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Last Saga is a skirmish wargame set in a sci-fi universe, represented by miniatures of high quality metal.
347 backers pledged £18,882 to help bring this project to life.

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Last Saga: a new beginning

Posted by Nicolas Diaz (Creator)

Hi everyone!
Well, that’s it: we have finally come to a successful project fulfilment! The backup shipping wave is coming out, so we can say this closes the Kickstarter project. A long trip this has been! 

This matches the release of the English rulebook on its beta form:

Take into account that right now it is a direct translation of the Spanish rulebook; it needs a lot of work on text clarification and in the usage of a proper speech, but we are on it! 

How to stay in touch from now on? 

  • International community: 

You can follow the updates in the international Last Saga Facebook group: 

This group was originally created to be the closed beta testing group in English, but it was opened to be public; it’s reason to exist now is to hold the general discussion of the game, development of the rulebook, painting, lore, and in general, all the news about Last Saga and related material. We encourage you to join in! 

  • Comunidad en español (Spanish community): 

Podéis uniros al grupo de Facebook de Last Saga en español: 

En él se postearán noticias sobre Last Saga y artículos relacionados, últimos avances en el desarrollo del manual, manuales de pintura, trasfondo, y mucho más. ¡Os recomendamos que os unáis! 

Are there any other communication channels? Sure! 

  • The official Unusual Creative Studio Facebook page; there you can send any messages and we will answer ASAP. 

  • The Last Saga official website; news, articles and more! 

Also, we will start a newsletter to send monthly updates about any news, articles, etc. via email. It will come soon! 

  • The Last Saga online store; to acquire the commercialized products! 

Taking advantage of this, and to answer some comments, the discount coupons (to all backers) and compensatory coupons (to backers with the Calamity on their pledges) will be sent to your Kickstarter email during the next month upon the commercial launch of Uruhvel. That way there will be enough commercialized material to choose from! 

So this is not a farewell! The works on Last Saga will continue even harder, but more focused on stablish a healthy community and a hub for all the aspects of the hobby. 

See you soon! And as it is not unusual: thank you very much for everything!

Last Saga

Posted by Nicolas Diaz (Creator)

Hello everyone! 

Well, we now can say that the official shipping of the Last Saga rewards has ended! All the backers that followed the project process should have received (or will do imminently) a package with their chosen rewards.   

Hurray! I’ll admit sometimes this seemed to be an unreachable point, but now here we are! Thank you very much for your kind words in the previous update comments; I assure you that appreciation means A LOT to us. And of course, thank you very much for your patience and understanding through the whole process. I know sometimes we have pushed your patience too far with miscommunications (or complete silences), so I personally apologize for that. The struggle has been sometimes very hard, with some serious stuff happening in these three years.  

But these are now things from the past: let’s move forward and see what’s coming! Starting with the worries you have expressed, to clarify them as much as possible:

  • The Calamity: as you know we were forced to drop the model. Every backer who included these in their rewards choices will receive a coupon for the online store in near future, probably shortly after it’s open during the commercial launch. Of course, the coupon has no expiry date and you can use it to purchase any other models you want for its value, free shipping included with the use of the coupon of course.
  • The rulebook! It continues under beta testing under an amazing group of players. We are getting very good feedback of the game system and great coverage of all the details that could cause conflict in games. With the polishing it’s receiving we are sure it will be great when finally released. The plan is to close it in a couple of weeks and start the English translation ASAP to have it done by April commercial launch. As you know, it will be a free digital distribution; a physical future rulebook is in our minds, but it will not be immediate: we want Last Saga to be played and tested even more before going to a physical book. Why? We think that a document that is going to be printed should be as perfect as possible, to avoid the need of huge FAQs to cover the easily mended errors.
  • The digital art book: our illustrator is working in more images for the units, a necessary step for the miniatures commercialization. All of them along the concept arts you well know are projected to be collected in the digital art book.
  • As commented, the commercialization will be done during April. It will comprehend the airing of the website and online store. You will receive a discount for the first purchase on the store: a little compensation for all your patience and belief in us. Besides the rulebook, more stuff will be available in the website; especially we have been asked about more details on the parts composing each miniature, to have an easy check of the goods expected to come. We are working on that, amongst other things. 

Ok! More stuff! Some images to share from the Hispania Wargames. We were there, the complete staff of Unusual Creative Studio along with the guys from Zenit! For some of you that may not know, Unusual Creative is the evolution of the old Rocket Games. Here some photos of the event! 

The full team!
The full team!




Demonstration games had a very good reception!
Demonstration games had a very good reception!


Sketching time!
Sketching time!




Painted minis! José David (Last Saga painter) won a couple prizes in the painting contest with the Tanaor Starter Pack.
Painted minis! José David (Last Saga painter) won a couple prizes in the painting contest with the Tanaor Starter Pack.


Two Unusuals and a Hone Bushi infiltrated!
Two Unusuals and a Hone Bushi infiltrated!


So, this may raise the question: in which state is Last Saga? The final arrangement we have reached is: we, Unusual Creative Studio are in charge of the creation and development of Last Saga, while Zenit is in charge of the production and distribution. This basically ensures the future of the game! Prepare to be hearing more and more of Last Saga from now on. 

This is it! Probably one more update will be made here in the Kickstarter, to announce the commercial release next month along anything more that should be said here. With that update, the KS project will be considered officially closed. 

Of course, making contact with us will be very easy: 
Unusual Creative Studio
Facebook Page:
Twitter: @hello_unusual

Also, for any issues with orders, shipping, or production related, contacting Zenit Miniatures directly will probably be better and faster: 

Finally, not enough words to thank you enough: so just a big THANK YOU! 

See you soon!

It's almost done!

Posted by Nicolas Diaz (Creator)

Hello everyone!

Apologies first for taking so long in the promised update; but good news! After such a long time, the Last Saga Kickstarter is almost finished! This has been an unexpectedly long journey, but we are now in a position to finally fulfill the project and have a commercial release next month.

During this time, some aspects of the project have changed, so we are going to cover these issues right now:

Some models have changed from what was intended in the original project. Either simply because the original modeling was subpar, and it needed to be reworked to match the rest of the cast better; or because the original plan and agreement for the models were no longer possible.

Also, one model had to be left out undone: the Calamity for the Uruhvel has not been produced. While it seems the sculptor in charge had the T-pose of the model complete, we haven’t received any news for months; we didn’t want to wait any longer, so we have discarded that model from the project.

Because of that, all the backers that had included the Calamity in their pledge rewards will receive compensation, in the form of a coupon valid for the online store of Last Saga. Also, all Last Saga backers will receive a special code as was previously announced; it will apply a good discount to their first purchase in the online store. Those will be sent out in near future, when the online store is opened simultaneously to the commercialization of the game.

This is the full list of models in the Last Saga Kickstarter.

The Council:





The changes and adjustments have been always on behalf the quality of the final model and product, trying to close the project as successfully as possible despite all the problems. We hope you understand!

Some backers have given us feedback about the difficulties when mounting some miniatures. Specially the Assault Biodrone can be hard to handle without having visual references, so we are posting an image here of its render and the painted miniature, along many others. In near future, this information will be included in the Last Saga website, which is almost finished.


Assault Biodrone 3D Render
Assault Biodrone 3D Render


Assault Biodrone for the Empire
Assault Biodrone for the Empire

About the Recruitment Cards, our initial plan was to provide them for each one of the models to help to keep track of the units in and out of games. As we focused all the efforts in having the best possible models, we discarded their production (no pun intended) because the high number of cards required was an inefficient way to spend the resources. Instead we preferred to add that information into the rulebook, making it much bigger than originally intended, and make available other forms of helping with unit’s information in games and outside of them.

The current rulebook is in Spanish language, being tested by a closed group of players: we did that because it is easier for us to test the system in our native language, and constantly updating both versions is inefficient speaking time-wise. During this month it will be polished and translated, so the English version will be released at the same time the Spanish version does. This release will be digital and free to download, as we had planned from the beginning. After its release, we might prepare physical version of the rulebook if the demand for it is high enough.

Finally, the shipping! It is almost done. It is. Believe it. All the packages are ready, only waiting for the Matriarch and Stalker to be included, whose are being produced while you read these lines; as the copies come out, the shipping will be done. Here some images of the final models:

Matriarch for Uruhvel
Matriarch for Uruhvel


Stalker for Uruhvel
Stalker for Uruhvel


From left to right, body copies of the Manticore C, Matriarch and Stalker.
From left to right, body copies of the Manticore C, Matriarch and Stalker.

The shipping should finish this week, maximum within the first days of the next one. When everything has been sent, another update will come, to finally close the project. As a final addendum, some more images of painted miniatures, in preparation for the commercialization of the range:

Three Exclion and an Assault Biodrone of the Empire.
Three Exclion and an Assault Biodrone of the Empire.


One of the Exclion.
One of the Exclion.


Some of The Council units.
Some of The Council units.


A painted Gunner of The Council; one of the new models.
A painted Gunner of The Council; one of the new models.


The Manticore!
The Manticore!


A Black Crow!
A Black Crow!

See you soon in the next update!

At the workshop!

Posted by Nicolas Diaz (Creator)

Hi everybody!

In the workshop we continue to work without rest in the preparation of shipments, cleaning metals, cataloging and bagging like crazy.

Fulfilling our goal of delivering before Christmas is only a few days more hard work :D

As a thank you to your unconditional support, with the shipment you will receive a unique discount code for the Zenit Miniatures online store, available for use in any of its available ranges on the page including Last Saga.

Here you can enjoy some images of the workshop right now! Also, you may find interesting to see the first painted models we are preparing for inserts. And as popular request, pics of Uruhvel models.





















By the way, we also want to share the information of the new campaign that Zenit Miniatures launches tomorrow.

Thanks for all the supporting messages we have received these days! We are very thankfully and we are also very exited with the Last Saga shipments

Happy weekend to all!


Our new kickstarter starts tomorrow at 21:00 UTC +1 . 15:00 EST.

There will be only one pledge of 100 euros that includes the Basic Box + Free Oni Expansion + All stretch goals unlocked (70miniatures at the beginning). Early birds pledge will be open 24h and it will have a discount from the official pledge.

All the campaign Stretch Goals are free! As our total pledge is increased, the stretch goal unlocked will be added as a reward to all Hero backers.

Yōkai Quest is a collaborative game for 1 or more players, set in a fantasy world Japan-inspired with a chibi look. The players control brave heroes who face the evil plans of ninjas of the Red Claw and terrifying yōkai. An action game inspired by the mechanics of beat'em up and RPG.

In Yōkai Quest, a game is played in stages, each one represented by a board.

The chosen scenario to play will specify which board must be set each stage, where are the spawn points of the yōkai, and the entry point of the heroes and what they must accomplish in order to advance to the next stage.

At the final stage, the final boss awaits. Heroes must defeat these powerful enemies to win the scenario.

The Basic Box will include a variety of single-play scenarios, and a complete campaign with its own history and development.

Players can choose between different heroes: the brave samurai, the stoic monk, the fiery gunslinger, the righteous priest, and many more! Each hero has a unique set of traits: movement, health, defence, melee power, reach and ranged power. All these traits are listed in the hero's card.

All the miniatures will be made in high quality plastic and will be preasembled. We hope to see you in this new campaign. As always, thanks for your support!

Join us in this new adventure.

Finalize your shipping address!

Posted by Nicolas Diaz (Creator)

This is it! We’re finally getting ready to ship!

We will lock down shipping addresses in 7 days. That means you have a week to update your shipping address!

We are sending an email to all backers who has replied surveys and payed shipping so you can check if your address is correct.

  • If your address is OK, you do not need to worry, no action is needed.
  • Else, please reply to the email with the updated address.

We’re currently aiming to ship rewards on November/December. If you need, you can reach us through :


PS: Here are some images of a new miniature (post KS), and the updated Last Saga logo, as a bonus. Hope you like!