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Who will be your champion?
Who will be your champion?
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The Champion of the Wild



 The Champion of the Wild is a light, family-friendly social card game for 3-6 players which takes around 20-30 minutes to play. It's designed primarily for adults, but is family friendly and is also great fun for children as young as 8.

You'll adopt the role of an animal coach who has the innate ability to communicate with animals of all species, as the greatest coaches from around the world gather for the ultimate test of their training prowess - The Champion of the Wild.

For those of you who want the nitty gritty, or if you just want to see my child-like face, here's a more in-depth how to play video featuring me...

Alternatively, there is a copy of the draft rulebook and a free PnP version of an earlier prototype version here.



We’re keeping it all about the game with just 2 pledge levels on offer – we want to award all our design privileges to backers who are active in the game’s growing community rather than selling them off at higher pledge levels. 

To pledge for 2 copies, just pledge £38 plus the relevant shipping charge for your region to cover the extra copy.

If you are an interested retailer, please pledge at the £1 level and contact for retail rates.

Most of the art is not yet completed and for us, this is a great opportunity to get our backers more deeply involved in the project by having you dream up how you imagine the event looking and getting our artist to draw it for you.

Backers at both levels are encouraged to suggest new events in the project comments section according to the guidelines below and may get the opportunity to direct the art for their suggested event.

These suggestions will be reviewed regularly and posted on a BoardGameGeek forum here. Using several public polls during the project, we will choose new events from the pool of backer suggestions to be voted on for inclusion in the game.

For your event suggestion to be considered as eligible to go forward to voting, it must be:

  • Easily measurable
  • It must fit (however loosely) in to one of the 5 event categories - speed, power, endurance, technical or team
  • It should be non-violent and family-friendly
  • It must be significantly different from other events already in the game and previous event suggestions

Please mention the proposed event category and any water/flying restrictions you envisage when suggesting your event. And bear in mind that only one event suggestion per backer can go forward to each new event poll.

If yours is the great mind behind a selected event, you’ll be invited to provide the art direction for that card, writing a brief for our artist explaining exactly how you imagine the event card looking, subject to some guidance we will send you.

The artist will then make this a reality and you’ll get your name on every card of its kind ever printed!

The remaining art direction privileges for the animal cards and any events that make it through from the prototype version will also be offered to backers. At the end of the project, this privilege will be awarded to backers based on the following criteria:

  • The top 10 most generous backers (total pledge)
  • The 10 BoardGameGeek users (who are also backers) with the largest number of 'Thumbs-Up' linked to their comments on the BGG COTW forums at the time the project ends
  • The backers behind the top 5 most imaginative event suggestions that did not make the final version as judged by our design team
  • The top 5 sharers/retweeters on Facebook and Twitter
  • More will be added depending on exactly how many further pieces need art direction at the end of the project

See the FAQ for more on the process around backer suggestions and new event selection.

For a full list of prototype events and event suggestions so far, see the BGG COTW forums here


We are partnering with GamesQuest to ensure the fulfilment process runs as smoothly as possible and we get the game in to your hands as soon as we can via ocean freight to the UK and worldwide fulfilment from there.

Shipping will be EU friendly and Canada-friendly (avoiding respective customs charges on delivery), with packages to the rest of the world being sent from the UK.

Orders destined for the US, Australia and New Zealand are not as risk of customs charges due to the high value of local import duty thresholds.

For some other countries in the rest of the world, customs charges may apply to deliveries from the UK - please check with your local post office if you are unsure.







Also, check out our Pinterest page with all game art so far

If you could spare a second to click the links below, it'd make us happier than a dolphin that's just cleared 3 metres on the high jump...





Risks and challenges

It should be stated that Big Imagination Games accepts no liability for any injuries incurred whilst jousting on large mammals or stacking creatures heavier than 1 tonne. Injuries from attempting to joust on animals smaller than a chameleon may be covered in some cases...

This is our first Kickstarter project so we will be keeping things as simple as possible to enable our project to run as close to schedule as we can.

Having a single artist - the wonderful Kevin Chapman - is a challenge in terms of delivery schedule, particularly with the majority of the art not yet done. As we've shown above, we feel this is an opportunity for greater backer involvement rather than a weakness of the project, but it does add a time delay to proceedings.

Fortunately, we thought about this when interviewing for an artist, and Kevin has proved through his audition that he is capable of producing high quality art at an incredible pace. As such, for the basic game, he will be able to complete all the art in around 2 months, with this stretching to 3 months if we were to reach all our stretch goals.

We think this is a small price to pay to have consistent, high quality art as imagined by our very own backers, whose names will go on their respective cards.

We are partnering with GamesQuest - proverbial polar bears in the fulfilment industry - and using their established connections with Esdevium for import to the UK. Having a single, experienced fulfilment partner minimises the risk of any unwanted surprises during the process.

All in all, we can't wait to get started!

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