey. Even previously-human inhabitants of the Icelands have been transformed by the chaos of the Forces, like the Tempest Sage who haunts blizzards to challenge unsuspecting travellers...

the Tempest Sage wanders through the Icelands, hidden in a Blizzard
the Tempest Sage wanders through the Icelands, hidden in a Blizzard

Update 26: Calling All Streamers!


Greetings Oracles!

Today we are excited to announce that we are currently looking for Youtubers and other streamers to try out a playable build of the combat systems in Aderyn’s Cradle, as showcased in our latest videos! Constructed over the last year, the combat system has been refined to provide maximum agency. Now that we have a working build, we’re seeking feedback! We will announce next week who is going to be streaming for us. If you are interested, contact us! All you have to do is follow the Mojo Game Studios Official twitter page or send our Community Manager an email at! 

Combat Island, complete with dummies, weapons, and Wilson.
Combat Island, complete with dummies, weapons, and Wilson.

This is Combat Island, a small island hidden in the Cradle, where players can come to hone their skills in combat. Covered with various dummies, you can practice anything here from combos to skilled parries and blocks. Available weapons are the Druid’s third staff of Healing, the Swordsman’s Sword & Shield of Rolling Hill, the Ranger’s twin dirks Luna and Corona, and the Ranger’s longbow Perfect Thunder! The island holds a few secrets and easter eggs as well for players to find...

Our team of PR swamp stalkers is standing by, waiting to hear back from you! We can’t wait for you to experience RealFight in its earliest stages!

Update 25: Cradle Combat Showcase


Greetings Oracles!

Today, we are thrilled to share our first combat showcase since transitioning to Unreal Engine 4! Here we demonstrate many of the systems we have refined to bring our revolutionary RealFight melee combat to life, including:

  • Deterministic Animations: Where you aim on your opponent determines the attack you execute. If you aim at the head of an opponent with a sword, for example, you are given only the attack options that would make sense for striking at someone’s head with a sword. The same goes for arms, legs, and any other area you zero in on. Simply by aiming and clicking the left or right mouse button, you are able to choose in real time not just where, but how you will strike.
  • Order Determinism: Where you last struck has an effect on how your next attack will play out. This system adds fluidity and reactivity to first-person melee. In Cradle, if you have a sword and want to do a slash right at the torso of an opponent, followed directly by a slash left, simply aim at the right torso and click the right mouse button, then aim at the left torso and click the left mouse button. The result is a continuous slash to the right and back from the left; no awkwardly returning to idle in the middle of your chained attacks. RealFight lets you lay down fast and fluid combos like never before!
  • Block/Parry Weight: Not all weapons are equal, and not all attacks can be blocked. In Cradle, each weapon has a unique weight that determines its ability to withstand blows from another weapon. Because of this relativity, when to block and when to dodge becomes a strategic decision. Parries are anticipatory, and happen when two weapons collide in combat.
  • Directional Blocking: Very precise blocking as you shift right, left, up and down.
  • Proximity Determinism: When your character gets too close to an opponent to swing their weapon, it instead pushes the opponent backwards to create space. After that, you can charge right back into the fray, with the distance you need to block, attack, or dodge!

These, along with our other systems, work towards providing a realistic, fluid, and fun first person melee experience never captured before. Aderyn’s Cradle also features ranged and melee combat.

Combat Island
Combat Island

 This showcase was shot on Combat Island, a special level made just for demo purposes. Stay tuned for more updates or check out our Indiegogo Page for the Latest info!: