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The ever Expanding Suns Of Brodarr Universe. What's next?
The ever Expanding Suns Of Brodarr Universe. What's next?
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Posted by Brandon Bwana Spoons (Creator)
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Hi Gang. It's been a little while since my last update.


I like to have something real to update for there to be an update though.

Biggest news. I finally got all the Lonny Customs Done! They have been clear coated and will ship early next week. Next up... Finish the last Lonny Paintings. I'll try to get these done this weekend if at all possible.

Gravy Toys is abuzz with activity these days.

I am doing a special pre-order on gravytoys to get Drizzleshits, and friends made. The Kickstarter for Lonny was fantastic. I will hands down, be using KS again in the future. But I wanted to do this one on my own.

Drizzstarter on For those of you that have already Pre-ordered a Drizz thank you so much for your support. I received 50 orders of Drizzleshits which helps greatly offset the costs of producing this vinyl on my own.

Now the Skinner figure is available, but I need a lot more orders to make it happen, and to make Koji Harmon's Toadking figure avaibable.

If you haven't ordered one, and are interested. Get in there. If it's not your thing maybe purty please pass the below information on to your local bloggin' news outlets.

Drizzstarter Drizzleshits, Skinner, and Comet Debris SUNS OF BRODARR figure pre-order.

Drizzleshits glow basic figure is available HERE

Drizzleshits DX package is available HERE

Skinner figure is available HERE

Every Skinner Order placed will be entered in a contest to win a free Skinner testshot. If I get anything over 50 orders, I will give away 2 Skinner testshots, so if we get 51 orders it will greatly increase your odds of winning something funtimes special.

We need at least 50 Skinner orders to open up Pre-orders for Koji Harmon's (Cometdebris), Toadking figure. Toadking is a working title, Koji is still brainstorming on the final name of his character.

Some minor changes/clarifications FAQ stuff. 1. I'll reveal which Skinner figure we are making and on what body this Friday. I thought it would be fun to keep a secret, but I get the feeling that Skinner fans just want to know. Everybody htat already ordered a Skinner figure will be entered into the lotto regardless of which figure they picked as their like. 2. Anybody CAN pay via paypal even though gravytoys still isn't set up to take PP. Just send payment via paypal to: Please put what you are getting in the subject line.

Skinner is an Oakland California based artist. Skinner is a painter of demented demons, toy maker, and muralist showing his work and painting walls all over the world.

CometDebris is Koji Harmon, a Tokyo based toy designer. You may have seen a few of his Kappa and sharks running around on your floor.

Thanks so much for all your support. pass it on. I wanna see those Skinner and Cometdebris figures made, and maybe you guys do to.

Here's to a fun and prosperous 2015. Cling! Clang! Gulp gulp gulp.


skinner mystery figure
skinner mystery figure
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