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Sugar-free, organic, raw, superfood chocolate. Please help me add new flavors so everyone's craving can be met: healthfully!
44 backers pledged $3,561 to help bring this project to life.

No More Money!

Posted by Kenzie Harrick (Creator)


Seriously, I don’t want your money. But maybe you have a friend that needs more chocolate in their lives??

Do you remember the “Kicker” to this whole project?

If I don’t reach my full goal of $3,500 by April 14, 2012, I won’t get a CENT of anything you’ve donated. This means:

  1. I’ll be pretty bummed
  2. And I won’t be able to send you any chocolate (and your CC won’t be charged) 

That’s right. If I can’t raise 100% of my goal in the next 11 days, expanding the company will be put on a pretty long hold. 

So let’s make these last 11 Days the most successful yet!!

We’ve reached about 50% of the $3,500 goal. What do you think.... Can we do it??

I think so. But it is a team effort. Meaning pushing the:



“tweet” or 


button is extremely important right now.

Thanks so much for your continued support. There is a big place in my heart specifically for my Kickstarter backers. Seriously. 



PS: I've added another "reward level" at $50 to include both a ProCrunch Bar AND a box of assorted truffles. This is the money-maker! (hopefully)   

PPS: Here are some pretty sweet (no-pun-intended) reviews from online health bloggers. Check them out!

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