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Make new cartridge based, hardware playable games for the NES.  No programming required.
Make new cartridge based, hardware playable games for the NES. No programming required.
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Half way - a thank you gift...

Posted by Joe Granato (Creator)

This weekend we crossed the half way point.  We hit 442% of our goal before the campaign began to slow down.  Every day I look at all the comments and the enthusiasm, and it prompts me to continue to figure out ways to make this tool better and better for all of you.  Some of you are already sharing some (amazing) assets, and it excites me to see your visions come to life, just as I hope to share my childhood vision with all of you when it's finished!

That said, while support has been overwhelming, it IS the internet after all, and we've been noticing the occasional troll-ish comments creeping in.  So here's the question...when you're crowdfunding a tool to help the world make new NES games, and the trolls aim to undermine that effort, how does one fight back? about trolling the trolls?  As a proof of concept, we created a Megaman style platformer called Troll Burner, where you, the supporters of this project, will get to run around the trolls' inner sanctum and blast away!  (quotes that show up in the game = actual negative quotes shared on social media).  We thought this would be a great way to show the diversity of what the tool can do, while at the same time rewarding all of you with something new to play!

Troll Burner!  A new NES game!
Troll Burner! A new NES game!


Screen Shots from Troll Burner
Screen Shots from Troll Burner



A fun fact, Troll Burner was created in 8 days, mostly in the San Francisco airport and on the plan while returning from our PAX South / IGN adventure.  It was finished up during the Global Game Jam this weekend.  And while it is just a fun playable demo, hopefully it gives you an idea of what can be done with this tool, and just how different this is from Mystic Searches using the same tool to create it!  In a day or two, we will be posting a video of us to our YouTube channel of us working on this in our hotel foyer while waiting for our Uber, and while actually at 30,000 feet while flying overnight from San Fran to Miami.


You can download the ROM file for free here!

And if you don't already have an emulator that supports mapper 30, we suggest FCEUX, as it's what we use for a lot of our testing.  You can get that for free here:

Enjoy the gamed-aided vicarious experience of frying up some trolls!  And help continue to spread the word out NESmaker, my friends!

Joe, Austin and Josh

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    1. Mikhail Sudakov on

      So, the download link is dead. Can you please upload the game somewhere else?

    2. Missing avatar

      Erock Brox on

      Nintendo be like.... come on and buy a Nintendo Switch.

      We be like....... no man. We want that old sh*t from 30 years ago.

    3. Missing avatar

      Erock Brox on

      I wished this would work on my N-8 Everdrive. Please add mapper 30 support to the N-8 Everdrive so I can test on real hardware. Not all of us use the Kazzo flasher.

    4. Bobby Gomez

      I really enjoy play this demo. I hook up my Retrolink USB NES controller for my pc. The main character remind me of jason from "Blaster Master". Thanks for the demo!

    5. Joe Alonzo on

      Oh man, I'm about to fire this up.

    6. Kevin Selwyn on

      Love the demo! My uncle works at Nintendo and gave me these Game Genie codes for invulnerability:


      ;) Keep up the good work!

    7. Missing avatar

      Andy McIsaac on

      This demo is so great! Those pesky projec-tiles lol had me realing! Smoke a ton of trolls, and got a great kick out of the comments in game. I was driving to work today brewing concepts in my head for games. I have no dev experience, and limitations of the hardware will have me realing again, I'm sure, but are we ever set to receive a unique opportunity! I remember as a kid we found some "design a NES game contest" my brother and I submitted a speedboat racing game, think Space Harrier, but in a boat lol. This whole project hits me right in the "6 year old Andy" feels!!! Many thanks!

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Bardsley on

      This is great...thank you!

    9. Joe Granato 5-time creator on

      @Doug - you are exactly the demographic for this thing...we can't wait to see your childhood ideas come to life! Document the progress for us! If you didn't know, that's EXACTLY how this all got started...doing exactly that - check it out here:

    10. Doug DaSilva on

      So glad I ran across this Kickstarter! When I was growing up, our home computer was a Commodore 64 and my parents bought me a copy of Garry Kitchen's Gamemaker, which contained tools for sprites, background images, music, sfx, and then a simplified basic-like language to define your game's rules. I remember having to worry about only being allowed 4 colors per sprite, with one color that had to be shared across all of them. At that age, without the internet for help, I couldn't figure out how to get the most out of those restrictions, but I had plenty of game ideas sketched on paper for what I'd theoretically like to make. Being able to revisit the spirit of this type of development on the NES years later as an adult should be a lot of fun. Thank you for making your dev tools (which I'm sure required a lot of hard work to make) available for everyone!

    11. Missing avatar

      Fotios Zemenides

      Hee hee!

    12. Joe Granato 5-time creator on

      @Chris - no rock. :-)

      @Joel - can't wait to see what you create with it!

    13. Chris on

      You guys rock

    14. Joel Strange on

      This is like a dream come true <3

    15. Joe Granato 5-time creator on

      @Richard - thanks!

    16. Missing avatar

      Richard Minter on

      Glad to have gotten a chance to try an NES Maker game out. The Troll Burner gameplay is pretty fun, and I love the catchy music!

      I was skeptical at first that it was a reply to trolling, but after playing it I get it. It does a good job of addressing the comments there-in, and really proves your concept.

      Looking forward to seeing more and getting a chance to tinker with the tool myself. Keep up the good work!

    17. Joe Granato 5-time creator on

      @Christopher - it should work on the NT Mini fine, unless you're trying to play it on something like an Everdrive?

      @Simon - there are a LOT of benefits to Mapper30. Chr-Ram bankswitching, flash saves...a lot of other things. It is, though, essentially a UxRom (a very common mapper). We are discussing making a *switch* in the tool to make it a 512kb UxRom, however, you would lose functionality like animated tiles and flash saving and a few other things, but the trade off would be it would play on things like PowerPak.

      Since our main goal is to get new games on new cartridges, this is of a lesser priority to us (this is what the tool is specifically designed to do - working on a thing like an Everdrive would be bonus, so we're trying to develop ways to make that possible, but more importantly is the one click deployment to actual cartridge for us).

    18. Simon Wilmer on

      Apologies if this has been asked before, but why use Mapper 30? It doesn't seem to be supported by the PowerPak or the Everdrive N8.

    19. Christopher Caswell on

      Wish it worked on the nt mini