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Make new cartridge based, hardware playable games for the NES.  No programming required.
Make new cartridge based, hardware playable games for the NES.  No programming required.
Make new cartridge based, hardware playable games for the NES. No programming required.
2,553 backers pledged $253,403 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Ricky Duong 2 days ago

      I suppose I will have to add it later then.

    2. LocksmithArmy
      3 days ago

      Add it in the pledge manager?!?

    3. Missing avatar

      Richard Minter 3 days ago

      You can find it for preorder here:

    4. Ricky Duong 4 days ago

      I forgot to add the book! How do I get it?

    5. Missing avatar

      JB 6 days ago

      I was curious if you used any of the the Ophis assembler (formerly the P65 Assembler) under the MIT license to compile to assembly?

    6. Missing avatar

      wes rowlands 6 days ago

      Hopefully this inspires more software for easier game making on other platforms too. With the SNES being so rough to program maybe one for another 16 bit system would work. I know the dreamcast is easy to program for when it comes to that generation but then you'd need lots of animation.

    7. Francis Tommaso
      on February 15

      My little girl and I have so many cool ideas we wanna try.

    8. Missing avatar

      Erock Brox on February 15

      I cannot wait for the program. The NES will LIVE ON!!!!!!!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Dragonax on February 14

      I thought the strategy guide was Kickstarter exclusive, but I see it is for sale on your website. Will the Kickstarter backer receive some extras? Thanks.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kams Auditore on February 14

      oh! The answer is in the FAQ ;) -_-' :

      I've been getting questions like "Can I make a game that is a top down RPG but then has a level that is a space shooter?!"

      Modules are not meant to be rigid constraints, they're meant to be optimizations. For instance, if you watch our videos, you'll see video 6 has us creating very rudimentary platformer and RPG and beatemup WITH the adventure game "module". Now, if I was going to make a full on Dragon Warrior sized RPG, I'd need to free up banks for NPC dialogue and whatnot, which the adventure game module uses for collision data. But the ability is still there to manipulate the tool to create different types of games within each module. You just have to get creative with how you use it! I hope this makes sense!

    11. Missing avatar

      Kams Auditore on February 14

      hello ! great project, i m happy to participe to it!!
      I start now working on my project!
      I have a lot of questions but i will ask only 2 ;)
      first, do will have a official forum (or website) where will be put all the game project with nesmaker?
      With nesmaker, it will be possible to work with few "mode" (rpg/ platform...) in the same game?
      (i want do a game that include plateforme area, and rpg area...)

      thank you very much

    12. Missing avatar

      Patrick on February 14

      Fantastic! Thanks guys.

    13. Missing avatar

      Christopher Muhlbach on February 13

      Woots!!!! When does the additional pledge rewards poll thingy roll out? Any chance of doing on of these for other cart systems?

    14. Missing avatar

      JPops on February 13

      @Patrick there is a glitch on the group page that nothing comes up once you click the button to accept people. It is an issue that has been reported to FB so hopefully it will be resolved soon.

    15. Andrew P Hunt on February 13

      @Patrick If you read their last update, they said they were going to ghost for a day or two after the campaign ended to recoup before the buckle down. Just give it a minute and I'm sure they'll let you join when they get back.

    16. Missing avatar

      Patrick on February 13

      So I backed the project. Now if I could get someone to approve my request to join NESmakers FB group that would be nice.

    17. Missing avatar

      Erock Brox on February 13

      Create a website for NESmaker similar to that of the Super Mario World hacking community. They have lots of resources that you can download for free to use with your project. People can upload custom code and share it with others.

    18. Missing avatar

      Tempy on February 12

      @Jon Gardner Facebook doesn't seem like the best platform for this. And I avoid Reddit like plague for allowing alt-right/gamergater content. A traditional forum does indeed seem like the best choice as far as I can tell.

    19. Joe Granato 5-time creator on February 12

      @Tempy and Jon - that's the plan, just evaluating the best option for it. Hopefully it becomes a self sustaining thing and we just get to watch it grow more and more awesome :-)

    20. Jon Gardner on February 12

      @Tempy - There is a Facebook Group (NESmakers) and a Sub-Reddit (r/NESMaker), and both need some love in the form of on-topic discussion. I would, however prefer a more traditional forum for this kind of thing since it's infinitely more searchable as it grows, more organised, and less wrapped up in social media platforms.

    21. Missing avatar

      Tempy on February 12

      Is there, or will there be, a NESMaker forum where people can discuss development and announce projects?

    22. i hate buying gas
      on February 12

      I second the shirt idea. I'd be in for a few. But I prefer shirts with the big design in the back and nothing or a small design on the front left chest.

    23. Helsin on February 12

      How bout giving that guy "douche" credit in "about" section

    24. LocksmithArmy
      on February 12

      I doubt he pulled it to abotage anything. More likely he placed it to get advertising for his project. Either way the amazing team has gone above and beyond to make us backers happy. I have no doubts that the extra funds will be raised during the pledge manager stage.

    25. Bryan Gillingham on February 12

      Pulling a pledge at the final moment is such a d-bag move. I don't believe for a second his "excuses" for doing it. If that was the real case, he would have changed his pledge a long time ago. Seems like he pulled it on purpose to sabotage the campaign goals.

    26. Timothy William Long on February 12

      You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for sticking with the memory mapping. Thank you for seeing all the supporters outweigh the shadiness disregard of a single outlier!

    27. Missing avatar

      on February 12

      Does NESmaker include easy mechanisms to switch between game's screens: screen-title > option menu > level 1 > gameover/success > level 2 > ... ? Thank you.

    28. Dean on February 12

      I couldn't figure out how to get the add-on to work so I wasn't able to do it before the whole thing ended, but can I still add a hard copy of the guide to my pledge as an addon?

    29. Chris Cantrell on February 12

      I think I would be down for a shirt.

    30. Sean Tucker on February 12

      Congrats you guys! Can’t wait to give this a try. If you need ideas for raising the difference, I for one would be interested in a NESmaker T-shirt with your logo. Enjoy your well deserved rest!

    31. i hate buying gas
      on February 12

      I get that. But that's part of this journey right? Let us experience all of that with you. So if in a larger update you mention something you only posted in Facebook, then I'm out of the loop and find myself confused.

    32. Meshuggah on February 12

      Mapper 30, that means 32K CHR RAM and 512K PRG flash, great! I read about a flash feature for saving progression in games, that'd be great.

    33. Joe Granato 5-time creator on February 12

      @IHateBuyingGas - sure...which is why we'll do regular updates HERE...but when I get on to talk about the frustration a tiny piece of code is giving me or some incidental anecdote, those tiny chunks usually end up on FB. :-)

    34. i hate buying gas
      on February 12

      I really hate it when creators resort to Facebook to post updates. If you're going to post an update regardless of frequency, it should be here first then other outlets. Your backers should be first to know any updates and that should be relayed here. Not everyone has Facebook and I've said that many times on kickstarter.

    35. Missing avatar

      James Kase on February 12


    36. Missing avatar

      JPops on February 12

      @meshuggah mapper 30

    37. Meshuggah on February 12

      Anyone know which mapper is used? I'm curious.

    38. Missing avatar

      JPops on February 12

      That's one thing that frustrates me every kickstarter campaign. There is always someone who backs at the highest tier and backs out right at the end and that is something that has sunk campaigns in the past. There should be some sort of charge for intentionally sabotaging campaigns.

      The worst part is the troll is probably stalking the comment section in hopes it's talked about What a sad life that individual has.

      Anyway I am glad that this campaign was as successful as it was.

    39. Chris Cantrell on February 12

      And now we play the waiting game...

    40. Missing avatar

      on February 12

      I just can't realize I'll be able to make games for NES!!! It's a dream come true! Thank you so much, guys, for NESmaker!!!

    41. Errol Docena on February 12


    42. Richard on February 12

      Congratulations guys🤘🏻

    43. Missing avatar

      Solyant on February 12

      sorry, im bad in math ^^
      the difference is, like peter said, under $3000

    44. Peter Paltridge on February 12

      I'll wait for Joe to confirm it, but nobody panic here -- they promised they would find a way to make up the difference and make Memory Mapping a thing somehow. The gap is less than $3000 so it shouldn't be hard to fill.

    45. Missing avatar

      Solyant on February 12

      but its still 253.403 $ so just 600 dollar less then the final stretchgoal,
      so i guess that this little difference wont affect the development.

    46. Cory Clearman on February 12

      Since the $10,000 withdrew his pledge, does that mean we're not getting the Memory Mapper?

    47. Missing avatar

      Rowlna on February 12

      Wowww that's real cute :/

    48. Missing avatar

      Solyant on February 12

      It seems the $10,000 pledge came from a prankster who withdraw his pledge :-/
      what a shitty move!

    49. Missing avatar

      Warren Leigh on February 12

      What just happened? I was getting excited for memory mapping!

    50. Timothy William Long on February 12

      Unreal.... What a true disgrace.... Why... Just why??

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