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A Project which aims to create a set of Creative Commons Licensed Fantasy Portraits using the likenesses of the projects supporters.
A Project which aims to create a set of Creative Commons Licensed Fantasy Portraits using the likenesses of the projects supporters.
33 backers pledged $2,567 to help bring this project to life.

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Well it's been a looong process, far more difficult than I initially expected, especially considering the heavy workload the classes you all helped me afford caused me. But I can finally say I have finished the Creative Commons Portrait Marathon, and a marathon it was. Following are two sheets of fifteen portraits, equalling thirty portraits. You may be saying that you expected thirty five portraits, but five backers despite repeated attempts at contact have neglected to send me photographs to work from. If any of you receive this and still want me to paint your portrait for FLARE, please get in contact with me.

These two sheets are hanging now in an art show displaying my entertainment design work. I will have photos of this for everyone soon. Additionally, I will be updating with a downloadable pack of each and every one of the portraits in editable format as soon as I can manage. A huge thanks to Clint for developing such an amazing game and to all of you for supporting me in my endeavors. You'll hear more from me soon.

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New Portraits + Portfolio

Hey all,

It's been too long since my last update, school and life have sapped my time, but that is no excuse for my absence. As recompense and proof of life, I hope you will all accept a batch of new portraits which puts my total at around twenty.

I also wanted to announce that these portraits will be a part of an art exhibition I am having at a local gallery here in California. The show is in February, so all of them will have to be done by then. The fire is really underneath me now.

As an additional bit of encouragement for all of your continued support of me in this long quest to paint 35 likenesses (likeness is hard!). Please check out my new portfolio. All of the pieces you see in my portfolio were made this year, so the training that all of you helped me to receive helped me in turn to make these pieces of art, all of which are permissively licensed under a CC BY-SA license. I hope that though this project has taken me some time to complete, you are all still happy to have helped me procure a finer art education with which to pursue free culture projects

Fresh batch of portraits

Hey all, sorry for the delay in getting this first release out. I had an injury earlier in the year which kept me preoccupied, and then school started. The pace should be much quicker from this point on and I apologise for the delays. In any case, I have these 10 and about 23 others to complete (with 2 additional portraits of my choice to finish the 35 I guaranteed). I intend to complete the bulk over the next month and a half, and will try to post the fruits of my labor every Wednesday from this point forth, so if you don't see anything from me one wednesday, feel free to bug me. Also if you are one of the subjects of a portrait I have painted (or will paint) keep in mind that these are drafts (most without final color) and I am open to suggestions on costume or concerns you have.

I hope you all enjoy, and be sure to play the releases Clint is dropping all the time, each release is miles better than the last. He's a madman. And while you're at it, check out the last two posts on my blog if you wanna see a little of what school has been churning out of me. The bulk of my characters and creatures will be cleaned up and released under free licenses for use as illustrations or concept art.


So I've reached two thirds of my goal in just over a week. At this rate I seem poised to reach my goal and then some. With this in mind I've decided to expand the project somewhat.

How you might ask? Well the first update is an obvious one. If I manage to make in the next three weeks what I've made in the last 8 or 9 days, that is to say if I reach $2000, then I will do a minimum of 35 portraits! Which is quite a sizeable addition considering I've had so many generous donations that I currently only have about 17 or so backers to actually paint.

The second is a little more ambitious and a lot more exciting for me. If I reach $3000 by December 28th, then I will not only release 35 dual licensed fantasy portraits but I will also create a full length instructional video showing the painting process I have used for this collection! So tell your friends and spread the word to all the gamers and fantasy fans in your life. I don't just want to paint you, I want to teach you how to paint.