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A special RPG in which you assemble your team, build and manage your base, collect resources, and survive in a post-apocalyptic world
A special RPG in which you assemble your team, build and manage your base, collect resources, and survive in a post-apocalyptic world
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melee combat and the next step

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 Hello Folks,

According to the feedback from the last alpha test, we decided to spend time on polishing the features we already have by adding details, rather than developing new features. There are some significant progress we have done.

1. Melee Combat: Ammunition will be more scarce.

2. Character Control: Many people has complained about the aiming, so we did some modifications and now it should be easier to aim and shoot.

3. Base Building: We are adding more details to the base building to make it more important.

4. Quest: We have added a few simple missions to the game. The main purpose was to test the quest system.

The next step: Polishing, balancing and debugging. A lot of details(UI elements, sounds, interactions) needs to be added to bring a smoother gameplay and that is what we are focusing right now. 

Newbies Village
Newbies Village
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    1. Missing avatar

      Oliver Lally on

      Its been more than a month where's an update?

    2. Tubbster on

      Like some others said, I thought it was more a RTS than a 3rd person shooter...

    3. Missing avatar

      Oliver Lally on

      What happened to the 3rd person view? I really liked that from the 1st alpha.

    4. Benjamin Harris on

      I don't understand. I installed the alpha, and it was just a bare room with my four characters being attacked by bears and zombies

    5. Aysir on

      Arcadey shooting isn't necessarily a bad thing. Valkyria Chronicles added it to a turn based strategy game and did a good job with it.
      It's good to hear that you're looking to polish what you have. There's still a lot of potential in Forsaken Fortress, and polishing will make sure a lot of that is realised.

    6. Turk

      i am gonna add my 2 cents as well, the combat has gone become more and more arcadey and less precise. Almost like any generic 3rd person RTS shooter than a RPG or real time pause strategy .

    7. Igor on

      are these new updates downloadable? when will you release new version? maybe you should make web system to manage all the backers in one place, where they will download each update.

    8. Missing avatar

      CJ on

      I'm OK with the 3rd person shooting aspect, as long as it's not the main player activity in the game. I would like to be able to grab a few people, group them into a squad and send them off to do their thing (but also have the ability to control a single squad member if I want). I was expecting to be able to send a group out hunting/scavenging, set another group to patrolling/protecting the base, have another group making upgrades or crafting, and send another group exploring, all without needing to control any of them individually.

      I do like the idea of rare bullets and fragile team members. It should be dangerous out there!

    9. Robert Moy on

      Looks mostly good, with my main concern being about the combat. Where it's real-time and therefore planned strategy is limited, you're character(s) seem way too squishy and the enemy way too tough (it took like 10 shots to kill that boar). If you're character dies easily you need to either overcome this with careful planning (so leaning towards turn based combat), or have a super responsive combat system (so dodging because of player skill). On the other hand, if the combat is real-time with limited options (aka Diablo), you need to be a lot tougher IMO.

      I was expecting either turn-based combat or RTS like paradroid, but I understand how ideas on game play can change and I still appreciate how much time and effort you guys have put in, and the quality of the game in general, especially compared to the dollar amount raised.

    10. QuiZZer on

      I agree, this is not what I thought I was supporting... 3rd person gameplay.... not interested. Still happy I supported, but this seems like rather much of a change in direction as others have mentioned.

    11. John Falcon

      I would rather it be turn based like Jagged Alliance. I'm glad I donated and supported the project but I may not invest much time playing it....

    12. Missing avatar

      paradroid on

      @light487: same here, I thought it was more like Dwarf Fortress + RTS + Fallout but now it looks like a isometric-shooter :-(

    13. Tony Porter on

      I am really looking forward to FF now, this is looking more and more like my kind of game! Well done, can't wait!

    14. Missing avatar

      Mat on

      Congratulations on all the progress you've made thus far. I really like the art and am impressed with what I'm seeing. Hope it's not all work and that you're actually having fun with the project. The UI looks pretty snazzy, too.

    15. Zombra on

      Cool! Still very much looking forward to FF.

    16. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      Eeek... not sure I like what I am seeing in the video.. it appears to be a mish-mash of 3rd person shooter and RTS. I would have thought the game would be essentially an RTS with camera modes that allowed switching between different characters as well as a free-look camera rather than constantly following a single character and directly controlling the character... isn't that what the original plan was? How can it change so dramatically....?