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A special RPG in which you assemble your team, build and manage your base, collect resources, and survive in a post-apocalyptic world
A special RPG in which you assemble your team, build and manage your base, collect resources, and survive in a post-apocalyptic world
3,535 backers pledged $121,096 to help bring this project to life.

A morning in the wasteland

Hey guys,

I made a gameplay video. It is based on the early alpha version of the game we currently have. 

And there are tons of features need to be added during the development phase but hopefully it will give you a better understanding of what FF is about.


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    1. Photon Productions Creator on

      DK - your version will be just like what you said haha

    2. Missing avatar

      D.K. Turner on

      kk that makes me feel better. I like knowing that I do not have to be a one man wrecking crew while the other 8 people in my party just sit there, look pretty, and get shot at... haha

    3. Photon Productions Creator on

      DK - haha, sorry about that. I disabled that machine gunner's damage. Because I want to kill the enemy myself.

    4. Missing avatar

      D.K. Turner on

      Please tell me accuracy is a perk you can upgrade in your charaters. Your Machine-gunner was firing as soon as you were fired upon, yet, after you pulled closer, got out of the vehicle, and moved behind the vehicle, you made all three kills on the NPC enemy. your machine gunner has the firing accuracy of a James Bond evil lair minion...

    5. Photon Productions Creator on

      Alfred - there will be goals, but not as big as creating your own country because it is too big:)

    6. Alfred Lop on

      Will there be an overall story or missions? I enjoy games that have purpose and goals. Maybe like creating your own country in the remnants of the old world.

    7. Ketil K on

      It is looking great, I hope you manage to finish .

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      @John True enough :) Still got the last couple of thousand to get through.

    9. Photon Productions Creator on

      Thanks veryone, you all have brilliant ideas and we love to hear. I agree that if our team is big enough, and we have enough money, this game can be improved 10 times better. Two things as the dev we need to be aware of are 1)we need to make sure it can be done in limited amount of time with limited amount of money 2) we need to make sure the gameplay is focused, too many features doesn't equal to interesting gameplay.

      Keep up with all the ideas, any ideas and we will have to decide what can be done and what can't :)

    10. Ace Knight on

      One word, wow! This has to go forward, it shows huge potential, had I enough money...

    11. John Belt on

      Igor, Jeremy, all that may be a bit more than can be done on such a small scale game. This isn't Skyrim. Besides, right about now I am just hoping they get the backing they need to make the game. I'll worry about the minutia once the game is in production.

    12. Igor on

      my research team will handle it. besides its future, they can research machine which we find in the wasteland and this machine will produce fuel.
      or if you research a nuclear engine and install it on car, finding an energy fuel cell and inserting it into the engine (like in fallout) would be a good fuel replacement.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      @Igor refining crude oil into gas is a fairly complicated process (more so then anything else you listed) I'd hate to see it be a simple thing. For something like gasoline production, it should be a fairly complicated lengthy process (and frankly, not without risk).

    14. Igor on

      salvaging metal from metal buildings and things should be possible.
      salvaging water from large water barrels in the desert should be possible.
      salvaging water from small oasis, streams in caves, underground rivers, making of deep water wells in your base with engineering equipment - should be possible.
      making power sources, and oil wells - should be possible,
      finding ore and smelting should be possible,

    15. Igor on

      whoa this is just the way i have imagined it! the game looks awesome! i WANT IT NOW

    16. Photon Productions Creator on

      Thanks! everyone

    17. Photon Productions Creator on

      Bret - Multiplayer would be super awesome for a stretch goal.

      Tony - Yes, this city is something we put together in 6 days so it looks odd for sure:)

      John - It is the combination of the two. There will be a goal, and missions and events. But you first need to survive.

    18. Photon Productions Creator on

      gandalf - so I remembered you asked if we can visit the city, and there you go!

    19. Photon Productions Creator on

      Grufflehound - Yes, it was on different maps before for simplicity, but it is intended to be on the the same seamless map:D

    20. Photon Productions Creator on

      ukshadow - Kickstarter doesn't allow to change the due date, but we will make it:D

    21. Photon Productions Creator on

      Peter - Peter, you can do that if you want, because you are going to be a game character, it would be the best if he has your voice

    22. Photon Productions Creator on

      Micheal - There is certain degree of environmental salvage. For example you can get metal from wasted cars, empty barrels...But one thing is you can't salvage from major environmental assets such as buildings. We will discuss if it is necessary to do that.

    23. Peter Baltzer Hansen on

      we will make it and as for voices, i would love to do some if needed (for free) not that i am a voice actor or anything...

      love the way the insides and outsides are seamlessly connected, it looks awesome and seems to work that way too...

      would love to be able to explore buildings and potentially other vehicles as well, also the poster who said that the few random multistory buildings on a road isn't great is correct, but it is a thing for later i think...

    24. akana-may on

      We WILL make it!

    25. Missing avatar

      ukshadow on

      I was wondering if it could be possible to lengthen the time limit for the kickstarter at least a week? I am sure you could get this going with a couple of days more.

    26. Missing avatar

      ukshadow on

      Very interesting concept. I am really looking forward to this being fully endorsed. Good luck to you.

    27. Missing avatar

      Christopher Bauer on

      Seriously guys - this looks awesome! I really hope you get funded. One day I hope to work on a game like this and if you guys succeed I'll be proud to have been a part.

    28. Some Guy on

      Nice. Looks good. Still can't believe no one thought to make a similar game before. Great concept.

    29. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    30. gandalf.nho

      Nice video!

    31. Huw Thomas on

      Great demo, very well done!

    32. Missing avatar

      Dmitri Seletski on

      Devs, I feel so sorry that atm game doesn't make it through.
      There are very a few really good Linux games, this one is it.
      One little note. Please make AI run away in case they are overhelmed. At least human one. :P If it will make it...

    33. Missing avatar

      Laura Lane on

      Looks great for an early alpha build!

      With the conversations the generic crowd conversations are fine. If you record lines for each character it would soon get repetitive.

    34. SaltyBrains

      looks interesting.. i hope the funding comes, im gonna up my level, if we all did that, an extra 10er it would be across the line easy :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Mark Wong on

      Very promising. I do hope you get funded.

    36. Brett on

      are u going to make this Mult Player so u can have group lvl's

    37. Micheal Donnellan on

      You show various clutter which is basically resources going to waste around the place. can the tires, pallets, barrels and for example the swings be all used or is the game much simpler with no enviromental salvage? If we can strip a soldier to his underpants why not strip the enviroment as if its surviving in a post apoc evviroment you use everything possible. Rubber, wood, metal sheeting, chains etc should be obtained from prior mentioned items.

    38. Tony Bullard on

      Looks promising. I hope the city/town environments will be a little more realistic in the finished game. A random street with a few multi-story buildings in the middle of nowhere is pretty odd.

    39. John Belt on

      Fantastic demo. This really sells the game for me. I upped my pledge just on this video. The game looks like it has a great amount of replay value. I was wondering. Are there "missions" or is the game more of a straight up survival game or a combination of the two. It seems to have survival aspects with the base construction and gathering of food and resources. Thanks for the update demo.

    40. Photon Productions Creator on

      Yes, we will figure this out later - I have also seen someone even attempt to use computer generated voice, which is......horrible

    41. Missing avatar

      Wexmajor on

      Please do not even attempt to actually voice every line of dialogue. I can't imagine a scenario where that wouldn't ruin the game.

    42. Amenephis

      Well, you can always go the Elder Scrolls method and just only have like four voices in the entire world, simple but functional. I couldn't help but notice that even over the short time you were in that base the ambient noise proved noticeably repetitive, and while of course this is just an early alpha, still, that's the time to make things better, no?

      That said, I love what I see! Really looking forward to this.

    43. Photon Productions Creator on

      We still haven't figure out what to do with conversations though. There are two methods, the first one is what we are doing right now, record crowd conversation and this is the easiest way but not accurate. another way is to record lines for each individual character so they have their own voice and stuff, but it is tremendously more work.

    44. Missing avatar

      bosworth115 on

      shhhh, don't call the AI dumb, AI never forgets. But on a more serious note your game looks absolutely beautiful, but if I could make a suggestion if that's allowed, I think it would be very cool and immersive if you recorded day to day conversations for the ambient noises when you are walking around your base. Also someone else has probably suggested this as well but maybe stealth could somewhat be implemented into the game. Anyways thanks for the video!

    45. Photon Productions Creator on

      Eyad - Yes there is leveling system. But slightly different from many other rpgs. Your specific skill increases if you use that skill often. for example if you let a character produce a lot of ammo, his/her crafting skill will increase. And his/her overall level depends on the overall skill points.
      So there is no experience.

    46. Eyad Alkhatti on

      Will there be a leveling up system? If so what kinds of actions grant experience?

    47. Photon Productions Creator on

      minions... haha! Yes, basically we want to make characters more like person, instead of unit...

    48. Joshua Johnson

      awesome, I like seeing my minions....ahem, fellow survivors taking care of themselves. makes the base look alive and realistic rather than people just standing around, this was one thing that X-com lacked, while there was some animation everything was mostly static.