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See Me Naked. An intimate, vulnerable, empowering, interactive comedy that examines what it means to be naked.
See Me Naked. An intimate, vulnerable, empowering, interactive comedy that examines what it means to be naked.
56 backers pledged $4,130 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

17 days left and 25% of the way to Naked!

A huge Thank You to the most beautiful group of backers in the world! 

My heart is warm from the love from friends old & new, family, long-time theatre pals, and more. 

And the projects I've backed and been watching are making their goals! Life is good.

We have 17 days left in the quest for Naked, and we need to raise another $3,050 - so if you know of a friend who may have seen the show once upon a time, here in Seattle or in Canada or anywhere in the world - or a friend who would LOVE to see this show when it comes back - send 'em over to the SMN Kickstarter page! They can have fun watching the video, and I'll feel the love from here.

And now, a brief list of just a few of my favorite naked people:

Lady Godiva

Josephine Baker

Gypsy Rose Lee

my old friend Teddy Dowling, who's going to be in The Full Monty on Bainbridge Isle

and all those crazy folks who take their clothes off to protest stuff. They cheer me up every time I see them.

Good night!


14 is Good!

We are up to 14 gorgeous backers - thank you, all!

And we had a delicious couple of shows this past weekend at West of Lenin - each unique, and inspiring. I am filled with excitement to begin re-exploring the script and growing this show.

And I thank you all for helping!

We are at Day 20 here on Kickstarter, and we have $3,350 left to raise - so if you know of anyone who may enjoy See Me Naked, please feel free to introduce them to the project. Word of mouth is our best friend - true in theatre and fundraising alike. If YOU love this show, chances are your pals might, too. 

Once again, thank you - and if you are in the Seattle area, I hope a little backyard nude sun-bathing may be in your plans in this lovely preview of summer.



Great rehearsal and Thanks to the Fellas!

Just got home from a great rehearsal -

I love doing this show.  I just plain love it. Every time, it is such a fun, strange set of discoveries. And man, do I have a great playing partner in Ron Carnell on drums - total, total fun.

And - thanks to the fellas! See Me Naked touches everyone, not just the ladies (sorry, I just realized that might sound a little... well...).

So hearty thanks to our first two boy backers Eric and John!

That should be a band name, I think.  Boy Backers. Man Backers? 

I think it is time to turn in... 

Staff Pick on Kickstarter?!?

What a joyful treat to discover right before bed!

I don't know how long they keep the link up, but I hope it's still here when you click - 

If not, you'll have to trust my cherished memory. And if my foggy old brain can save the whole darn webpage I will.

I think it happened because of the three gorgeous, smart, stunning, powerful women who pledged tonight - that's what I think. THANK YOU!

naked radio interview tomorrow morn!

So, guess who is going to be on the radio EARLY tomorrow morn... the naked lady! Well, it might be raining. So I might be dressed. If You are up early, tune in or call or tweet in a question! 570 KVI, Seattle Sunrise show: GUEST CALL-IN LIVE LINE:          206-448-9347; TOLL FREE CALL-IN LINE: 888-312-5757; TWITTER: @KVISeattle