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Collecting the first five chapters of the Lady Sabre steampunk-adventure webcomic by Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett.
2,901 backers pledged $143,379 to help bring this project to life.

Every Time I Think We're Done, You Prove Me Wrong Update

Posted by Greg Rucka (Creator)

We just broke $100,000 in pledges. We have over 2,000 backers.

And once again, I'm left at an utter loss for words. 

I think I said it before, but when we started this campaign, Eric, Rick, and I figured we'd be lucky if we got 1000 people behind us, if we managed to clear our goal by the end of the campaign. Here we are with seven days left, and we've knock another Stretch Goal down.

I am delighted to say that we'll be contacting Sterling immediately to commission the maps for the trade. All three of the maps discussed will be included in Vol. I or in The Pocket Guide to the Sphere. These are going to be lovely, professional works, and I really believe it'll enhance the quality and experience of reading these books.

The Pin-Up Artists

We've been a little coy, but talking with Eric and Rick today, we're happy to unveil the full list of contributors who've agreed to render pin-ups for the trade. They are, in no particular order.

Additionally, Matthew's original art is now being offered in its own Tier, along with the Style to Which She is Accustomed - Plated.

We are honored to have them with us.


I've been asked this a few times, so I figured I'd explain it as clearly as possible here.

When we began, there was one book. That book was Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether, Vol. I.

And then there was The Pocket Guide to the Sphere, by Edwin Windsheer.

And then there was The Annotated Process of Lady Sabre.

If you've pledged at the $20 All Digital, All the Time level, you'll be receiving all three of these books digitally.

If you've pledged at the $30 The Book in Cloth Covers level or higher, you'll be receiving all three of these books digitally and physically.

Basically, if you're getting the trade, you're getting all three books. Like it or not ;)

More tomorrow! We're in the final days, now. Let's see if we can't reach those deck plans!

Hold fast!



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    1. Greg Rucka Creator on

      ACK! I just realized I left the hotlink off of Kyle's name! :P This is what happens when you try to get an update posted before you have to pick up your daughter from school on her birthday for a performance she's doing at her theatre class and then you're taking her out to dinner and I will rectify this oversight in tomorrow's update I swear!

    2. Greg Rucka Creator on

      @Duane - that's some SERIOUS commitment, sir!
      @Brad - I saw Mr. Oeming about a week or so ago, and asked if he'd be willing to contribute, and he was saying yes before I finished. He's a gentleman. The fact that he's a talented gentleman only makes me resent him a little bit.
      @Gerry - We're in danger of running out of room in the actual trade! We *are* considering putting the deck plans together in some manner of binding or case, if we clear that stretch goal by enough, however.
      @Moneypenny - DON'T TEASE ME! I'M A MAN ON THE EDGE! (No, seriously... I daren't even think like that, none of us do. Right now, if we make the last two Stretch Goals, I will be left speechless. The support and generosity we've received thus far is beyond anything we could've imagined).

    3. Brad Barnes on

      Oeming's cover for POWERS BUREAU #4 mirrored Burchett's presentation page for his GRAVEDIGGER digital comic (even though Oeming cited McGinnis; who's also a genius; but let's get real: Burchett led Oeming to the water, and Pilgrim would never get naked for Walker), so I'm glad Oeming is joining the INEFFABLE crew by means of his inkwell and look forward to his contribution! :-)

    4. Gerry McDade on

      Congratulations all around. This update is full of great news! If I could offer my two cents regarding the deck plan goal... I would much rather see them as part of the bound book. The sad reality is that there isn't enough wallspace for all these kickstarter rewards! Of course, feel free to disregard my suggestion, no explanation needed. I'm sure you've considered all the angles. I only mention it on the miniscule chance that you were teetering on how best to present the plans when you shatter the $120,000 mark. Best of luck the rest of the way. I hope a shiny new cintiq is on the way!

    5. Missing avatar

      Duane Murray on

      Well, with all of this craziness you made me go and do a crazy thing. That Matthew Clark original art was just too nice to pass up. Since I had already pledged for Rare and Royal WITH the weird Bendis inscription and Rick's remarque... I couldn't change my pledge because then I would lose out on the rare and royal and blah, blah, blah, so I went and started ANOTHER Kickstarter account just so I could have the Matt Clark art AND the Rare and Royal. Good news is, I won't mind having BOTH the Rare and Royal version and Accustomed version of the books. Now can you stop with the perks so I can stop with the pledging and multiple identities? I swear if you add another "guest star" tier or something.... "Go forth with your sword!!"... or whatever you guys say at the end of your updates.

    6. Michael Hartmann

      That is an impressive list of artists.

    7. Moneypenny on

      hmm, only 7 days left to hit 200k...