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A special RPG in which you assemble your team, build and manage your base, collect resources, and survive in a post-apocalyptic world
A special RPG in which you assemble your team, build and manage your base, collect resources, and survive in a post-apocalyptic world
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Some race concept arts

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There will be so much more than zombies in the FF world. There are mutants, twisted animals, cave people, trolls.....

Our artists Linlin and Serina had created three concept arts.

1) Forest giants: They used to be human and the environment turned them into half-beasts. However they are usually friendly unless you really pissed them off.

2) Gangs: They are just badass raiders who want to take everything from you.

3) Unknown beast: They are definitely hostile. Please name them.:)

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    1. Missing avatar

      andrew on December 17, 2012

      "sand reapers "or just "reapers "

    2. Photon Productions Creator on December 17, 2012

      Thanks guys! We will keep these stuff coming

    3. Missing avatar

      andrew on December 17, 2012

      love it ...some super monsters and other thrown in creature will really make the game with a contentious learning curve and always have long term players on their feet

    4. Go on December 17, 2012

      wreck fiends

    5. Avarchillion on December 17, 2012

      Postapocalyptic scenario with trolls and other monsters? that sounds very promising. :-)

    6. Dawn_
      on December 15, 2012

      Skreechers, Raiders or Razors (Fallout reference), Leshyi.

    7. Photon Productions Creator on December 14, 2012

      Thanks for all the contribution guys!
      There will be many more creatures in the final game and we are on the right track :D

    8. Igor on December 14, 2012

      i would go with Skreechers

    9. Wenxiox on December 14, 2012

      My suggestions are

      Forest Lords: if they are larger humans, superstition can have taken over amongst normal people and they compare them to some sort of lords of all the animals in the forest. The top of the food chain...

      Junkers: Simple name as they collect junk and use it to raid more civilised areas.

      Flesh Hounds: Simply because it looks like a flayed dog-like creature.

    10. Jables D Brew on December 14, 2012

      Looking good, guys - reminds me of STALKER or Fallout. 8]

    11. Zombra on December 13, 2012

      Haha, remember ... in sci-fi, things get named by the first person who looks at them, not by a committee. If I saw that guy coming after my team, I'd say, "Watch out for the egghead!" It doesn't matter where he's from or what his special attacks are. I think "dog man" or "werewolf" works for the first guy, same reason.

    12. Asmon Lacroix on December 13, 2012

      I know what they are, they're "Flesh fangs". Kind of rare, but they usually live in industrial and toxic areas.

    13. Missing avatar

      Bradley Sercombe on December 13, 2012

      Call the last one "The Flensed" have them operate intelligently in packs and their favorite attacks include flanking your team or attacking from more than one direction simultaneously so that you can't concentrate your fire in a single direction.

    14. Psyckosama on December 13, 2012

      I'd call 'em Skrags or Skragers.

    15. gandalf.nho
      on December 13, 2012

      What about sasquatch or bigfoot for the first one? And Skreechers is a good name for the last.

    16. RedRum
      on December 13, 2012

      I like Skreechers, but I think for the other 2 humanoids, maybe we need some info on their attacks or where their found, etc. Unless you are letting us choose some of that too. But the first one seems to have plant growth on him. Bushman, forestman, wilderbeast or wilderman, tribesman. These are simple names, but I like some of the real native American tribes names. Google some and there are some ones that could be used for that first one.

    17. Photon Productions Creator on December 13, 2012

      I kinda like Skreechers, I can almost hear them...

    18. Photon Productions Creator on December 13, 2012

      Josh - We are planing to have 3 different textures for a same model. Depending on the importance of the creature, the model variety ranges from 1 to 5. We can't provide accurate number right now because the game is evolving. But the bottom line is - we will try our best to prevent everything to be identical.

    19. Zombra on December 13, 2012

      I see a "dog man", an "egghead", and a "sand devil". :)

    20. Joshua Johnson
      on December 13, 2012

      how many different models of each type of creature do you plan to have? in the preview videos they are pretty much identical, I know this is still really early in production so you'll be working on that but i'm just curious as to how much variety you plan to have, as far as making creature of the same type look different

    21. Missing avatar

      Hiplobbe on December 13, 2012

      Lurkers would be a good name! :D

    22. Igor on December 13, 2012

      thinking about upgrading to 100 usd, or buying artbook for 40 usd

    23. NaGeL Bailey on December 13, 2012


      somehow i image that they make skreeching sounds that's kinda hurtful to the ears...