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StarDrive is a space-themed 4X Action Strategy game with deep ship design, colonization, diplomacy, research, and beautiful 3D graphics
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Posted by Daniel DiCicco (Creator)


I've seen a few comments asking for an update and so here one is. Everyone should keep in mind, however, that our website and forum is absolutely the place to go for the most up to date StarDrive news. 

So, we're moving forward at a nice clip here.  We're looking to be feature locked and complete at the end of this month.  At that point we're going to be filling in all of the final content and start doing some heavy polish passes.  

Speaking of content, we've got some sweet new ships just finished.  These ships are for the as-yet unnamed Female aliens.

Long story short, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel right now.  If all goes well we expect to deliver a gold master to our publisher on October 15th, which means you'll see StarDrive in stores before Christmas. If for whatever reason we feel that it isn't ready by then, then what we'll do is take what time we need to polish it and release the digital when it's done and the retail versions after Christmas. 

I expect that we're going to easily meet these deadlines, but quality is our absolute top priority.  If you have access to a test version of StarDrive, please do come sign up on the forums and just start playing around with our build.  Give us some feedback about what you like and don't like and help us make this the best it can be.

Oh, and follow me on twitter!  


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    1. Pascal K. on

      Excellent News! Keep up the good work!

    2. Douglas Spooner on

      Any more updates. I do check the forums but doesn't seem to be much info on there or maybe I'm just too hungry for info!

    3. Roger Patino on

      all hail the queen of naboo!

    4. Douglas Spooner on

      Looks like Asari Matriarch hehe. Very cool though.

      I do frequently check the blog on the site but it always says "The StarDrive website is currently being updated. Our new blog will be re-launching soon, to stay tuned. "