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Sugar-free, organic, raw, superfood chocolate. Please help me add new flavors so everyone's craving can be met: healthfully!
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Photos in the Kitchen!

Posted by Kenzie Harrick (Creator)

Hey Chocolate Lovers!

I'm excited to bring you another update from the Chocholistic headquarters.

Quick & Simple:

The 3 new flavors are 90% done and just need some minor tweaking for balancing out the superfood/chocolate ratio. Overall, I've been getting AMAZING feedback from my taste testers. And truth be told, they're way less picky than I am! But I know that when it hits the market, I want EVERYONE to LOVE Chocholistic. So I've been in the kitchen several times with each flavor balancing every ingredient until I'm smitten with it! Luckily, they're each moving to final production stage - Yipee! 

I know you want to see some pictures of what I'm creating. So here they are! 

Gojiberry Superfruit


Chocolate Mint

And now for the packaging... 

There is nothing more invigorating than creating a brand you're proud of. But getting from screen to tangible box has been a challenge. Just covering every detail and 1/4 inch of space - it's important to me that the packaging really communicates what Chocholistic is all about. 

I'm in contact with the package designers several times a week and I am being patient and making sure me and them aren't rushing it.  

Like I said in the video, I had to have a conversation with myself and confirm that having a perfect final product was WAY more important than having it done in two months. 

That's why the delivery deadline has been changed to early fall. When not only I'm 100% confident the products will be done - but when the weather will start to cool and I won't have to worry about your chocolate melting in blistering August heat when it comes time for shipping.

So with this news, THANK YOU for your patience and support. Without you this wouldn't be happening!

 I know we all want more chocolate NOW, and trust me - no one is more impatient than I am... So I promise you you'll be blissfully pleased when it does arrive!

Enjoy the photos! And have a wonderful summer! I will be in touch as soon as the packaging is complete so I can share the beautiful design and start mailing your chocolate! 

Stay cool,

Kenzie Harrick, CHC

PS. Have you checked out the NEW CHOCHOLISTIC.COM Website? It's beautiful! 


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