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$96,128 pledged of $750,000 goal
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$96,128 pledged of $750,000 goal

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We Are Going To Make This Game!

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49 days ago we here at Moonbot Studios launched our Kickstarter project for the epic video game, The Golem. 20 days into the campaign we announced Guillermo del Toro as a creative partner. Now, we’re closing in on our deadline. It’s not looking like we will hit our goal.

However, we still see this Kickstarter project as a success:

  • 1: We have been able to validate our ideas for this game and receive constructive feedback from you in order to make an even more compelling narrative-based game experience.
  • 2: We are 2000+ fans stronger than we were when we began. And it’s because of you that we want to make this project happen now more than ever.

So here is the plan: we are still going to make the game. Doors are opening for us and we’re securing funding from a more traditional source. However, we still want to make this game with your help. We’re going to launch our production blog so we can stay in touch with you and keep getting great advice along the way. It'll be public so anyone can help out.

We want to give our backers a big thank you, so please go to now and sign up for our Golem VIP Email List. Registration will be available for only one week, so tell your friends and get on board now. It'll be the first place you'll find out about the launch of the production blog.

It’s a blast to experience the creative process of make games and films. Why should we keep that all to ourselves? We want you to share in this journey with us!

Thank you so much for your belief in our studio and this game. This has been a phenomenal experience and we are excited to continue having you as a collaborator on The Golem.

Sound Design Tests

We're excited to share sound sound design tests from Oliver Benavidez who worked with us on our app, The Numberlys.

Oliver went out into the wild, collected sounds and applied them to some of the animation tests we've shared previously. Our minds were blown. Let us know your feedback in the comments.

Sound Design Test: Battle

Sound Design Test: In Prague

From Basic Motor Skills to a Machine of War

Our game begins when the Golem first opens its eyes. It sees three people: a child who has written the word of life into the glass plate on his chest, Rabbi Loew, the mastermind behind its creation and the apprentice who has assisted him. As the Golem, you don't understand much, but throughout the game you will learn to grapple with your strong body, find your place in the world and gain a soul.

You will begin by quickly learning basic motor skills, under the instruction of Rabbi Loew. These are simple skills, walking, running, etc. and you may think they don't have anything do with battling.

Later, once you master these basic motor skills and the narrative progresses, you'll begin to uncover more complex actions such as skipping rocks or protecting the child from snow and rain. As we've also outlined, you'll work with the guilds to augment the Golem and become better suited for the final battle.

Finally, after many trials, you will gain a soul and it will be time to face Borgia. You will use modified versions of these actions in battle, you might be throwing boulders instead of rocks and shielding Prague's army from arrows instead of rain.


We appreciate all of the support and feedback thus far during our Kickstarter funding period. We're identifying other ways to make this game and we're determined to bring it to you. Whether or not we reach our funding goal, we want to keep you involved in the project. Please leave a comment and let us know if that interests you!

Scoring The Golem With John Hunter

We've worked with John Hunter of BREED Music on a number of our projects including The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore and The Numberlys. We've really enjoyed our collaborations with him and we're excited to bring him on board for Golem.

John composed the music used in each of our video updates and our pitch video to give you a sense of what you can expect to hear in the game.

Guild Challenges and Leveling Up

We've been working on a draft of the game's leveling system and we'd like to hear your feedback on our initial thoughts.

There are three environments to this game: the city of Prague, the forest and a final battle with Borgia. You'll spend a small amount of time in Prague learning basic motor skills from Rabbi Loew.

The forest is where you will work with the guilds to "level up" the Golem. The guilds will give you challenges to complete and depending on your success, you will be able to upgrade the Golem's skills. Each guild corresponds to a certain set of skills:


Guild challenges require you to complete a task. You might retrieve a material or item to help the guilds augment the Golem. The Clay Worker Guild could ask you retrieve clay from deep below the surface of the River Vltava because they are unable to reach the deep riverbed. This clay has mystical properties that would allow the guild to augment your body. If you successfully retrieve it, you'll be able to move faster and jump higher with more acceleration.

These challenges will test more than just your physical abilities. The decisions you make  will influence your relationship with the guild members. The Golem is created as a machine of war but you will learn that brute force is not always the answer. For example, if you encounter a creature during your challenge, you could destroy it and complete the challenge more quickly but there will be implications. The guilds may decide not to help you or to only partially upgrade your skills.


While you are completing these tasks in the Forest, Borgia's army is moving closer and closer in on Prague. You will only have a limited number of opportunities to attempt the guild challenges before the final battle begins. It may not be possible to maximize every attribute, so you'll have to choose wisely. Because of this, the Golem will be different every time you re-play the game.

We'd love to hear your feedback in the comments!