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Collecting the first five chapters of the Lady Sabre steampunk-adventure webcomic by Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett.
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The Teramyyd: Earthsphere Update

Posted by Greg Rucka (Creator)

So, this is yet another reason why Kickstarter is so darn cool.

To whit: the folks at IO World are raising funds for their game, Teramyyd: Earthsphere, and they're in their last 24 hours. It's a very cool looking steampunk board game with, yes, airship battles, and what look to be some astounding production values.

They're including Her Ladyship, Captain Sabre, the Fourteenth Marchioness of Cascadia, and our hero, as one of the 21 captain cards that come with the game.

So you can play Teramyyd as Lady Sabre.

We call this a crossover.

We also call this flattering as can be.

They've made their fundraising goal, but let me tell you (and I'm now speaking from experience) every little bit counts! Please give them a look if you haven't already!

Here's the link again.

Eric, Rick, and I will be back with an update on our own Kickstarter and some more news this Monday.

Hold fast!



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    1. Moneypenny on

      Ok. didn't see that coming. I was getting both anyway, but this is a helluva nice surprise. Thank you.

    2. Kirk Brownridge

      +1 @Ryan

      Excellent synergy coming out of Portland!

    3. Ryan McGuire

      As a huge fan of both projects, I love this collab!