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StarDrive is a space-themed 4X Action Strategy game with deep ship design, colonization, diplomacy, research, and beautiful 3D graphics
647 backers pledged $17,676 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You, and What's Ahead

Posted by Daniel DiCicco (Creator)

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has made the StarDrive kickstarter campaign a success!  With this level of funding we are going to be able to really bring this game and this universe to life.  We now have a number of professional artists working on the team including 2D illustrators, animators, and a professional sound designer.  We're working day and night to bring StarDrive to you.

For those with access to the indev builds, please bookmark January 15th.  I have the project up and approved with Desura, which is basically an indie-games version of Steam.  You should go ahead and sign up with them in the mean time and get a client.  I am going out of town with the in-laws for a week starting tomorrow; upon my return, I'll make sure that everyone who should have access will have a key and the ability to download StarDrive.  

As the indev/alpha progresses, we'll continue to be adding features and content.  When we are essentially feature complete, we'll launch into the closed beta.  I'm aiming at March for this but we'll see how things go.  It could be sooner, it could be later.  I want to have all of the basic networking kinks ironed out so that the beta can really be about testing multiplayer and balancing the game.

By June/July, we'll be gearing up for release.  Our primary target platform is going to be Steam, but we'll do direct sales through our website and also on impulse, desura, and the other leading digital distribution platforms.

If you haven't already, take a gander at our forums on  We'll be working on getting that website a little prettier and more user friendly in the future, but for now it's functional and the best way to continue to be a part of StarDrive development.  As you play through the game and come up with feature requests or bug reports, I'll want you to post about them on the forums so that I can take that feedback and act on it asap.

So, with that, take a look at some of our newest ship models and racial concept art.  These ships are a set of frigates and fighters for a Bulrathi/Kilrathi inspired race that we're just calling the Kulrathi for now.  The Kulrathi are a race of bear-like humanoids who are ferocious warrior-poets.  They value beauty and honor and battle.  

I'll update again when we're ready for the Desura launch.  Have a happy new year, and thanks!

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    1. Douglas Spooner on

      Any new updates, none since Jan :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Digital Apprentice on

      The concept art shows lamellar armor and what appears to be a datemono, so a name such as Kumati or some variant of it would be an obvious choice. However it kind of depends on the back story a bit. Is this the indigenous name or something concocted by whichever race the player belongs to? Bastardized Japanese being used for alien "warrior poets" seems kind of doofy unless the player is assumed to have some Terrestrial background.

    3. Nori on

      @Dominik: You are probably right. Wouldn't want Daniel to get into any trouble for similar spelling... So anyone have a better race name idea?

    4. Missing avatar

      Dominik on

      @Roger: I somehow missed that note when I read the update.

      While I think it´s nice to have such a "familiar" race in the game, I´d change the name to something else (and not only due to "legal" reasons.

      The concept art of them looks awesome, though!

    5. Roger Patino on

      He says it's based on them, did you read the update?

    6. Todd Zircher on

      At least it's not, "Kool Rat Guy". :-)

    7. Missing avatar

      Ruddrage on

      @ Dominik Mathieu
      Don't say it too loudly in case someone notices that :p

    8. Missing avatar

      Dominik on

      Are the Kulrathi anyhow related to the Kilrathi from the Wing Commander series?