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$96,128 pledged of $750,000 goal
By Moonbot Studios
$96,128 pledged of $750,000 goal

Game Design Update

The past 24 hours have been a wild ride. We've really been enjoying hearing your feedback and we've put together a video with one of our project leads, Bohdon Sayre, about the design of the game to help answer your questions.

Here's what you should know about The Golem after checking out the video:

Play as the Golem
The game is set in the dark and beautiful city of Prague during the early 16th century. You will play as the immensely powerful creature known as the Golem. Despite your incredible potential for destruction, mastering the Golem will be about mastering control of yourself so that you can protect and not destroy the great city that created you. It will be deeply rewarding when you learn to wield the Golem with not only savage strength but also with delicacy. 

Epic Single-Player Narrative
Storytelling is what we do and Golem will be built upon meaningful characters and a deep narrative. Marrying the excitement and emotion of film with the rewarding involvement and responsibility of video games is what the Golem is all about. You will follow a linear narrative, but you will also find that there is much to explore as you master the control of the Golem. 

Meaningful Controls
The Golem is new to life and you will be new to controlling him. You’ll learn to walk, run, jump and sometimes you will sink or swim. The controls will evolve as the Golem evolves, always providing a meaningful correspondence to the experience. You may learn basic mechanics by throwing boulders and playing in the forest, but the tasks that will be asked of you make you a true master of the Golem, and require more of you than you may expect. We’re making this game for a range of players, from those looking for deep control and complexity to those simply wishing to partake in an epic adventure. 

Cinematic Third Person
We will bring everything we know and love about cinematography to the game, showing you the rich city in stunning ways. You may play through the eyes of the Golem at times, but much of what you experience will frame the Golem beautifully within the landscapes of Prague. 

Action RPG 
The five guilds of Prague built you, and as you progress they will continue to help you. If you are hurt, the guilds will repair you, but your success in the game will dictate how strong, fast, and powerful they can make you. Although the Golem was created as simply a machine of war, you will find that a deeper power resides within you, unknown even to your creators. 

Unity Game Engine
We’ve used Unity on several of our past projects. It allows us to spend more time focusing on what makes the game fun and less on reinventing the wheel. 

Made for Mac, PC and Linux Our game is designed for a dual stick controller, but every Mac, PC and Linux user will be able to play with a keyboard and mouse. We want to release this game on as many platforms as we can, and if we exceed our goal we hope to make that happen.


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    1. Moonbot Studios Creator on

      Hi Vince! No, with our initial goal of $750K, we will only be releasing the game for Mac, PC and Linux.

    2. Vince Gonzalez on

      When you say "dual stick controller," does that mean I can play it on my XBOX?

    3. Kirk Chen on

      my bad. just saw the response right after i typed it. LOL. here's to hoping we get there!

    4. Kirk Chen on

      ya, what bruce asked...OUYA maybe?

    5. Moonbot Studios Creator on

      We think that's an exciting possibility if we are able to raise funds beyond our initial goal.

    6. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Ooh, designed for a controller? How about for the Ouya? Would it run on that? :)