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Collecting the first five chapters of the Lady Sabre steampunk-adventure webcomic by Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett.
2,901 backers pledged $143,379 to help bring this project to life.

The Eric has the Keys to the Kickstarter Update

Posted by Greg Rucka (Creator)

Hi everybody,

Eric here. Greg called me earlier and warned me that he'd be away from the computer this evening, asking if I could update the new unlocked stretch goal if you guys helped us reach it.

Ha ha. If.

We continue to be completely overwhelmed by your support for Lady Sabre. Even through this weekend, I doubted we'd be seeing these deck plans. But you sure showed me. We've already been talking to Sterling Hershey about the maps over the past few days, and we're all excited to be able to expand our conversation now!

Multiple identities

We'll be posting information about a new stretch goal tomorrow, pending a conversation with our printers about cost and feasibility. We might also be posting some new limited and exciting reward tiers.

We've had some questions about the possibility of pledging for multiple limited reward tiers, and it seems that some of our backers have had success signing up for multiple Kickstarter accounts. I believe the way it works is you simply have a second account for Kickstarter, and can use the same Amazon account and credit card for the actual payment process.

...If we get around to offering what I hope we'll be offering, you might want to take advantage of that.

Why do you read Lady Sabre?

One of the things people dislike about Kickstarter campaigns is the endless drone of "Please support me" posts. This can get rough especially when, like ours, they're coming down to the wire. One thing we've really tried to do with this campaign is to provide discussions or items of substance in our updates, in our interviews, and in our social media outreach. I hope we've not failed completely at that.

To this end, we want to ask if you'll consider spreading the word in a constructive way over the next few days via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, blogs, message boards, or whatever new media you use that we're too old and un-hip to know about.

If you'd be so kind, we'd like you to answer the question posed in the header above by saying, "I read Lady Sabre because _______" while filling in the blank with your own personal reason, and giving a link to either our Kickstarter page or directly to our (still free!) webcomic ( Greg, Rick, and I will be checking in as well across all of the social media networks on our radar to see what you all have to say!

Thanks from me (me being Eric still)

I know you are all fans of Greg's and Rick's and probably still have no clue who I am, but I want to thank you for what you've done here. When Greg talks about how overwhelmed and humbled he and Rick have been by your support, I can verify that he's being truthful.  This has been an incredible experience for all of us, and we hope you've enjoyed the ride too.

Hey, did you know Greg (the one who insists on including my promise to sing for you all in every update) gets an email every time each one of you posts a new comment? It sure would be rough on his inbox if all 2,475 of you decided to say something nice below.


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    1. Greg Rucka Creator on

      *shakes fist at Eric* Curse you, Newsom! I'll see you singing like a pirate for this!

      You guys... there are so many kind words here. Thank you so much for these comments, and for your support. I have the suspicion that these last 24 hours are going to be a little on the crazy side of things.

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthias Kepplinger on

      I've backed Lady Sabre because of Rucka's Batwoman and Lazarus (which I'm am stupidly excited for, pre ordered three issues because I'm crazy). liked the art of her Ladyship, also the fact that the kickstarter offers stupid amounts of value does not hurt.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ciaran Downey on

      I've backed Lady Sabre because, well, Rucka. And I suppose that Burchett feller can draw too.

      I'm also hoping that the success of this will inspire Greg to use Kickstarter to buy the rights and bring back The Sandbaggers. Hope springs, etc.


    4. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      I (am going to) read Lady Sabre because my guide in KS comic-land led me here.
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    5. Ken Pawlik on

      I read Lady Sabre because of Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett. Greg has written too many amazing comics to count in the last fifteen years, and the Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood mini these two gentlemen worked on together some years ago still counts as one of my favourite DC comics stories.

    6. Eric on

      Tim: Just so you know, we guessed that if the domain was spelled æther, no one would ever find us.

    7. Tim Meakins

      I read Lady Sabre because Mr Rucka can spell both 'Sabre' and 'aether' correctly... ;-)

    8. Bat Fan on

      Oh yeah, and I read Lady Sabre because the aforementioned Greg Rucka has always delivered a clever story with real characters inhabiting a cool world. Basically, I reckon Greg's shopping list would be worth a read, as I am sure he cannot help but make that interesting too !
      To whit:
      "Realising she was low on essentials, Jen asked me to pick up the following the next time I was braving the mean streets of Portland: Milk, Bread, Eggs, Apples for the family and Confetti. Yep, confetti. Jen likes every day to be a wedding. Sure, it may be seen as strange, but it makes her happy. Which makes me happy"

    9. Bat Fan on

      Honestly, I would not

    10. Bat Fan on

      Posting a spurious comment with no inherent worth just to annoy Greg Rucka ?
      I would never stoop so low as to do such a thing !

    11. Missing avatar

      likelions on

      I read Lady Sabre because it's Rucka and Burchett telling me a story for free. That's a hell of a value.

      Gotham Central's great. Lazarus looks brutal and will, I think, show Mr. Rucka synthesizing 100 Bullets. Batwoman is superlative. The Question asks the questions for which there are not answers. The Punisher is precise and remorseless. Stumptown's fun as hell, but let's face facts here: Queen & Country above it all.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kermyt Anderson on

      I actually haven't the web version of Lady Sabre yet, but I am soooooo looking forward to the print version (December is too far away!). I read -- or plan to read -- well anyway I'm supporting this project because a) Greg Rucka is an amazing writer (I especially loved his work with Batwoman); b) I really enjoyed Rick's work with the animated Bat-books a decade or so ago; and c) a lady pirate on a flying boat with a steampunk vibe? What's not to love? Sign me up!! (And many thanks to Sue at for drawing this project to my attention!)

    13. Missing avatar

      Tanner Dabel on

      I've never read Lady Sabre, but have read many of Greg's other work's and heard about Sabre last year on a podcast. I kinda figured it'd go from Web Comic to Print Comic at some point, so I've successfully avoided it and can't wait to be able to read it in print form without ever reading it as a Web Comic. How's that for trust and restraint! Don't do me wrong Greg!

    14. Missing avatar

      Mark Hirschman

      I am interested in Lady Sabre because I have been a fan of Greg's since the original Whiteout. Great stories and depictions of real women!

    15. Missing avatar

      Mike Stalzer on

      I read Lady Sabre because I've been a fan of Greg's since Gotham Central.

    16. Olna Jenn Smith

      So, Eric, what I know about you is that you seem to be sort of a brat.

      ...I support this! *leaves a comment*

    17. Brandon Adcock on

      I read Lady Sabre because Greg Rucka is an amazing writer.

    18. Katrina Lehto

      I read Lady Sabre because it is good. I like everyone involved!

    19. Paul Justis on

      Hey Greg, if you have gmail you can filter all your kickstarter notifications so they all go to a certain folder that is separate from your main inbox. If you do that, you won't have to worry about Eric torturing you anymore.

    20. Stephanie on

      Have I mentioned that I am super excited about this project? Because I am SUPER EXCITED about this project and I'm thrilled to see it doing so well. :-D

    21. Chris Buchheit on

      About a week ago I got my Amazon order of the Gotham Central trades in the mail. That series is why I read Lady Sabre. Maybe not directly, but when I got a chance to read it a few years back, it was the first time I read anything with the name Greg Rucka on the cover. And I haven't stopped enjoying your work since!

    22. David Golbitz on

      I read Lady Sabre because Greg Rucka.

    23. Eric on

      Neil -- Check tomorrow's backers-only update! We discussed this very thing this afternoon!

      Magnus -- Can I just say that, since day one, I've been proud of running a campaign to which someone named Magnus von Tesla would contribute?

      *PING* Hi, Greg!

    24. Missing avatar

      Neil Cameron on

      I read Lady Sabre because I loved your past work with female leads like Stumptown, Q&C and Batwoman.

      Also your little reminders paid off and I also pre ordered Lazarus.

      So hooray nontraditional marketing methods!

      Also should there be a code for anyone who is a backer to say to you at Heroes this weekend?
      Neil Cameron

    25. RogueJawa on

      I just want to say congratulations. I stumbled across this project via Twitter, having never read Lady Sabre before, but being a fan of comics in general. I'm really trying to hold out reading anything until I have the book but it's so difficult! I love Steampunk and airships. I regret not finding this comic sooner, but I'm sure glad I found it now. :)

    26. Magnus von Tesla on

      I read Lady Sabre because... come on, steampunk, pirates, and cowboys! What's not to love!

    27. Missing avatar

      James Park on

      Greg - love your work on Batman and here on Lady Sabre! Glad to hear Merrimount Orde is not dead, and sorry to hear about 2012 - but I'm glad 2013 is doing better!

    28. Missing avatar

      james chan on

      Congrats to all! Wow, you guys just might make it to 150!

    29. Missing avatar

      Evan Jones on

      Something nice below ;)

      Sorry I just had to

    30. Mario Villalobos on

      I read Lady Sabre because it's really really good and well written and awesome and amazing and the art is amazing and everything is amazing and the writer is amazing and so is the artist and so is this guy named Eric. They're all amazing.