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The next step in the evolution of this unique social card game in which you play the role of a professional animal coach.
The next step in the evolution of this unique social card game in which you play the role of a professional animal coach.
1,692 backers pledged £40,295 to help bring this project to life.


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The Champion of the Wild (Second Edition)



 Thank you to all our incredible backers who have made this campaign such a success! 

This campaign ended on February 22nd, 2019.

Check the most recent updates for news on the game's progress or go to

The Champion of the Wild is a family-friendly social card game for 3-8 players in which you take on the role of a professional animal coach, born with the innate ability to communicate with all animal species.

Having initially employed your gift in running a lucrative pet interpretation business, you've since developed a passion for animal coaching, helping many creatures satisfy their hunger for competitive glory. 

Going on to claim your national title, you and your team of 58 elite animal athletes are now hunting down the greatest prize of all...

You'll need to draw on all your years of coaching experience to maximise your animals' performance in each event if you want to earn the title afforded to the world's greatest animal coach and become The Champion of the Wild.

Recommended by Shut Up and Sit Down in its primary place as a social card game for adult groups, The Champion of the Wild has also become a favourite with many families and is playable by children as young as 6 with this edition's new 'junior pentathlon' variant...

There are new rules for several additional variants with this Second Edition (see below), but we recommend new players get to grips with the basic game first, as represented in the First Edition, each round of which takes 20 to 35 minutes.

Here's a summary of how to play the "basic triathlon" (ie the base game):

Once you have played a round or 2 of the above version, you may be ready to try one of the 4 new variants for this Second Edition.

These will be explained in depth in the rulebook, but here's a very brief overview:

First Edition rulebook link
First Edition rulebook link

Below is a 'How To Play' video for the basic triathlon:

Note, we will be providing a free download of the rulebook translated in to French, German and Spanish before the game's release, but will not (for the moment) be printing any language-specific versions. There will also be a sheet of card translations available for free in those languages. As such, the card text will all be in English for backers of this Kickstarter. 

We will also be making this edition colour-blind friendly by including symbols to represent player colours on Ready to Vote cards and voting tokens.

As for the First Edition, we’ve kept the campaign all about the game, with just 3 backer pledge levels on offer (plus one for brick and mortar retailers) – we wanted to award all the remaining design privileges to backers who contribute to the game’s growing community rather than selling them off at higher pledge levels... 

See the "Be An Art Director" section below for details on how you could immortalise yourself on a card. 

For each additional copy you'd like, just add £23 + appropriate shipping for your region.

For example, if you wanted to order 3 copies for delivery to the US, you'd need to pledge £23 + 2 * (£23 + £4) = £77 pledge in total. The £4 for shipping the first copy will be added automatically, so you'd pay £81 in total.

See the below "Shipping" section for more on shipping rates.

Brick and mortar retailers click here for more details.

Given that the game works both an hilarious social game for adult groups but also a family game for groups with children as young as 6, we have sought reviews from both sides of that coin.

See above for SUSD's video review of the experience with an adult group and see below for a range of quotes from reviewers with both adult and family perspectives.

In order of preview appearance above:  

Here's a live play of the Junior Pentathlon variant (with an SUSD twist) by the Shut Up and Sit Down team from Pax Unplugged:

We had great fun working with backers to make art for the First Edition and we'd love to do the same again. 

Backers at all levels are encouraged to suggest new events in the project comments section according to the guidelines below - some of these suggestions will be included in the game and the backers behind the successful suggestions will get the opportunity to direct the art for their suggested event.

Backer name from Rock Climbing card
Backer name from Rock Climbing card

The new event suggestions will be reviewed regularly and posted on a BoardGameGeek forum. Using several public polls during the project, we will choose new events from the pool of backer suggestions to be voted on for inclusion in the game. 

The suggestion will be listed under your name if you are the first to suggest it during this project - remember, you must post on the project comments before posting anywhere else. Also, note that only 1 event suggestion can go to the public poll for each backer so it's worth going for quality rather than quantity when thinking up your event...

Public polls for new events will be advertised through project updates as well as on our website and Facebook page and this campaign page.

For your event suggestion to be considered as eligible to go forward to voting, it must be:

  • easily measurable
  • assigned to one of the 5 event categories - Speed, Power, Endurance, Technical or Team - however loosely
  • non-violent and family-friendly
  • significantly different from other events already in the game and previous event suggestions (conveniently listed on the BGG forum HERE) - note, we are considering ALL suggestions as new from the start of this project even if they were suggested during the First Edition Kickstarter 

If yours is the great mind behind a selected event, you’ll be invited to provide the art direction for that card, writing a brief for our artist, Kevin Chapman, explaining exactly how you imagine the event card looking, subject to some guidance we will send you.

Backer name from Slip 'n' Slide event
Backer name from Slip 'n' Slide event

The artist will then make this a reality and you’ll get your name on every card of its kind ever printed!

The remaining art direction privileges for the 8 new animal cards will also be offered to backers, with the species of these new animals also up for debate and to be decided by public polls. At the end of the project, this privilege will be awarded partly to backers through the outcome of the World Championships (see below) and partly by the following criteria:

  • The 2 backers considered by our design team to be the most positive influence on the game's community during the campaign
  • The backer behind the most imaginative event suggestions that did not make the final version as judged by our design team
Backer name from Sea Otter animal card
Backer name from Sea Otter animal card

See the FAQ for more on the process around backer suggestions and new event selection.

For a full list of prototype events and event suggestions so far, see the BGG COTW forums here, or for a list of all the animals in the First Edition as it stands, click here.

During the campaign, we will be spectating on the 2019 World Championships - the 5 finalists are listed below and we'll be releasing interview footage of them in the run up to the first championship event on February 11th...

Here's Harry with his memories of claiming his first world record in 2008...

 And here are 4 reigning champions with their thoughts on the likely winners...

Jack may not have won the US Championship last year (losing out to Dani), but he has a secret weapon up his sleeve...

The events for the final have now been announced and they are listed below along with the animals selected by their coaches:

Results will be announced omon the first update after the campaign ends. 

Risks and challenges

In October last year, we funded the First Edition print run for this game and we learned a few important lessons along the way.

One risk is delays. Last time out, the art took nearly 3 months longer to complete than we expected and so we revised our schedule to deliver by September - a schedule we managed to just about stick to.

This time round, we have budgeted more time for our artist for each new piece and there are much fewer to do as he'll only need to work on any new cards. There is also time in the schedule built in for other delays with the proofing process, manufacturing, freight and fulfillment, so we are expecting to stick to schedule this time round.

Brexit presents an obvious challenge to the possibility of shipping from the UK - particularly for backers in the EU. We are committed to ensuring EU-friendly fulfilment for backers in the EU no matter what trade deal is or isn't agreed through Brexit negotiations, but we will also ensure UK backers have no additional customs fees to pay on delivery whatever happens.

Finally, there's always the risk that you'll wake up with a grizzly bear in your bed - once they get the duvet, it can be hard to wrestle it back...


We can refund you any pledge made during the campaign before the shipping of games has begun from the manufacturer.

Within 14 days of the end of the project, refunds will include the full value of your pledge, but after that time any refunds will have Kickstarter and payment processing fees subtracted (around 10% of total pledge value).

If a component cannot be delivered at all we will refund it completely including fees.

All refunds will be processed in GBP.


If you do not fill out the reward survey for over 8 weeks after the last call project update email, we reserve the right to treat your pledge as abandoned. However, we will make every effort to contact you through all contact details we have to avoid this happening.

By pledging on Kickstarter, you agree that it is our responsibility to ship your order as pledged.

You are responsible for updating or changing your shipping address as well as paying any import duties or customs charges that may be payable to relevant tax authorities in your local area (outside of the regions we have advertised as customs-friendly). You accept that you are fully liable for any errors with your shipping details leading to problems with delivery.

Should an order be ‘returned to sender’ due to an incorrect address, we will aim to send it out to you again at your additional shipping cost once we have double-checked your address.

We reserve the right to refund retailer pledges where the retailer is unable to provide appropriate proof of their brick and mortar business or due to concerns about the retailer's business model being damaging to the industry in the long term.

If you do not accept the proposed terms please do not pledge on this Kickstarter project.


To read our full privacy policy and how we handle your data in line with GDPR regulation please see our website here:

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ


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    The Honey Bee

    Be part of our community!

    Post on the project comments with your suggestions for new events and you may earn the opportunity to direct the corresponding card art and get your name on a card.

    See the campaign page for more details.

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    The Armadillo

    Pledge at this level if you already own a copy of the First Edition and you just want to get your hands on the new cards.

    This will include the 8 new animal cards, the 5 new event category randomiser cards and any other new cards unlocked during the campaign.

    Shipping fees to be added automatically when pledging.

    • New cards for the Second Edition
    • Suggest events for opportunity to be involved in art direction
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    The Giant Manta Ray


    This pledge will act as a deposit on retail order (see the link under Pledge Levels of the campaign page for full details including shipping rates).

    Proof of business will be required.

    Pledge £10 for 3 / £11 for 6 / £12 for 12 / £13 for 18 units etc

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    The White Rhino

    Pledge here for one or more copies of The Champion of the Wild Second Edition card game.

    Shipping fees for one copy will be added automatically when pledging.

    For each additional copy, add £23 + shipping to your pledge.

    • One copy of The Champion of the Wild card game 2nd Edition
    • Suggest events for opportunity to be involved in art direction
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    1,408 backers
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