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GTFO is a film exposing the harassment of women in video games. It features gamers, bloggers, scholars, developers, and other experts.

What is GTFO?

I am just a casual gamer, so I was shocked about a year ago when a friend told me about the abuse that many female gamers and other industry figures endure on a daily basis. I immediately began researching and filming this documentary, titled "GTFO" in reference to the exclusionary response that many women encounter while gaming. 

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Of course not all gamers are trolls or abusers - many are kind, supportive, and equally disgusted by this type of behavior. But the fact remains that this is a real problem, and it's time that the non-gaming public know about it. Nobody should have to endure being called a derogatory term simply because of their gender (or race, religion, or sexual orientation, for that matter). It is not only offensive to the victim and detrimental to the public image of the industry, but it also discourages countless women who want to be part of new and creative media.

The purpose of this documentary is to reveal the experiences of women in the gaming world, both good and bad, as well as to provide steps we can take to change the environment for the better. I have already filmed interviews, tournaments, classes, and conventions, but I need your help funding the remainder of the project.

Whether you're a hardcore gamer or an outsider like myself, please consider pledging even a few bucks to this project, and help make the world a better place for gamers everywhere. If you can't make a financial donation, I am also looking for contacts within the industry, so if you or someone you know would like to become a part of this project please feel free to get in touch with me.

Where is the money going?

  • 30% shoot expenses (travel, equipment rental, payment of crew members, permits, tickets to events)
  • 30% post-production expenses (editing, sound design, color correction)
  • 30% licensing rights for videogame footage, logos, and music
  • 10% festival submissions and promotion

Where can I find out more?

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"Drop of Water In the Ocean" by Broke For Free 

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This is an innately challenging subject, and many women who put themselves out there in this industry receive backlash. But I, along with many of the people I've spoken with, believe in this project and know that we can make it a reality with your help. We want to stop the abuse that prevents so many women from doing what they love - play, create, and write about videogames.


  • As stated above, women are not the only group who experience harassment in gaming. Many other people are attacked due to their ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, and disability. However, due to the vast nature of the subject, I chose to focus primarily on women for this documentary. While we will touch on issues related to queer women and women of color, a film profiling ALL abuse towards ALL groups would be too large and complex to fit into 90 minutes. I think it would be wonderful to see a film, for example, about the experiences of people of color in gaming. I hope one day that film will be made as well.

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  • While it is unfortunately true that many people get verbally abused while gaming, the film is specifically highlighting women for two primary reasons:

    1. Many of the attacks that women experience are specifically targeted towards their gender.

    2. When women in the industry come forward, they often experience much more criticism and backlash than their male counterparts.

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  • No. GTFO will cover an array of topics, with trolling being just one of them. The film will also address: the portrayal of women in video games, the history of women in gaming, the experiences of women in the industry itself, the culture of games, the discouragement of young girls from participating, and more.

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  • The goal of the film is not to group all women in gaming together, but rather to address the different problems they encounter. While I would never state that gamers and industry figures have identical experiences, I hope to tie in an overarching sense of exclusion when addressing these issues.

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  • I am a filmmaker who came across this issue a year ago (though it had obviously been happening long before that). Like most documentary filmmakers, I am approaching this from an outsider's perspective. I am hoping that through interviews, we come to some conclusions about why this is such a huge problem and bring light to the issue for outsiders like myself.

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  • Yes. If you select the DVD but would also like a digital copy, please let me know closer to the release date and I will send you a download as well.

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