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FRESH ROMANCE is a critically-acclaimed romance anthology from Rosy Press. Join the fun with a Kickstarter Special Print Edition!
FRESH ROMANCE is a critically-acclaimed romance anthology from Rosy Press. Join the fun with a Kickstarter Special Print Edition!
1,430 backers pledged $51,260 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Janelle Asselin 2-time creator on

      Hi there! Over the past couple of months we've been going back and forth with distributors and a lot of you to try to make sure everyone receives their rewards. By now, most of you should have received your rewards, but there are a couple things we still need to take care of/address. So, we'd like to take a minute to sort that out here!

      • If you purchased a 1-year subscription to Fresh Romance in 2016 (either through Kickstarter or the Rosy Press website) you will receive free copies of the digital comics in Fresh Romance Volume 2.

      • Unfortunately, we were not able to access the Comixology codes for the Fresh Romance single issues or Volume 1. If you are waiting on Comixology codes we will either reimburse you for the Comixology purchase or send you digital files in another format (pdf, cbr, epub, etc.). Whatever you prefer is fine by us, just let us know. �

      If you have any other questions or concerns or still haven't received your book, please reach out to us here or via email at Thanks so much for your patience and understanding!

      The Emet Comics Team

    2. V. Garlock

      Has anybody gotten the comixology code we were promised by Janelle? (Or if that deal fell through, we should at least be informed that it is no longer happening due to the new deal with Emet.)

    3. Claire Murray

      Finally got mine, thanks :)

    4. Gaf, Lilia and Zavier

      Anyone get their stuff from Emet yet!? Not me!!

    5. V. Garlock

      Hey guys, Emet Comics is taking over Fresh Romance. They haven't posted a message here, but I got a hold of them via facebook, and they said they are gonna handle the remaining kickstarter rewards (including those missing items, as well as those who received duplicates).

    6. Laura on

      Sorry to add to all the noise but I have yet to receive my physical copy. I'm from the UK so not sure if there were more issues to do with that. I'm not in a rush, just would like an update if possible, thank you.

    7. V. Garlock

      @GG. Same. I tweeted to RosyPress a few month on twitter, and got nada. I tweeted Oni Press about it, but they said since they weren't behind the kickstarter, they couldn't do anything. I do genuinely believe after the last update, our rewards will honored, but the slow movement is very frustrating.

    8. Missing avatar

      Shaunda L Bowman

      My favorite was Ruined...OMG! I hope there are plans to complete this novel! I love it!!

    9. gg on

      Yeah, my life sucks too. Can I just please get my comixology code so that I can finish the stories? Is that really too much pressure to have mass e-mailed a.... code? I waited quietly, I then asked and received no reply, I wrote directly to Rosy Press and was ignored.... how is it everyone's life is together when they are asking for my money? Just send the code.

    10. Megan Bowra-Dean on

      Sorry to add to the noise but were art prints for the higher tiers sent out? I got my book but not my School Spirit print.

    11. V. Garlock

      I'm still waiting on the bookmark and comixology code too. I'm really glad this print edition was a success, but the kickstarter fulfillment has been a mess.

    12. Gaf, Lilia and Zavier

      Any updates on shipments pre NYCC? Looks like I won't be able to get any sigs on it this year.

    13. gg on

      Excuse me, but the latest update doesn't in any way address my question: I have not received any Comixology code so that I may download the book, will that be coming in any foreseeable future?

    14. Jacqueline Cook on

      You guys really need to get it together and respond to our inquires.

    15. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Colombo on

      Any updates on getting the print copies? Should we be contacting you in some way if we're still missing our books, or is it a general issue?

    16. gg on

      Should I still be waiting on my code for Comixology, as I still haven't received one?

    17. Jeremy Smith on

      Hey, in the last update the message you'd be following up in the next couple of weeks regarding missing books,'s been almost a month now. Any updates to share?

    18. Gaf, Lilia and Zavier

      Any new updates? Not to be a pain, but some people got theirs 2 months ago....

    19. Kelly Richards D'Arcy-Reed on


      Are there any updates on shipping? I've yet to receive my copy.


    20. Jake Shapiro on

      Hey Janelle, I messaged you a couple weeks ago, still haven't received a response. I'm really excited for the book but still haven't received my print copy... and it's already available in comic shops. I'm a little frustrated--any communication about this would be nice. Have a good one!

    21. Jacqueline Cook on

      I'm still waiting on my copy too.

    22. Missing avatar

      Bri Rudd on

      Is there any update on shipping? I still have not received my book

    23. Gaf, Lilia and Zavier

      I'm sure it's coming.. I'm just sad everyone else has it and I don't. :(

    24. Gaf, Lilia and Zavier

      Still waiting on mine. �

    25. Megan Bowra-Dean on

      Yay, my copy made it to New Zealand safe and sound.

    26. R. E. Bonebright on

      Here it is! Got my book today. (I'll mark it as received for the kickstarter site) Thank you guys so much!

    27. Missing avatar

      Carl Salbacka on

      Hey! I got my book today, and I seem to have been double-shipped---that is to say, I got two separate packages with one book each! That's twice as many books as I pledged for! Is there an address for me to ship back the extra copy?

    28. R. E. Bonebright on

      I have also not received any notification about my print book. I don't mind that the shipments are still going out in batches, but an update would put me at ease. c:

    29. Missing avatar

      Mary Raichle on

      Just checking in because I still haven't received my print book. I got a shipping notice on July 5th but it's still shows preshipment with no actual movement.

    30. Jacqueline Cook on

      Are there some shipments of books still pending?

    31. Blair Mueller

      Can there be an update on shipping physical book I still have not received my book.

    32. Madison Mckibben on

      i received my book and loved it!!! one quick question tho--where do we get the pdf versions? ^^

    33. Missing avatar

      Roisin McCormac

      Received my book this morning, it looks amazing! Thank you!

    34. Asa on

      Can we get confirmation the books are shipping? I see posts on Twitter but a Kickstarter update would be nice.

    35. V. Garlock

      Got my package today. The book looks really impressive (I was expecting a thin TPB, as it so often the case w/ vol 1 comics, and am squeeing at how thick the volume actually is). Kudos to you guys for not sacrificing quality when it comes to the print form, because this is amazing. I can tell it's sturdy and durable.

      Are the bookmarks getting shipped separately?

    36. Asa on

      Congratulations! I'm really happy you raised almost as much money as your burst Kickstarter. It bodes well for more Fresh Romance.

    37. Mangsney on

      So happy I could take part in getting this funded. Congrats!! :D

    38. Missing avatar

      Cynthia Bouldrick on

      I'm so excited for this! I'm happy it got funding and I can't wait to get the print edition.

    39. Michael Hartmann


    40. Tasha Turner

      Woot funded. I was getting nervous.

    41. Michael Hartmann

      @Asa: Lots of comic book people tweeted about it and Bleeding Cool covered the campaign.

    42. Asa on

      I'm curious, can anyone explain the massive jump in pledges in the last two days? Did this campaign suddenly get covered on a big media site?

    43. Michael Hartmann

      Huge jump in pledges. Only a little more than 6k to go now. I was getting a bit worried about this campaign, but it's looking good now.

    44. Tasha Turner

      New pledge level added. 2 print copies, PDF, year subscription (or renewal), stickers, and more at $90.

      @Annie Ayres
      They mention Comixology on the description page so I think you should be able yo get your copy that way. I've found clicking the "contact me" link under Janelle's name has worked well for getting answers.

    45. Romanticide on

      Sorry I don't have the money to take you to the finish line, but here are 5 bucks and I hope other people come and pledge too :D

    46. Jeremy Bauer on

      I second Cordelia Fitzgerald!

    47. V. Garlock

      Hey Oni Press! Even if this kickstarter doesn't fund, I still intend to buy Fresh Romance in print form! I hope Rosy Press has a long and fruitful relationship with Oni Press, and I'm eager to see what the future holds.

      Also, thanks Janelle again for holding this kickstarter to launch Fresh Romance in print form!

    48. Tasha Turner

      Id love to be able to get 3-5 print copies, the PDF, as well as a year subscription. This would make great gifts.

    49. Michael Hartmann

      This campaign could really use more updates. The middle stretch of a Kickstarter campaign is always frustratingly slow and a lack of updates can easily be misinterpreted as creators having given up on the campaign.

    50. Tasha Turner

      Happy to back. Did you post an update on the original Kickstarter about this? I just found the email. Almost missed this,

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