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StarDrive is a space-themed 4X Action Strategy game with deep ship design, colonization, diplomacy, research, and beautiful 3D graphics
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Indev access is out -- not beta!

Posted by Daniel DiCicco (Creator)

Hello backers, 

I have received a few "where's my invite?" messages regarding the Desura build.  At this point, the people who selected the Indev access ($45) + reward should all have access.  However, we are not yet in Beta . If you are a beta backer ($25) then I will send you all keys the second we hit beta.  For now we're still putting in features and content and when we go to beta, it's going to be for the purposes of playing and testing a relatively complete game.  

I hope that clears up some confusion. Hang tight, we should be at beta by the end of March.


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      Alexander Blum on

      The desura version is out there and it probably can not be removed without the desura people complaining. As a beta backer myself I can understand why in-dev backers are upset or even furious about the price of the desura version being much lower than what they paid. But the desura version is not going away, so we have to live with it.

      Here is my idea what Daniel could do to make things right for in-dev users: I do not think there is a rule on how often the desura version has to get an update, so he could post an updated version tomorrow or he could wait 6-8 weeks. Let us assume he waited 6 weeks before updating desura, while in the meantime he sets up an FTP server where he will upload a weekly build that in-dev users can download and copy over their previous installation. That way the desura users only get specific versions e.g. whenever Daniel decides to let a bigger audience test the latest build or when certain milestones are reached.
      As soon as the beta starts he could open the FTP server for the beta backers as well, so anyone interested can download updates and test the latest beta builds.
      So Daniel can still sell the alpha/tech-preview version on desura and make more money (which will make the game even better), while the backers get access to updated versions as promised in their rewards description.

      A second solution could be a "password protection": Daniel uploads new versions to desura that contain an additional button maybe even a hidden one, that asks for a password. Once the password is entered additional features appear. I do not know how desura would react to this, if they knew, but I guess selling additional items or features that users can unlock with a serial number is not uncommon.
      Including such a password would mean additional work, because the new "kickstarter" features will be scattered throughout the source code. So it sounds like an easy solution, but might not be so easy to implement. But it does not need an additional FTP server and to the desura users the regular updates show the game is in active development. Though you will have to toss in a new feature here and there for all users, so they do not notice they are missing something.

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      Benjamin Ahronheim on

      I paid for alpha access and so far I think that it was worth the money, regardless of what some other person can pay to get it today. The extra money just goes towards making the game better. There appear to be 88 of us $45 backers, meaning we put in over $2k that wouldn't have been there if we'd gotten access for $20. From the sound of it, that's a whole lot of extra bells and whistles we're gonna get in the finished product. The real prize isn't access to an unfinished alpha build, the real prize is the polished and awesome game that this is gonna be. The game all of us wanted to play but couldn't because no publisher would fund it since it doesn't have enough "mainstream appeal". And when it hits, all of us get to say, "I helped this happen."
      And then we get to play it.
      I'd say that's worth $25 extra.

    3. George Ligonis on

      Why should we have to have paid more than twice the price that people on desura did, and get access to it the same day that they did huh?

    4. George Ligonis on

      sorry, that doesn't cut it, you don't say that you're going to give people access to a dev build before anyone else, then put it up on desura for half the price that we paid. Good work ripping us off mate.

    5. Daniel DiCicco 2-time creator on

      George, you are not going to get any sort of compensation for backing this project and getting what was promised when it was promised. The game becoming available for alpha-funding on Desura was not originally intended to happen when it did, and I understand how that can make your pledge feel unfair. But Kickstarter is about backing projects to make them a reality, which is what you have done. Desura has nothing to do with Kickstarter. I personally would have liked to have waited until March to launch on Desura, but some communication issues made that happen a lot sooner. So, I'm sorry if you're upset but I am not going to be able to offer you anything except a copy of the game, which you've already got!

    6. George Ligonis on

      still waiting for an answer as to why alot of us got shafted. I'll give it another 48 hours, then I'll be taking it up with kickstarter.

    7. George Ligonis on

      Still waiting to hear as to what sort of compensation we're getting. why did I pay 45 bucks to get something that other people are getting for 20.

    8. Missing avatar

      TheCze on

      How is the thing with the manual invites going?

    9. Missing avatar

      Some Guy on

      This kinda sucks, the people who paid $20 on Desura are playing right now, while those of us who paid more for beta access are still waiting.

      I understand it was put up by mistake, but still kinda sucks.

    10. George Ligonis on

      What sort of compensation are we, the people who threw in $45 bucks to get alpha access going to get when its up on desura at the moment for $20?

    11. Daniel Duffee

      Hope dev goes well, and that the Desura shenanigans get ironed out. Looking forward to when you hit "gold" and ship.

    12. Daniel DiCicco 2-time creator on

      Aw shucks, thanks man!

    13. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      Hey Daniel, I pledged $10 on here but I wen't ahead and bought the $20 version on Desura. I'm not asking for a refund or anything like that, just wanted to say it's AWESOME so far. Sorry Desura is messing up your master plan. Keep up the good work :)

    14. Daniel DiCicco 2-time creator on

      Yes, very frustrated. I have no idea why they decided to start selling StarDrive alpha access. It really frosts my cookie. Anyone who paid for early access will get it ASAP. I have to manually invite all 163 of you guys so bear with me.

    15. Ben Fox-Moore on

      According to the most recent 'official' comment on the Desura page, it shouldn't be available for purchase there yet.

    16. Missing avatar

      TheCze on

      Uuugh soooo the price on the desura for the Alpha is less than the necessary pledge on kickstarter for the Beta?
      And people who are paying less now can play before the people who payed more before? Or am I getting something wrong here? If I read the comments on the games store page on desura correctly, people who did not participate in kickstarter can buy the game now for 15€ and people who payed 25-44$ early on can't???

    17. Kevin C. Jones on

      Screen shots always makes people happy.

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.