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Sugar-free, organic, raw, superfood chocolate. Please help me add new flavors so everyone's craving can be met: healthfully!
Sugar-free, organic, raw, superfood chocolate. Please help me add new flavors so everyone's craving can be met: healthfully!
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Almost There!

Hi everyone!

I hope your summers were satisfying and now you're settling in to the beauty of fall. I wanted to touch base and let you all know how grateful I am for your support and enthusiasm as this project takes 5x longer than I anticipated. 

Luckily, for all of you that donated $35 - you have already enjoyed your chocolate! I am getting great feedback for the Herbal Mint and Goji Superfruit flavors now that they are on the market and it was my pleasure to deliver them to you as an exciting new product!  

For the rest of you waiting for rewards that contain the ProCRUNCH bar.... All in the name of quality, the custom-shaped wrappers are taking a bit of time as cost is a big concern. I decided to work with a much smaller company and save about 50% of costs rather than work with a big label manufacture and pay double. I'm paying in time a little bit, but they assure me the wrappers will be ready this month. This will be better anyways... shipping will be cheaper and there will be no chance of melting! 

I also wanted to share some updates with the company. I'm currently in discussions with 2 stores in CT and NJ about carrying Chocholistic and am working with two websites, and who are both enthusiastic about selling Chocholistic on their sites. The Greenwich CT Audobon is also carrying Chocholistic in their gift shop.

This fall, if you live in the NYC or Boston area, please come by our booth at the NewLifeExpo and Boston Vegetarian Food Festival respectively. We will have wonderful samples there and would love to meet you in person!

Moving forward, I am continuing to expand the line with more flavors, bars, and superfoods. While digging deep I realized that if Chocholistic is going to be as powerful a product as I want it to be, I have to be on the cutting edge of chocolate creativity and make unique and satisfying varieties the main focus. PLEASE TAKE THIS POLL AND LET ME KNOW WHAT FLAVOR YOU WANT TO SEE NEXT. 

Thank you again. Being a young, female entrepreneur is challenging. Rewarding. Exciting. Exhausting. And invigorating. I will never look back now, and I have YOU to thank for that.


Kenzie Harrick, CHHC

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New Packaging Debut!

Hell Kickstarters,

I hope your summer is taking you places you never thought possible. I know mine is!

This update is especially important to me. Although everyday has its own triumphs and trials that make running a chocolate company rewarding and energizing, the custom packaging for our new flavors has been a constant meditation and a constant reflection as creativity continued to unfold, expand, and get more complicated.

As you know, CHOCHOLISTIC is special chocolate. And my main concern with designing packaging was making sure that when this chocolate is sitting on a store shelf, any potential customer can look at the box and be immediately intrigued by all it has to offer... Both as a chocolate AND as a health food!

So without further delay, I want to share the final packaging design. I'm so ecstatic about it I can hardly contain myself. It's taken every effort for me to not share each "close call" design with you and get your opinion, but now that it's perfect, I know its grand debut will be that much more special.

And to really show you the creative and business process, here is the "photo album" of packaging: Every step of the way, every possible design, each draft, and "close call" design.


Small caveat: the ProCRUNCH Bar packaging is another story with custom wrappers.You might have seen this picture a few weeks ago:

But this paper label doesn't work when refrigerated or moist. So we need a fancy label upgrade. And if we have to do a fancy label, we're going to go all out with full-print color and a stylish design.  I'm passionate about the chocolate looking ( as well as tasting) the best if you are! It just means... A bit more time...


With the new packaging ready for chocolate, we're moving towards for-sale production!! But there's one summer hitch that I need to be really careful about.. SHIPPING. Mailing chocolate in 90 degree heat is dangerous.. Not to mention expensive!

So over the next few weeks I will be collecting all of your shipping information and watching the weather forecast. As soon as we start getting a few cooler weekends, I'll start making trips to the post office and getting your new flavors to you! Don't worry, I'll still pack your chocolate with ice packs just in case. 

Thank you for your interest in the whole process and your support as I perfect it. This is the home stretch. Woo-hoo!! 

Kenzie Harrick, CHC

Photos in the Kitchen!

Hey Chocolate Lovers!

I'm excited to bring you another update from the Chocholistic headquarters.

Quick & Simple:

The 3 new flavors are 90% done and just need some minor tweaking for balancing out the superfood/chocolate ratio. Overall, I've been getting AMAZING feedback from my taste testers. And truth be told, they're way less picky than I am! But I know that when it hits the market, I want EVERYONE to LOVE Chocholistic. So I've been in the kitchen several times with each flavor balancing every ingredient until I'm smitten with it! Luckily, they're each moving to final production stage - Yipee! 

I know you want to see some pictures of what I'm creating. So here they are! 

Gojiberry Superfruit


Chocolate Mint

And now for the packaging... 

There is nothing more invigorating than creating a brand you're proud of. But getting from screen to tangible box has been a challenge. Just covering every detail and 1/4 inch of space - it's important to me that the packaging really communicates what Chocholistic is all about. 

I'm in contact with the package designers several times a week and I am being patient and making sure me and them aren't rushing it.  

Like I said in the video, I had to have a conversation with myself and confirm that having a perfect final product was WAY more important than having it done in two months. 

That's why the delivery deadline has been changed to early fall. When not only I'm 100% confident the products will be done - but when the weather will start to cool and I won't have to worry about your chocolate melting in blistering August heat when it comes time for shipping.

So with this news, THANK YOU for your patience and support. Without you this wouldn't be happening!

 I know we all want more chocolate NOW, and trust me - no one is more impatient than I am... So I promise you you'll be blissfully pleased when it does arrive!

Enjoy the photos! And have a wonderful summer! I will be in touch as soon as the packaging is complete so I can share the beautiful design and start mailing your chocolate! 

Stay cool,

Kenzie Harrick, CHC

PS. Have you checked out the NEW CHOCHOLISTIC.COM Website? It's beautiful! 

Flavors Being Made!


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No More Money!


Seriously, I don’t want your money. But maybe you have a friend that needs more chocolate in their lives??

Do you remember the “Kicker” to this whole project?

If I don’t reach my full goal of $3,500 by April 14, 2012, I won’t get a CENT of anything you’ve donated. This means:

  1. I’ll be pretty bummed
  2. And I won’t be able to send you any chocolate (and your CC won’t be charged) 

That’s right. If I can’t raise 100% of my goal in the next 11 days, expanding the company will be put on a pretty long hold. 

So let’s make these last 11 Days the most successful yet!!

We’ve reached about 50% of the $3,500 goal. What do you think.... Can we do it??

I think so. But it is a team effort. Meaning pushing the:



“tweet” or 


button is extremely important right now.

Thanks so much for your continued support. There is a big place in my heart specifically for my Kickstarter backers. Seriously. 



PS: I've added another "reward level" at $50 to include both a ProCrunch Bar AND a box of assorted truffles. This is the money-maker! (hopefully)   

PPS: Here are some pretty sweet (no-pun-intended) reviews from online health bloggers. Check them out!

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