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See Me Naked. An intimate, vulnerable, empowering, interactive comedy that examines what it means to be naked.
See Me Naked. An intimate, vulnerable, empowering, interactive comedy that examines what it means to be naked.
56 backers pledged $4,130 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Oh, Naked friends...

Life has been a tidal wave of changes this summer - all for the good, but tumultuous none-the-less.

The biggest change: I am moving. From Seattle to Vashon Island, with my son and husband, to a rented farmhouse on 10 acres of wide open meadow. We are happy! And moving next Monday - so in the midst of the madness.

After that, I am going on a writing retreat, alone, to a lovely spot on Orcas Island - a beautiful home offered to me by an amazing arts supporter. I've been doing my research and daydreaming, and a bit of new writing on See Me Naked, and there I will channel it all into new material. I'll send you all a snippet in a few weeks!

We'll head into our workshop and development phase starting in late September / early October - putting the new material on its feet and seeing how it dances.

We (the folks producing See Me Naked) in Seattle have moved the premiere of the newly revamped piece into early 2013 - a few months later than we'd originally planned. We did this for a number of reasons - my move and its attendant chaos; Elizabeth Klob, our director, is deeply involved with a new UMO show that opens in mid-September; we have applied for some grant funding that would support production costs for more shows, and if we get it we cannot spend it until 2013. Things like that.

I will keep you all updated on what will unfold when - and I will be sending off physical rewards soon!

Much aloha to you all,

Maria & the Naked team

Aloha! Summer & Surveys & Rewards!

Hello all,

It has been strange to be away from all of you and these updates - I have missed it!

All of the donations are moving from Amazon to See Me Naked's account, so we are moving happily ahead with rewards. I just sent out surveys to all of you who donated and chose rewards, so look for those in your email boxes. I'll let everyone know when coffee cups and T-shirts go in the mail! (and if you chose no reward, but now want one - or don't want part of what your reward tier held - I understand! Minds change! Just send me a message so I know what to order.)

Expect another update with news of the Naked Pizza Party soon - I'm expecting that will happen in July or August (when it's nice and warm).

On an artistic note, I have been buried deep in another project, teaching playwriting to middle schoolers and coordinating a wonderful festival of their work. It's rewarding, watching young imaginations take fire and seeing their words come to life. It has consumed me for the most part, but See Me Naked bubbles slowly on a back burner in my mind... 

for those of you who know the show, the character's life off the stage is growing. Her relationships and place in the world. I continue to scan the world for ideas and thoughts about nakedness, nudity, what it means to different people. I just read a somewhat heartbreaking article about Marilyn Monroe and her last nude photos. One of the photos is such an amazing piece of art, full of life and beauty and sadness.

I don't know how much will land on the page and stage, but it'll be cool to find out. 

I am going away to write a couple of times this summer, in early July and early August. Someplace with no family, no internet access, privacy - and maybe other naked people around. I'll keep you all posted. 

Until then, enjoy your lives, every moment of them.


I keep thinkin' it's the last update, then...

Beautiful See Me Naked fans and friends - you are all marvelous. Thank you,  thank you, for helping us meet our Kickstarter goal! 

I just sat down to go through the rewards fun and learned a few things: Kickstarter recommends waiting until the rewards are ready to roll (in case anyone moves), and until all the funds clear out of Amazon payments (which takes about 10 to 14 days). I have some T-shirts and coffee cups to order, so I'll be moving into that work in early June.

I'll be sending out surveys from Kickstarter over the next few weeks to get important info (your mailing address, your T-shirt size, how you'd like to be contacted when we have show tickets ready, etc).

In a nutshell - I just wanted you all to know I'm thinking of you and I appreciate you like crazy. I'll touch base again in a few weeks!

Much aloha and warmth,

Maria (and the whole See Me Naked team)


Beautiful people - we did it!

Let the Naked times commence!

More soon about rewards and all the goodness, just wanted to send an official, heartfelt, giddy little THANK YOU for believing in this project.

You are all gorgeous!


Maria and the SMN team

= perfection.

Friends, loved ones -

we have done it. As of this moment, See Me Naked has received $4,105 in pledges. We are at 102%, with 4 days left to go.


I am filled up with gratitude, with humility, with such deep joy.

I get to write more. We get to rent a rehearsal room this summer and get to work.

I Get to Work - with great people, on making theater. On this show, on growing it, on making it better and stronger - in order to share it with more and more people.

The ripples just go on forever.

Thanks to YOU.

So many thanks to you.

I'll send another Update before we're done, and I think there are survey thingamajigs I get to do to make sure you all get your rewards - but that all can wait until Monday May 14, after the "Fully Funded" bell rings and we are officially done.

For now, I am tired and going to take a nap - and am forever grateful, to each and every one of you.

With gratitude and aloha,

Maria, on behalf of the whole See Me Naked team - Elizabeth, Bill, Chris, Ron, and Meaghan