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Sugar-free, organic, raw, superfood chocolate. Please help me add new flavors so everyone's craving can be met: healthfully!
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New Packaging Debut!

Posted by Kenzie Harrick (Creator)

Hell Kickstarters,

I hope your summer is taking you places you never thought possible. I know mine is!

This update is especially important to me. Although everyday has its own triumphs and trials that make running a chocolate company rewarding and energizing, the custom packaging for our new flavors has been a constant meditation and a constant reflection as creativity continued to unfold, expand, and get more complicated.

As you know, CHOCHOLISTIC is special chocolate. And my main concern with designing packaging was making sure that when this chocolate is sitting on a store shelf, any potential customer can look at the box and be immediately intrigued by all it has to offer... Both as a chocolate AND as a health food!

So without further delay, I want to share the final packaging design. I'm so ecstatic about it I can hardly contain myself. It's taken every effort for me to not share each "close call" design with you and get your opinion, but now that it's perfect, I know its grand debut will be that much more special.

And to really show you the creative and business process, here is the "photo album" of packaging: Every step of the way, every possible design, each draft, and "close call" design.


Small caveat: the ProCRUNCH Bar packaging is another story with custom wrappers.You might have seen this picture a few weeks ago:

But this paper label doesn't work when refrigerated or moist. So we need a fancy label upgrade. And if we have to do a fancy label, we're going to go all out with full-print color and a stylish design.  I'm passionate about the chocolate looking ( as well as tasting) the best if you are! It just means... A bit more time...


With the new packaging ready for chocolate, we're moving towards for-sale production!! But there's one summer hitch that I need to be really careful about.. SHIPPING. Mailing chocolate in 90 degree heat is dangerous.. Not to mention expensive!

So over the next few weeks I will be collecting all of your shipping information and watching the weather forecast. As soon as we start getting a few cooler weekends, I'll start making trips to the post office and getting your new flavors to you! Don't worry, I'll still pack your chocolate with ice packs just in case. 

Thank you for your interest in the whole process and your support as I perfect it. This is the home stretch. Woo-hoo!! 

Kenzie Harrick, CHC


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    1. Lawrence Chen on

      Mine were completely melted away......the packaging color altered by the melted chocholistic saturating the cardboard....

    2. Missing avatar

      Lee S Szolusha on

      Ohh. Just got them.. a little melty due to the heat, but VERY much worth it! Thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Lee S Szolusha on

      So.. is there any update on shipping dates? I realize it's been hot, but I'm impatient :-)

    4. Missing avatar

      karen orso on

      While I can't wait to try Chocholistic products, there is no hurry in my case. Most convenient time for shipment of my reward would be arrival time of mid-September. Best Wishes!