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The compact bike protector that you can take out riding to stop annoying damage. Innovative wrap-around design saves on cost and space.
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They are ready and on their way!

Posted by Matt Franks (Creator)

Ladies and gentlemen!

The Bike Blankets have arrived. About time - you might say! Thank you so much for your patience. All this was very much new to us and even though we had everything in place, a few unexpected events and incidents arose which we couldn't foresee and which delayed us quite a lot.

But enough about all that!

200 units arrived and we've been feverishly packaging them up and shipping them out in our splendid tubes. They all come with a lovely set of instructions to ensure you fit your Bike Blanket as it should be fitted. It can take a little time to fit the first time you have a go but you'll get there!


It would be wonderful if you could give me feedback on what you think, if it fits well to your bike/s and where you think we could make improvements. We obviously tried it with quite a few bike frames and tried to make the blankets fit to a wide range of shapes and sizes but they all differ and new developments bring new frame shapes - which means new challenges! So please let us know what you think and where we can improve.

To those that bought three blankets! Most of you will be getting a pair of blankets in box and then a single on it's own. The postage costs were crippling when being delivered as a unit of 3 (to sometimes 4x what we expected and had planned for!) so we split the load. Don't worry though everything is tracked and protected so should arrive safe and sound. I just wanted to let you know in case the single or the double pack turned up and you wonder what has happened. Hope this is ok!

Enjoy your bike blanket. You've certainly waited long enough. Show it off, tell other people about it and wear it on your bike wherever it goes - just not when you're riding!

Any questions, problems or non-arrivals - please don't hesitate to get in touch at

Team Bike Blanket


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