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StarDrive is a space-themed 4X Action Strategy game with deep ship design, colonization, diplomacy, research, and beautiful 3D graphics
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Combat System Update

Posted by Daniel DiCicco (Creator)

A few people have sent me questions about the combat system, asking for more details.  Here are my answers:

Does Module Placement Matter?  Are there Restrictions/Limitations?

Yes!  module placement on ships absolutely matters. There are restrictions on where you can place certain modules. Right now, I have "O" slots for externally mounted modules, "I" slots for internally mounted, "E" slots for Engines, and then "IO" which is a hybrid slot that can take either I or O modules.

So armor has to go into an O slot (or an IO slot). If you stick it on the left side of your ship, it will protect you from shots from the left. Engines have to go in the engine slots at the back of the ship, but you can put thrusters on external slots which affect a ship's turning speed.

The handling of a ship is a result of its thrust to mass ratio.  Heavier ships move and turn slower than lighter ships. 

 Also relevant is the power draw of every ship system.  Ship systems have fixed power costs which are offset by power generation from power plants.  Also, firing an energy weapon has a cost that comes from your energy stores.  You can increase the amount of power generated per second by adding more power plants, and you can increase the maximum amount of stored energy by installing fuel/power cells.

Finally, each ship system has an associated production cost.  Some systems are cheaper to build than others and that is reflected in the final production cost of your ship.


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    1. LordYaar on

      Thanks for answering those very important questions! I hope you are successful in raising the amount you need and will make an awesome game :)