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Collecting the first five chapters of the Lady Sabre steampunk-adventure webcomic by Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett.
2,901 backers pledged $143,379 to help bring this project to life.

The Forty-Eight Hour Update

Posted by Greg Rucka (Creator)

Well, just under that now, I guess.

Folks who knew told us that the last couple days of the campaign would be… active.

They weren't kidding.

Timing, Friend. It's Called Timing.

Woke up this morning to discover that the Teramyyd: Earthsphere folks had sent out an update, and it was a Lady Sabre-centric one, at that! Not only were they kind enough to boost the signal on Glen Bricker's LEGO Cuusoo project (and if you haven't given the project your vote, we urge you to do so!), but they also unveiled the Pegasus model prototypes for the game.

I can give you all a long list of things that none of us - not Eric, not Rick, not myself - even dreamed would come about as a result of this campaign. That we would connect with such a fabulous campaign, be met with such reciprocity, and then - then! - to see Pegasus come to life as a game piece? That's got to be near, if not at, the top of the list.

I mean, seriously. Check this thing out.

How cool is that?

Hail to the King, Baby

If you love comics, then you know the name Jack Kirby. If you don't know the name, the chances are that you know at least some of the characters he helped to create. You've seen them on t-shirts and mugs and in movies and, hopefully, in comics, too. In the same way that modern cinema owes a huge debt to Orson Welles, modern comic storytelling owes much the same to Kirby. There's a reason he's referred to as "The King of Comics."

His grandson, Jeremy, is running a Kickstarter as we speak, described as a "Personal look into the King of Comics." His goal is to produce a large-format book that will not only print, for the first time, a play written by Kirby himself, but will also be filled with Kirby's art and collages, and will provide an intimate view of Jack Kirby's life and career.

Please consider giving the campaign a look, and perhaps backing Jeremy's efforts.

Atomic Sabre

We're unveiling Scott Wegener's wonderfully dynamic pin-up of her Ladyship today. Scott is co-creator and artist on Atomic Robo, one of the best books being published today, along with writer Brian Clevinger. Scott's original, uncolored, art (pictured above) is being offered in its own tier, as we've been doing, and, as before, wlll come with a copy of The Style to Which She is Accustomed edition, as well as all the digital options. The colored version, shown below, was done digitally by Lindsay Small-Butera, and will be the version appearing in the trade. Just so we're clear on this - the pin-up in the tier is the black-and-white drawing, not the colored one!

Because we don't want any confusion.

Pretty, innit?

It's My Soapbox and I'll Shill if I Want To

Today, Monday June 3rd, is what's called the "final order cut-off" for LAZARUS #1 by Michael Lark and myself. The series will debut June 26th from Image Comics. The pre-order code is APR130420. Pre-ordering books - any books, but creator-owned ventures like this one especially - helps us enormously. If you've any interest, please let your retailer know you want a copy.

On a very-much-related note, Michael and I will be signing on the day of release at Olympic Cards and Comics in Lacey, Washington, just outside of Olympia. This is June 26th, and it's a terrific store with terrific people, and we're very much looking forward to this launch event. If you're anywhere in the area, please come and say hi!

Teal Shearer

If you haven't seen My Gimpy Life, you're denying yourself one of the best web-series thus far created, and you're further denying yourself the pleasure of Teal Shearer's wit and talent. Teal is a disabled actress, and the series is loosely based on her own experiences navigating - sometimes quite literally - the challenges of Hollywood.

The first season was terrific. Now, Teal Shearer has launched a Kickstarter to help fund the production of a second season.

Check out her campaign, and please consider becoming a backer.

One Last Thing

We're zeroing in on the last of our Stretch Goals... and if we can get past that, I've got an idea for one more, too (not counting the 150K goal of Eric Makes a Fool Out of Himself With a Ukelele).

No, I'm not going to let him live it down.

Thanks, as always, to all of you for joining us here, and for helping to boost the signal about the campaign! Please keep spreading the word!

Hold fast!



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