Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether Vol. 1

by Greg Rucka

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    1. David Golbitz on

      Wait, so, you're shipping the book via PONY Express?

      (See what I did there?)

    2. Ann Lemay on


    3. Elliot Blake on

      I feel your pain. It took me far longer than anticipated just to get my Kickstarter project done, and nothing felt quite as good as getting the last set of envelopes out the door. Looking forward to receiving the book!

    4. Missing avatar

      Tanner Dabel on

      Greg, I'm not sure if you read all of these as I'm sure you get tons of them and can't keep up on all of them. But I just wanted to comment that every time I begin to lose faith on if my book will arrive (I got a basic package, now wishing it had been a rare in royal or remarked book) you come through with yet another awesome update. Thank you for for keeping us in the loop as you work through sending everything out. It really means a lot to me and if I ever run into you again at another con, I'll be sure to thank you personally. Hoping the rest of the room runs smoothly for you. You guys are due for some good luck and smooth sailing.

    5. Ronnie M on

      Thank you for the update. I am happy to wait as long as it takes when you keep us informed like this. You should have included the picture not to be coy though. Sometimes it helps people to realize the enormity of the task and how much it takes over your life. Good luck going forward. You continue to run a great campaign even in the midst of hardships and setbacks.

    6. Elliot Williams

      Thanks for the update, sounds like things will be smoother with the bulk of the more complex pledges out of the way. The photo of packages would have been nice though, and a good reminder for you in case you decide to do something this again.

    7. Brad Barnes on

      Jen was right about taking a picture of the boxes (she's always right, anyway: feel free to renew your vows and remind her that it was MY idea!), but sending an image of your Fantasy Pony Express was cute! Don't stop thinking about tomorrow and hold fast!

    8. Missing avatar

      Tara Gemmell on

      Master Rucka Esq

      please consider the derivative effects of such actions. I can not un-see what you have shown. While my years have seen the ravages of war, plague and civil unresst prepare me for such horrors, what if a child or lady of a more gentle disposition was witness to what you thrust upon our person. I send this from a fainting couch in my salon as I recover. I pray thee to use more restraint in future correspondence, perhaps depictions of ebola victims or vivisection to lighten the subject.



    9. Missing avatar

      Raymond Elliott on


      Rainbow Dash is 20% cooler in all pictures.

    10. Ben Hawkes on

      Is this your way of confirming the My Little Pony variant cover for volume 2?

    11. Arthur Santos on

      As a Brony with a Rainbow Dash iPhone case and keychain you'll get no complaints from me!