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Collecting the first five chapters of the Lady Sabre steampunk-adventure webcomic by Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett.
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The Road Warrior Returns Update

Posted by Greg Rucka (Creator)

Rick 1.5 (on the way to 2.0)

So the dust, it has settled, and Rick, Eric, and I are all back in our homes and back to work. We had a brief call this morning with Rick to go over the specs on the Rick 2.0 Stretch Goal, and we're pricing the shopping list right now. All goes well, Rick will be unboxing his new set up by the beginning of July, and we'll be able to share that with you. The Cintiq has been settled upon - it's the 22-inch HD model (we pressed him on the 24-inch, but Rick, being Rick, demurred. Fact is, the only way Eric and I were able to convince him this was a legitimate expenditure was by invoking ALL OF YOU to guilt him into it, ie, "Rick, you can't say no! It was a Stretch Goal, if the backers didn't think you should have this, they would never have funded it!"). He'll be getting a new Mac Pro along with it, looks like, and together, I think he's going to be able to make some beautiful art.

BackerKit Is Coming (Everyone! Look busy!!)

The kind people from BackerKit got in touch today, and we're now in the process of setting up our account and the add-ons and the like. A survey will, ideally, be going out before the end of this next week, and with it the links and instructions on how to use BackerKit to verify you pledge, your items, and further, how you can add on further items if you desire. We've gone through our t-shirt inventory, and we're looking at putting those up as possible additions.

About Those Deck Plans We Mentioned...

On the production front, I played a fair amount of email-and-phone-tag with Bob, our Man at the Printer, about final numbers and specs and… he's pricing the IBC (inside back cover) pouch and the HMS Pegasus deck plan poster.

We gave this a lot of thought, and we were so close to meeting that final stretch goal that if - IF! - we can cover all the other costs in production and shipping, we're going to bite the bullet and include it as described. Oh, and we're looking at having the endpaper design print on the pouch as well as the endpaper, so it'll have a nice, unified and unbroken look. Because we love you.

We Prefer To Think of it as Buying In

Eric is spending this weekend finishing his dissertation. Once he's done with that, Rick and I will be cracking the whip about setting up a PayPal store for those of you who couldn't, for one reason or another, pledge here.

This will be open only for a VERY limited time, and we frankly went back and forth on this. The fact is, some folks just don't have a credit card, but they still wanted to contribute, and leaving them out of the campaign seemed somewhat unfair to us. By the same token, we do not ever want to diminish the value of the support we've received from our backers, so we're trying to walk a fairly narrow line.

The Guns of Shadow Valley

We've talked about this beautiful and engaging webcomic before at the Lady Sabre website, and we're all big fans. Now, there's a Guns of Shadow Valley Kickstarter Campaign underway, and its goal is pretty much identical to what ours was. They've got some fantastic tiers, and it's a fantastic comic, and all of us want to see their campaign succeed. Check them out.

(Also, they're doing a wooden sheriff's badge, and let me tell you, I wish we'd thought of that…)

Next update will have more information about BackerKit and the Surveys.

Hold fast!



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    1. Brad Barnes on

      We love ya, back! Y'all and your little dog, Toto, too! Best of luck to Eric on his thesis: how could it be anything less than brilliant? So looking forward to LAZARUS, Greg! Hold fast!

    2. Bill Norris on

      thanks for the tip on... The Guns of Shadow Valley, gonna wait til my credit card statement comes and then order 1 of the books ..... awesome looking, thanks again for the tip.

    3. Michael Hartmann

      Rick is getting a Mac Pro? I hope he's waiting for the new one that was just announced.

      Thanks for the Guns of Shadow Valley recommendation. Looks like a great book.

    4. Missing avatar

      Matthias Kepplinger on

      Come on! 24 inch is a must buy! Harass him a bit more, please? ;)

    5. Ronnie M on

      Thank you for the update. Please let Rick know that the Rick 2.0 stretch goal was a reinvestment in Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether. It will improve his ability to produce future work for the book and reduce the likelihood of delays due to computer problems. His skills and the tools he needs to use them are a valuable part of this book.

    6. Greg Rucka Creator on

      @ianquest - BackerKit is an add-on service, so anything offered as an add-on will be viable. We'll be offering additional copies of the Cloth Covers trade, for instance, at the same pledge levels we did here, which would certainly allow you to "upgrade" from digital to an edition that includes the deck plans. We will know all the numbers by the middle of next week, and at that time we'll be able to confirm the pouch/deck plan addition one way or another. Things look pretty good for it, but - as always - we want to be sure of final costs before we commit to anything.

    7. ianquest

      If you do find that you're able to include the deck plans, will you a) be announcing this before BackerKit goes live, and b) allow people to upgrade pledges in it? I was vacillating until literally the very last minute about getting the physical vs digital package (the international shipping cost basically resulted in it being triple the digital package cost for the same content, which I couldn't justify). If it looked like we were going to get close to getting the plans, I'd decided to hang the expense & go for the physical package anyway - so if you do go ahead with the plans, I'd like to throw some more money at you...

    8. Jeremy Spurlock on

      I SUPPOSE I can allow the 22in versus the 24. It goes against my better judgement though. ;)