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A first person shooter like no other before. You are the Blind Warrior, instead of playing with your eyes, you must use your ears.

A first person shooter like no other before. You are the Blind Warrior, instead of playing with your eyes, you must use your ears. Read More
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The makers of Papa Sangre II, the best-reviewed iOS game of 2013 very proudly present their next game: Audio Defence: Zombie Arena — an insane first-person splatterfest coming soon to iOS.

In Audio Defence: Zombie Arena, you’re a gunslinger fighting your way from anonymity to fame and glory in Dr. Bastard's Zombie Arena, a deadly live spectacle where the mischievous Dr. Bastard pits his zombie experiments against lone challengers for the bloodthirsty pleasure of the audience.

We have the best 3D audio engine in the world, the Papa Engine. Just put on headphones to immerse yourself in our 3D sound world. You’ll hear and feel Zombies moving all around you as if they were in the real world. You turn to aim your device where you hear them and shoot them dead before they get to you. 

You can listen to the Papa Sangre gameplay trailer here for a demo of the engine. Don't forget your headphones!

Papa Engine is our very own 3D audio engine available to license
Papa Engine is our very own 3D audio engine available to license


A few months ago we came up with an idea: let's make the Trojan Horse of audio games, the one that will convince people that audio games are a whole new world of untapped gameplay experiences. So let's focus on pure gameplay. Let's make it easy to pick up and play while keeping it deep and, most of all, outrageously fun.

And so we took that idea and ran with it. Fast forward a few months and today the game's close to completion. We have worked on most of the sounds and the core gameplay. We're ready to launch Beta and we're looking for testers. We're aiming at an early summer 2014 release.

Core Gameplay

Our goal is to deliver an awesome first person mobile shooting game by putting players out of their comfort zone, using the most powerful graphics card in the world: our imagination. 

This is a full-on action game with arcade roots about shooting Zombies from a fixed position, using just your ears.  Survival requires nerves of steel, as one bite from a Zombie that gets to you means insta-death.

The in-game interface is simply a tool with which you interact with this crazy world. You can play Audio Defence: Zombie Arena with your eyes closed, and it makes full use of iOS accessibility features to allow blind gamers to play without a hitch. 

Game Interface
Game Interface

Using headphones, you must rely only on your hearing to locate threats 360 degrees around you. Then you turn your body in real-time to aim and shoot down the zombies using iOS gyroscope controls. If that’s too intense for you, we have Swipe and Tilt modes for stationary gameplay. 

You’ll be fighting over 10 Zombie types, each with its own unique behaviour or special trait. It will be tough, but you’re in luck. With an arsenal of 15 upgradable weapons, from shotguns and swords to bazookas and automatic rifles, you’ll be able to build your perfect loadout to take on the undead in two different game modes over 4 exotic Arenas. And you’ll always be watched by Dr. Bastard as he tries to kill you for the crowd’s amusement. 

As you play you will earn Coins and Diamonds, which will allow you to buy weapons, upgrade the ones you have and boost power ups. We will offer a few optional IAP items to speed up your earnings, but no amount of IAP will make up for true skill for all purposes of competitive gameplay though Game Center leaderboards. We've put a lot of effort in balancing the game to make sure that IAPs are not required to progress normally in the game. Furthermore,  as a pledger, you'll be given a Coin Doubler, with with you'll get the weapons you want as fast as you need them.

The Armory
The Armory

Project Stretch Goals 

We still have loads of ideas for Audio Defence in the back of our head, but we have no time and money to implement them. All the money we make over our goal will be invested in polishing and expanding game content: more levels and zombie types, extravagant arenas, fan requested weapons, new game modes.

We really want to implement a very exotic moon base arena. Use your futuristic weapons to defeat zombies from outer space! 

We also want to integrate a huge Zombie Arena, with a dynamic, overexcited crowd cheering at the Blind Warrior from 360 degrees around your head, which is a complex sound design and tech feat.

These are just some examples. If we get near our goal we will define our stretch goals more precisely.

Last, but not least, if we dramatically exceed expectations, we can look into getting the game out on Android. We know there is a lot of interest from Android owners for our games. We do hear you, we promise, it's just tough to make it work for us economically.

The Team 

From the makers of Papa Sangre II (Metacritic 92% game of 2013), we are a small team of indie developers and creatives based within the content company Somethin' Else. Which means our office is pretty nice, but we have no publisher to back us up. 

The team behind Audio Defence: Zombie Arena
The team behind Audio Defence: Zombie Arena

The sound design has been done by Adele Cutting and James Locke-Hart, the sound designers behind Pottermore, Harry Potter games and Dungeon Keeper 2.
This is what Hulk Zombie sounds like when he hasn't eaten his porridge yet.

About us 

Somethin’ Else games is a small studio within a wider content company based in London, UK on a mission to push audio to the forefront of mobile gaming. We have been making audio-only mobile games since 2009 when we released Papa Sangre. We put Benedict Cumberbatch in space with The Nightjar and sent Sean Bean to the afterworld in Papa Sangre II. Our games are loved by sighted and non-sighted players equally.

Risks and challenges

The challenge lies in the future. Can we keep making audio games?

Somethin’ Else love making 3D audio games. We have spent the past four years investing in R&D to build and develop the Papa Engine that powers these games. We’ve always got awesome reviews, great support from Apple and a slew of award nominations, and yet our previous game Papa Sangre II hasn't sold as much as we would have liked. Which forced us to slash our budget for Audio Defence while we were in mid production. That hasn't stopped us, however. Over the last months, we've been crafting this game with all our love, and pushed hard to bring it to completion.

So this is what it all comes down to: if we reach our funding goal on Kickstarter, we will fulfil the essential development costs of getting Audio Defence to the market. If we don’t manage that, chances are we’ll have to pull out of making innovate audio games.

We have faith that the same audience who loved Papa Sangre and The Nightjar, especially those loyal blind gamers who have supported us from the beginning, will help us keep making games, finding new ways of exciting gameplay through audio only.

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    Pledge £3 or more About $5 USD

    Coin Doubler + a big bag of in-game Coins when you buy the game, and your name in the credits.

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    Pledge £6 or more About $10 USD

    All of the above plus pre-release access to the game so you can shoot grotesque zombies before anyone else.

    *This is the only reward that gives you early access to the game due to promo code limitations*

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    Pledge £6 or more About $10 USD

    All the above, plus a copy of the game.

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    Pledge £10 or more About $17 USD

    All of the rewards listed above, plus the powerful SONIC CANNON, exclusive to our Kickstarter backers.

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    Pledge £20 or more About $33 USD

    All of the rewards above plus an exclusive radio show which outlines the best Audio Defence strategies and tips to make your stand against the Zombies.

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    Pledge £50 or more About $83 USD

    All of the rewards above plus 10 exclusive sound FX files from the game for your free usage - a mixture of zombies and weaponry.

    Also 5 copies of the game for your friends, plus a copy of all our previous audio games: The Nightjar, Papa Sangre, & Papa Sangre II.

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    11 backers
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    Pledge £100 or more About $166 USD

    YOUR VOICE IN THE GAME: Send us your most convincing recording of you taunting or supporting the blind warrior, and we'll integrate you to our crowd.
    eg. ("GO ON BLIND WARRIOR !!!", or "KILL THEM ALL", or any more creative line of your choice). Plus all the rest of the awards above.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 2 backers
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    Pledge £250 or more About $415 USD


    Practice your zombie impression, then head down to the Somethin' Else studios in London where we will record you spawning, moaning, lurching, and then inevitably dying a horrible death. A rare opportunity to star in your own video game! Plus you get every other reward thrown in too.

    *Must be able to travel to our office in London. Expenses not included*

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    Ships to Only United Kingdom
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