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ComonGamesBy ComonGames
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ComonGamesBy ComonGames
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, October 25 2018 8:03 PM UTC +00:00

Final update

Posted by ComonGames (Creator)

Hello, Kickstarter!

It was a bright, harsh, complex, exciting, happy, and indefinitely useful experience. Let's face it: the campaign has failed. There's no sense in pointing fingers, arguing over right and wrong, and sorting out what we missed. Of course, we feel it's essential to analyze the ups and downs internally. We will figure out our mistakes and draw conclusions for the future. We'll hardly bring The Episode Two back to Kickstarter. As we said, our resources are enough to complete the development process, however hard it'll be. We have a release ahead of us, and The Episode Three is just around the corner.

Naturally, we were looking forward to the campaign success, but some things are even more important. Perhaps, the ComonGames studio wouldn't have been born if we only cared about the money. We are here, first and foremost, to commit and tell you our stories. Very simple and therefore charming stories about a lonely robot, about a girl and a small group of last survivors, about a huge world, created and abandoned by humanity.

We managed to engage and sweep you along with us. Our world now has 700 more passionate enthusiasts who can't help wondering: how's Emily doing? What's going to happen to Arti? Where have all the people actually gone?

Believe us, every hour on Kickstarter was totally worth it!

We called this the "final" update, but it's the only deception of the entire Kickstarter campaign. We aren't going to leave you now—and we will most certainly return to Kickstarter! Development of the Episode Two is well under way. It's mainly technical and not very entertaining process, but we promise to post updates at least once a month! If you feel like keeping your hand in, follow us:

Developers' news from the battlefield will be posted weekly on Reddit. Your content is also very welcome! Join us!

You can also add The Episode Two to your wishlist on Steam. Now, no matter how distracting and loud the media noise is, you can never miss our release!

Be sure to join our stream on Twitch on October 27! We'll start at 12:00 PM UTC! You can read more about it in the previous update. There's a veil to lift right now: we'll raffle advance copies of our physical rewards. They're truly unique, don't miss them.

Thank you for your support! Stay with us.

It was super cool!

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    1. Contemplar on

      Regardless, good luck in your future endevours!

    2. ET3D on

      @Andreas Trageser, I'm not sure what you mean by 'presumptuous' in this context.

      If you happen to be one of the high level backers and you're saying that you'd have pledged $6000 instead of $2000 for the police robot figure tier, because that figure is really what you wanted and money is no object, then I'd accept that. Otherwise I will stick to my theory that had the tier prices been tripled people would have moved to a lower tier to accommodate their budget.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jean-Jacques Morda on

      Most of people don't know what is a good game. Great work ! I'll buy episode 2 whatever.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on

      @ET3D ...whatever you want to believe. Some could call it presumptuous. But at this point it doesn't matter anymore.

    5. ET3D on

      Keep up the good work. I'm glad to head that we'll get the game anyway.

      @Andreas Trageser, I'm not sure how much it would have helped. Getting 3 time the money would have been hard, because most money comes from high level backers, and I imagine (though I may be totally wrong) that these people go more by how much they're willing to give than the exact reward. For the plebs, paying $3, $10 or even $20 for the game wouldn't have made much of a difference to the total sum of pledges.

    6. Szabolcs Molnár on

      Heard about the game on Dooger's stream (tha was maybe last week or something) and I was really impressed. It's sad to see the campaign fail, but best wishes to you and looking forward to see your work!

    7. Maxwell Horse on

      Hopefully my words are taken as the constructive criticism they're intended as:

      I think one of the issues was that you guys never seemed to respond to the "flow" of the campaign as it progressed. Whether things were going well or not, you never had updates saying, "Well, we need to step things up. We're here at our funding level, when we need to be here. As such, we're adding these tiers. We're going to do this or that."

      One never got the impression you were aware that a live campaign was happening at all. It was like all the updates had been written way in advance, and were just being posted by a computer on predetermined dates. It made things feel automated, like the creators weren't connected to what was going on. I'm not sure if that ultimately made a difference between success or failure. But it felt odd.

      I also agree with some of the comments I glanced at that said the rewards levels were structured in such a way that it would've been nearly impossible for you to reach your goal. The levels that would've been the most enticing to people were probably priced too low. Even when the campaign was in its earliest days, the math seemed like it was flawed.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on

      This campaign brought truly some exposure for your project. But I think you also clearly undersold yourself with the pledge levels.

      Don't get me wrong, I appreciate your willingness to offer the game for a fair price. But I think it is more then fair to raise the pledge levels some in look of the price of episode one and how much this second one will be even better.

      and before you try a second run, make sure to announce it before the launch on social media.
      I am looking forward to the eventual release.
      Also good luck from me, guys.
      До свида́ния! :)

    9. Rainer "tachzusamm" Kesselschläger on

      "We do not care much about the money, we will continue our work."
      Guys, you are AWESOME. This is true passion!
      Yes, the campaign failed - but you do not. Be sure once you get it completed, you'll get my money (well, part of it) anyway.
      Good luck. <3

    10. Teodor Petrov on

      Best of luck for this masterpiece!

    11. Rudi

      Good to hear, that you will continue your work :) Will keep my eyes open on Steam (or GOG) and definitely will join again, if you return to Kickstarter ;)

    12. Ksandr Warfire Collaborator on

      Thank you so much, guys. You're awesome!

    13. John Nguyen on

      Really glad to hear the project is still going forward! I will buy into the next episode when you release it. Can't wait to see it!

    14. Sam Newberry on

      Guys, you rock! Wish you best of luck! And one more thing. There is a bright side - now I'll buy Episode 2 for full price instead of $3 so you'll get more money ^_^