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Collecting the first five chapters of the Lady Sabre steampunk-adventure webcomic by Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett.
2,901 backers pledged $143,379 to help bring this project to life.

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The "On Final Approach" Update

Posted by Greg Rucka (Creator)

Four days to go, and just under 3K to make the Rick 2.0 Stretch Goal, and 13K to reach the HMS Pegasus Deckplans.

My expectations at this point are… entirely useless. I've just no idea at all what's going to happen now. I'm told that the last 48 hours, in particular, can be crazy, and that I should plan on getting little in the way of sleep, and to be prepared for a wild finale. I'm also told that, at this point, there's nothing we can really do, and so we should just sit back and relax and try to catch our breath.

I somehow don't see that last one happening.

Ahoy, Nelly!

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet is a point-and-click adventure game, and the sequel to Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! It's charming, it's all-ages, and it features a red-haired female pirate, so, yeah, win.

Their Kickstarter is here, and Eric, Rick, and I all feel it's worth your time to take a look and consider backing their project. You can download their first game for free to get a feel for how they do things, though, unfortunately for us Mac-types, it's Windows only.

I mean, c'mon. Look at her.

How adorable is that?

Nicola Scott & Kyle Latino

We are now offering both Nicola Scott and Kyle Latino's original Pin-Up pieces, each at their own $300 tier. As with the previous pieces of original art, each will come with a copy of the trade in the Style to Which She is Accustomed edition, and all the digital options.

The Pen Is Mightier...

Backer Paul Justis is part of a group creating hand-crafted wooden pens and styluses.

I actually own a hand-crafted wooden fountain pen (hey, I'm a writer, I put great value in my tools!) and it is, without a doubt, my favorite writing instrument. While I've not had the opportunity to sample one of the ones Paul and his compatriots are producing, if they're anything like the one I own, they feel extraordinary in the hand, with a warmth and heft that puts common disposables to shame.

And they're gorgeous. So there's that.

Consider giving their campaign a look. They've got a modest goal, and there's no reason they shouldn't be able to meet it.

And On Another Front Entirely...

If you'll indulge me for a moment, I've a little self-promotion to share. The first is tangental, but cool enough I wanted to see it get the attention I believe it deserves.

Ian MacFarland and Mike Pecci have made a fan-film inspired by my recently-ended run on The Punisher at Marvel Comics, where I had the privilege of working with the very talented Marco Chechetto. A teaser trailer has been released for the film, and it looks outstanding. To be clear, I've had no part in the making of this film at all, other than writing the books that inspired them.

It looks awesome.

Fair warning - it's the Punisher, so there's blood and implied violence in this trailer. You can find it here.

On a far more personal-involvement level, the final order cut-off date for LAZARUS #1 is fast approaching - it's this coming Monday, in fact. LAZARUS is a new, creator-owned series by myself and artist Michael Lark, coming from Image Comics at the end of June. For those of you who may not understand how this works, comic book retailers place their orders roughly a month in advance of the issue's arrival. Pre-orders help them know exactly how many copies they can expect to sell, and thus help them determine their order numbers. 

Pre-ordering helps us immensely.

LAZARUS is a very different cat than Lady Sabre, to be sure; it's a mature book, with mature themes and content. It's also a project that I'm passionate about, and one that Michael and I have been pouring blood, sweat, and tears into. If you're curious, here's a link to a PDF short-story Michael and I did to give folks a taste of the world. Ordering information is included.

Thank you for your continuing support and passion! 

Hold fast!


The Turning of Gears Update (or Wheels WIthin Wheels)

Posted by Greg Rucka (Creator)

Well, we were told this might happen by those who know, and apparently those who know knew, because we've jumped almost five thousand dollars in the past two days, and the next Stretch Goal is in sight. Those Pegasus deck plans come ever closer…

Pin-Ups and Tiers

More and more of the pin-ups have been arriving in our Dropbox folders and emails.

Here's Stephanie Buscema's piece, featuring Kaya, the witch.

And Michael Avon Oeming's lovely black-and-white of Her Ladyship, ready for action.

Michael's piece, similar to Matthew Clark's, is now available as its own backer tier, for $300, and will include The Style to Which She is Accustomed edition, as well as all the digital add-ons.

We'll be offering the original art of some of the other pieces over the next few days.

That Girl, She's a Bloody Genius

Some of you who have followed my career may know that I am an avid gamer, and have been since I was about ten years-old and played my first Dungeons & Dragons adventure. By the time I was in high school, I was a passionate RPGer, saving my allowance to buy game books and minis and supplements and all the like. Of the "all the like" was Dragon Magazine published by TSR, the then-makers of D&D. It was, essentially, their house magazine, filled with articles about gaming, ideas for adventures or adventures themselves, and other various things.

In the back, there were comics. And of those comics, there was What's New with Phil and Dixie, written and drawn by Phil Foglio.

I loved What's New. It was the first thing I read. It was full of game specific humor and a huge dash of the bawdy, and it always made me laugh. I loved Phil's art, and when he teamed with Robert Asprin to illustrate both the Myth Adventure novels and the comic adaptations of the same, I bought them all. I bought Buck Godot, Zap Gun for Hire. If it had Phil's name on it, I bought it.

Phil and his wife Kaja have been making a steampunk adventure webcomic for years, now, called Girl Genius. Right now, they're doing a very bold, short-run Kickstarter to fund the printing of their 12th (!!!) volume of the comic, and to further fund the reprint of the previous volumes in the series.

They've made their goal. They've passed their goal. But I love what Phil and Kaja are doing, and if you haven't had the pleasure of discovering it yourself, I really think you will, too. Please consider their campaign, and please consider passing the word about it, as well.

Meanwhile, in the City of Shera…

We've got a new screen up over at Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether today. Our posting has been spotty as heck during the campaign here, I'm afraid, something that will be corrected once we're finished. This has mostly been my fault, as I fell behind on the actual scripts while working on… everything else. Something that will not happen if we do another Kickstarter, I assure you.

If you've never actually visited the site, please stop by. Our community there is always growing, and input, feedback, and conversation is not just welcomed, it's encouraged.

New update tomorrow (unless we crack 110K today, in which case I'll just have another lie down, then post an update about that!).

Hold fast!


Shiny, Pretty Things Update

Posted by Greg Rucka (Creator)

Happy Wednesday (or happy new comics day, if you prefer)!

Couple things for you.


First, I've got to correct an oversight. Allow me to explain:

Normally, I try to compose these updates outside of the Kickstarter interface, then copy-and-paste them in, but yesterday I was composing 1) in Kickstarter and 2) REALLY QUICKLY. Both were the result of the fact that we'd just ticked over the 100K mark, and I felt getting an update out promptly was important, but also because I had to pick up my daughter from school. Yesterday was her 10th birthday, there were Things Afoot to Celebrate, and I didn't want to be late.

So I gave you the list of our gracious pin-up art contributors, and I was slapping the hyperlinks onto their names in a flurry, and I missed linking Kyle Latino's name and - just as importantly - his art.

This is me rectifying that oversight!

Kyle did what was the first-ever Lady Sabre piece not drawn by Rick. He did it within a week of our launch of the comic, almost two years ago, now. I was delighted beyond words when he sent it to us, not only because we'd inspired the art, but also because he'd so completely understood what we were going for. Lady Sabre as Errol Flynn? How could I not love that.

This is the piece, and this is the piece that'll be included in the trade.

My apologies to Kyle for the omission.


Adrienne and Mick from Optimysticals emailed me yesterday with two of the prototype designs. I've added the images to the Kickstarter page, above the Pegasus patch, but instead of making you all scroll about, I'm including them here, as well. These are the prototypes, as I said, but I think they look terrific!

First, the "dog tag."

And here's the keychain:

It's always a huge thrill to get these emails. Very, very happy with how these are looking, and we hope you are, too!

LEGO Cuusoo

One of our backers, Glen Bricker, has undertaken to build Her Ladyship's conveyance, Pegasus, in those glorious blocks of imagination called LEGO. He's submitted his design at the LEGO Cuusoo site. The way LEGO Cuusoo works, people submit their LEGO designs for others to vote on as an indication of support. Once a project reaches 10,000 votes, it becomes part of a quarterly review by the folks at LEGO, who then will consider actually manufacturing the project. 

Here's a look:

And here's a link to the page, if you'd like to vote. 

Heal Thyself

My dear friend (and new father!), Neal Bailey, launched his own Kickstarter today, searching for backers to fund the printing of the second trade collection of his ongoing webcomic, Cura Te Ipsum.

Neal is a machine, as is his collaborator, Dexter Wee. They've published consistently three times a week for over two and a half years, now, and they intend to keep at it until their story is finished. Cura is a smart, dark story that takes some very common sci-fi tropes (parallel dimensions and universes, etc) and gives them some very serious thought while at the same time exploring some frankly big ideas. It's dangerous, it's fun, it is - at times - blackly humorous.

With Neal, you get what you see; he and Dexter have everything completed to deliver this trade set except the funds to actually print the darn thing. Neal set his goal pretty low, honestly. I'd love to see this campaign not only succeed, but succeed strong.

Please give him a look, and, as always, consider backing his project.

As ever, as always, thank you for supporting our campaign, for reading my long-winded updates, and--

Hold Fast!


Every Time I Think We're Done, You Prove Me Wrong Update

Posted by Greg Rucka (Creator)

We just broke $100,000 in pledges. We have over 2,000 backers.

And once again, I'm left at an utter loss for words. 

I think I said it before, but when we started this campaign, Eric, Rick, and I figured we'd be lucky if we got 1000 people behind us, if we managed to clear our goal by the end of the campaign. Here we are with seven days left, and we've knock another Stretch Goal down.

I am delighted to say that we'll be contacting Sterling immediately to commission the maps for the trade. All three of the maps discussed will be included in Vol. I or in The Pocket Guide to the Sphere. These are going to be lovely, professional works, and I really believe it'll enhance the quality and experience of reading these books.

The Pin-Up Artists

We've been a little coy, but talking with Eric and Rick today, we're happy to unveil the full list of contributors who've agreed to render pin-ups for the trade. They are, in no particular order.

Additionally, Matthew's original art is now being offered in its own Tier, along with the Style to Which She is Accustomed - Plated.

We are honored to have them with us.


I've been asked this a few times, so I figured I'd explain it as clearly as possible here.

When we began, there was one book. That book was Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether, Vol. I.

And then there was The Pocket Guide to the Sphere, by Edwin Windsheer.

And then there was The Annotated Process of Lady Sabre.

If you've pledged at the $20 All Digital, All the Time level, you'll be receiving all three of these books digitally.

If you've pledged at the $30 The Book in Cloth Covers level or higher, you'll be receiving all three of these books digitally and physically.

Basically, if you're getting the trade, you're getting all three books. Like it or not ;)

More tomorrow! We're in the final days, now. Let's see if we can't reach those deck plans!

Hold fast!


Foot In Mouth Disease Update

Posted by Greg Rucka (Creator)

Well, I managed to go 19 days of this campaign without opening mouth and inserting foot, but insert it I did nonetheless.

In Update 13, I had a subheading section, AR-K Last Call. I was composing on the fly, and I was typing fast, and I had one eye on the clock for a variety of reasons, but the point is, I was typing faster than I was thinking. I do that sometimes. Sometimes people open their mouths and say things before they consider them; me, I suffer that at the keyboard. There are times I'm typing faster than I think.

What I intended to say was two-fold. First, that the AR-K Kickstarter is surging, and their campaign can achieve their funding goal. You've no idea how much I want to see that happen. I want that campaign to succeed. I want to make this game. I want Ash Sroka to voice Alicia. I want to solve the mystery of the Golden Sphere and maybe, just maybe, even give Alicia a Just Ending, if not a Happy One.

I also wanted to make it clear that this campaign, the Lady Sabre campaign, and the AR-K campaigns, they're very separate entities. That the monies raised in each are going to very different things; I wanted to do that because I was nervous that there might be some confusion, and I had been growing afraid that my participation in one might have an adverse, rather than positive, effect on the other. This was quite possibly paranoid on my part. This was quite possibly the result of worrying too much. I do that, too.

But instead of saying that, I fear that I came across as distancing myself from AR-K. I'm afraid that I misrepresented myself, or Gato Salvje Studio's treatment of me, or my support for their campaign, and I don't want to do that. I presented myself as an employee rather than a contributor; I presented myself as an employee, rather than a backer. 

That's not how I feel, that's now how I've ever been made to feel, and I'd hate for people to think otherwise.

So this is me trying to get the shoe-leather out of my mouth, and to set the record straight after having set it crooked. Eric, Rick, and I have striven to be as honest and as transparent in this campaign as possible. To me, that means owning mistakes, unintended as they may be. It means possibly abusing this soap-box of Updates to correct errors.

Thanks for your time, and have a good weekend, and please, consider supporting AR-K if you haven't already.

Hold fast!