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A special RPG in which you assemble your team, build and manage your base, collect resources, and survive in a post-apocalyptic world
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Combat Video and Update

Posted by Photon Productions (Creator)
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 Hi Everyone,

This video shows the basic combat gameplay (how to equip your companions, modify weapons, commanding a squad, cover, etc)

Some important features for the next build:

1. AI can do proper pathfinding outside of the base.

2. If your companion got lost(for instance, you left him too far behind), he would return base.

3. Certain attachment can be mounted on certain weapon(for instance, a sniper scope can be attached to most rifles)

4. You can spend the extra money on some bonus cards. for instance you can buy a reinforcement card for 5000. And what it does is basically calling 5 militia men to fight for you. This feature is not that important to the overall gameplay, it just brings a bit more fun and balance.

Known Issue,

The previous issue was the pathfinding and it was solved. Now we have had some reports on crashes and saving problem. The crash is the tricky one, since it could be caused by so many factors. We are working with several testers to solve this problem and hopefully the system will be more stable in the next build.

What's next

The game mechanism is pretty much what it is right now. There could be a lot more features to be polished and added in. But we think that if the game is more balanced and without bugs, it will be playable. So debugging and balancing is what we are focusing on right now.

1. Adding music and sound effects

2. Add a large vehicle to carry more people(we only have two small buggy cars at the moment). It makes life easier if you want to lead a large team to expedition.

3. Adding backer customized items(customized characters, item designing, location name, etc) We are sending out surveys to collect these information.

4. Debugging, Debugging, Debugging....

Estimated Release Date 4/20


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    1. Zombra on

      Keep up the good work! Very much looking forward to FF.

    2. Missing avatar

      Alexander Schilpp on

      Thanks for the update ... Forsaken Fortress looks like a good wilderness / squad combat game. Though that's not exactly what I was hoping for ... I hoped the main focus would be base building, management, character development, research.

    3. Amenomade on

      How did we came from "RPG in which you assemble your team, build and manage your base, collect resources, and survive" to TPS with some stats in it ( that clearly doesn't matter for the moment ), where you hunt bandits, scavenge a little, and where militia is a thing, like their is too much self sufficient people, and town.I was thinking we will have to go farther and farther to scavenge with a few people and few ammo, it's ammo feast for the moment.
      If you use the dev cheat to stuff cool, but the beginning is a little strange, linear progression at the beginning will be welcome, like only melee, then you find some handgun and a rifle, and more and more, when you need to go too far, you begin to build vehicles...
      The IA have unlimited ammo where you clearly don't have much, and companions don't have fire mode configuration too.
      I know it's too early but it fill weird for me to have to conquer small camp, and villages, with free NPC called militia that shot everywhere.
      An other point is the death that doesn't matter, you respawn, and you die again and again, same for your followers. As an important gameplay element for me it's something that need to be thinking at the beginning, like do I have to build a medical facility, assign a medical team that will come a get the wounded in a wheelbarrow ( survival, we don't have ambulances ). That kind of stuff.
      I like what I see and what you do, but again, as for the TPS crisis some month ago, I don't know if what you do is what I was waiting for.
      And, add stances :p, because sniping in prone position with a x18 scope is better.

    4. Missing avatar

      John N on

      Looks like fun, I love when games are party based.

    5. Missing avatar


      Looking good, PP! Forsaken Fortress is getting more and more polished, I hope we can see some higher resolution videos soon,

    6. Missing avatar

      Mat on

      Wow, looks like this is coming along really well. It must be gratifying to see your hard work paying off. :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Taziar on

      Is the 4/20 date for the next Beta release, or the actual estimated release?

    8. Photon Productions Creator on

      Thanks! We divided the entire map into 7 smaller regions and used the traditional navigation mesh baking process. So much easier than we thought.

    9. Missing avatar

      ukshadow on

      Looking good. How did you solve the path search problem you had?