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Collecting the first five chapters of the Lady Sabre steampunk-adventure webcomic by Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett.
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The Okay I've Been Patient But What's Going On? Update

Posted by Greg Rucka (Creator)

A lot, frankly, but most of it you don't really care about. What you do care about is where your books are. Here's where we stand of 13 July.

We're still shipping, we're going as fast as we can, and we've had some hiccups. In particular, I (Greg) have been dealing with some things that, frankly, I'd rather not get into here.

Shipping is ongoing, we're doing our best to get everything out to everyone, and hopefully the next several weeks will see the completion of this phase of the Kickstarter. I am loathe to offer a "definitive" date to anyone, simply because I've learned the hard way that the moment I do that, the Universe points, laughs, and proceeds to kick our collective legs out from beneath us.

All of us involved with Lady Sabre recognize that it must be very, very frustrating to be a backer who has yet to receive your set of books and to hear/see other backers talking about receiving theirs. We are sincerely trying to please everyone, which, I suppose, is a sure-fire way to please no one, but we must make the effort.

Books are shipping. If you haven't received yours yet, it is %99.9 certain that is because it hasn't been sent as yet. As I said in the prior update, once all shipping is completed, I'll post a message to that effect, and those of you who've yet to receive your books can set your stopwatches from that point.

As always, your patience is appreciated.

Hold Fast,


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    1. Greg Rucka Creator on

      @Brad, you're an update behind -- if you read the most recent you'd know the reason for our delays, etc, etc ;)

      New update will be posted shortly.

    2. Brad Ireland on

      Guys, You've been great about giving updates on shipping, but I haven't heard anything since July. How close are you to completion, I'm just worried I might be forgotten.
      Thanks. Brad

    3. Greg Rucka Creator on

      @Owen - please send me a message here with your new preferred address and I'll update our records.

    4. Owen Lambert on

      Hi Greg - Similar to the previous post my work address will be changing in the next month or so - Being in the UK I am not sure how this will affect the delivery of the book - Have they all been shipped yet?

    5. Greg Rucka Creator on

      @Magnus -- please send me a message via Kickstarter here and we'll get you sorted out!


    6. Magnus von Tesla on

      Hey, I am moving in a short time, but I'm not certain when exactly. If my package hasn't been shipped, is there a chance I could change the address to a relative's, so I know I'l get the package? Thanks!

    7. Logan on

      Just got mine! It's lovely, and it was packed well and arrived quite safely. I'm looking forward to kicking back tonight with a pot of tea and enjoying Volume 1 and its two little friends. Thanks!!

    8. Missing avatar

      J Cody on

      And book arrived today. :)
      Eric- I still think posting a rough number of outstanding might give an idea to people how close to the finish line you are.
      Having said that, to all of you waiting still, my package arrived in fantastic condition. The books were wrapped and packed very securely. There was an obvious care taken with the preparation of this package. All the extras are amazing, (and the Lady Sabre postage print was a nice touch). I already look forward to Vol 2, and hope that everything learned this time around, informs the next.
      So....with that....Hold Fast!...good things are coming.

    9. Greg Rucka Creator on

      @Jim, address has been updated!

    10. Jim Martin on

      My biggest concern is that my address has changed and by the time it is sent - will my forwarding order have expired.

      Is there any method to check if an individual has been mailed.

      My new address is

      Jim Martin
      700 Starkey Rd
      Unit 326
      Largo, FL 33771

    11. Eric on

      J -- I believe that all remarques have been completed, and that labor at this point is mostly an issue of printing address labels, double checking contents, wrapping, boxing, distributing, and probably four or five other steps I've left out. I will check with Jen to see if I can provide a number on how many books are left outstanding.

    12. Michael Woods on

      If you're coming to San Diego, I can totally pick mine up from you there. Don't know if that option makes your life easier or more difficult, but throwing it out there.

    13. Missing avatar

      J Cody on

      Can you share the shipping counts so far to give a little better idea of your timeline? Books shipping could be 1 to 100 a day. Out of 2901 backers roughly how many are outstanding, and is it down to the straight forward stuff..or are the labor intensive books still being worked on (remarques and such)? This is not intended to be busting your chops, just that a slight bit more detail would be appreciated.
      J Cody

    14. Edward Petersen

      With the number of pledges, there's no question this undertaking is gigantic. I'm bummed I can't offer help. Any chance you live in the D.C. area?

    15. Stephanie C.

      Completely fine with the wait - we are many and the shippers are few. Thanks for the update!

    16. Pretay Nomah

      Holding Fast.

    17. Ronnie M on

      Thanks for the update.

    18. Brad Barnes on

      The Universe and I have never been close, but I have put in a good word for you on behalf of the good ship Pegasus: hoist sail, follow the second star on the right and HOLD FAST!

    19. Randy Lander on

      For the record, I'm totally cool with the wait and appreciate all the work you guys have put in. I read the PDFs while on vacation last week and loved them.