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A special RPG in which you assemble your team, build and manage your base, collect resources, and survive in a post-apocalyptic world
A special RPG in which you assemble your team, build and manage your base, collect resources, and survive in a post-apocalyptic world
3,535 backers pledged $121,096 to help bring this project to life.

Some upper level add-ons

Hey guys.

FF needs some extra push to reach the goal and hopefully get to a stretch goal or two.

Would you like to contribute more to FF and participate in game making?

We have deleted some upper level reward tiers which no one has selected, and have instead listed them as add-ons so that they are cheaper. And we believe these add-ons are more interesting to you.

These add-ons are limited, not included in any reward tiers, and are only available to Kickstarter  backers : )

Your name will appear somewhere in the game($30) <30 left>
We will use your name as an item name, minor location name, building name or an NPC’s name.

Your name will be used as a major area name($100) <8 left>
Johnson Hill, Rose River...

Become a “Radio Channel” in the Forsaken World($350) <3 left>
Do you remember the “Three Dog” in Fallout?  You will become the same thing. Your voice will be recorded and be played when you turn on a radio. You will design the message you want to deliver, as well as the “personality” you want your listener to perceive. Note that this add-on doesn’t include a game character, which means people won't find an NPC of you anywhere. If you want to have a “physical” appearance in the game, you need the character tier as well.

In-game Pet modeled after your pet ($200) <5 left>
You will need to provide front and side pictures of your pet and let us know what skills it has. For example, you can give your dog pet a skill of "Food Finder". Please no dragons or anything like that. And please no squirrels. A squirrel is not a pet, it is a god!

Design and name a Standard Item(weapon, armor, food or item) ($80) <10 left>
You will work with us on its appearance, attribute, function and how you can find this item or the material needed to craft this item. If it is a gun, you need to define its caliber, accuracy, and mag size. Players can find this item easily.

Design and name a Legendary Item (weapon, armor, food or item) ($250) <3 left>
You will work with us on its appearance, attribute, function and how you can find this item or the material needed to craft this item. This item should be hard to find or comes with a specific mission.

Design and name a small In-game Village($650) <3 left>
You will provide this town's history, it’s possible residents, its function, its location and appearance. Note that the village is much smaller than the town from $2000 reward tier.

Designed and name a Creature($350) <6 left>
You will decide its name, characteristics, appearance, attack style, preferred location, etc.

Design and name an Architecture ($200) <10 left>
You will decide its name, appearance, function and location. It can be your house, your high school, your favorite movie theater, etc.

Become a monster lord in the game($500)<3 left>
We will make you into a bad-ass human-shaped monster boss. Similar to the character package, you need to provide us your photo, preferred skills, attack styles, preferred location, favorite food and so on.

Become an Atomic Squirrel in the wasteland($100,000,000,000,000)<1 left>
kidding....:D  have a nice day!

Note:Your design will be included in the final game and played by everybody.  If you have no idea how to design, don't worry, we will work with you. We will also provide a designing guide.

You will need to click the "Manage Your Pledge" button, then add in the amount and let us know which add-ons you selected. You can contact us by sending us messages(the button is on the right side of the company logo). And since they are limited, please also check the add-ons section on the main page to see if it is still available, because we can't update the update after we have posted the update....

Btw,  if you haven't, please like us or become a fan on our facebook. So we can keep you updated that way too. Thanks!

Photon Productions


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    1. Missing avatar

      D.K. Turner on

      Per a comment in the main comment forum about 24 hours ago: there is also a "you will be made into an NPC character" stand alond add-on available from the creators! (I thought this would be the place to share that information, since that is about as awesome an add-on as it gets)

    2. Photon Productions Creator on

      Jesse - Yes you just add in the amount that covers the add-ons you want. Guaranteed to receive the signal for the Christmas box.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jesse Eberenz on

      I do not see any of these as a reward on the right side, do I simply just manage my pledge to the dollar amount listed for these rewards? Also, am I guaranteed to get the radio signal at the start of the game?

    4. Photon Productions Creator on

      Josh - The town can be a pupulated at the begining. As the game progresses, it maybe abandoned or occupied by another group of people or beasts..

    5. Joshua Johnson

      You mention designing a town, will it be a populated town, or another band of survivors? or will it be an abandoned town that you just scavenge in?

    6. Missing avatar

      Laura Lane on

      The Radio Channel is a great idea, it was one of the highlights of Fallout 3

    7. Peter Baltzer Hansen on

      hmmmm considering going for the creature... something like a semi furry/anthro feline possibly also as a big pet :)

    8. gandalf.nho

      Nice add-ons, sadly the pet one is too expensive to me, but maybe I get the $30 one

    9. Dawn_

      +80$ for food item, Roasted squirrel in stick ? Is that possible ? :P

    10. ThomasN on

      Snowraptor: You click on "Manage Your Pledge" on the right side, increase the Dollar-Number at the top by the add-on-number. Then again on the right side, you click "Contact me" and send them a message saying which add-on you want.

    11. Snowraptor on

      So how exactly is this going to work if they aren't listed as rewards?

    12. Photon Productions Creator on

      I love it - There you go!

    13. I love it on

      So exciting, I am start thinking about how to design myself , smart guys